Search Options in PubMed

Search Options in PubMed

Search Options in PubMed Using MeSH Shelly Warwick, Ph.D. 2013 Permission is granted to reproduce and edit this work for non-commercial educational use as long as attribution is provided and the edited work is also available under the same terms of license.

After this Unit You Should Be Able to: Navigate to MeSH in PubMed Use MeSH to identify subject terms in PubMed Be able to select appropriate sub-headings in MeSH Use MeSH effectively to search PubMed Know what in PubMed is and is not indexed using MeSH terms.

Be able to use MeSH person terms to identify populations Be able to use MeSH geographic terms Be able to locate and navigate the MeSH tree Text/Keyword Search In PubMed Keyword just enter the words will be searched as an OR search for each word

Health literacy searched as Health or literacy Use quotes to create a phrase Health Literacy searched as a single term Use Boolean operators to link terms health Literacy AND Spanish-speakers MeSH Search in PubMed Using MeSH terms helps you do a more

precise search. To get to MeSH select that option from the drop down menu of NCBI databases in PubMed v=uyF8uQY9wys&safe=active

Searching MeSH Heres a video on searching MeSH Notice that in the examples only a single MeSH term is displayed so the subheading screen opens automatically however if you enter a search term that has a number of possible MeSH terms, you first have to

select the MeSH term to see the subheadings http :// ys&safe=active Recap of MeSH Search Procedures Select MeSH from the dropdown menu Enter the term/concept you wish to find

Select the best fit from the list Select the subheading(s) that best focuses your search Add the term to the search box Repeat until you have all the MeSH terms you want Select Search PubMed

Understanding MeSH MeSH -1 As previously stated MeSH, Medical Subject Headings is a controlled vocabulary. It was developed by the National Library of Medicine and used to index MEDLINE items in PubMed (not used for citations supplied by

Publisher or those not yet indexed) MeSH- 2 Searching for Pharmacy in MeSH results in 23 possible terms/descriptors with the definition below each term MeSH-3

Searching for Osteopathic in MeSH results in 4 terms/descriptors with the definition below each term. Notice one of terms is Manipulation, Chiropractic which probably would not be wanted MeSH -4

Selecting the first term Pharmacy results in all the subheadings available for that term being displayed along with the search box MeSH -5 If you scroll down the screen youll see a list of other possible terms and where a term falls within Mesh's hierarchal structure (Tree)

Note the different trees for Pharmacy and Osteopathic Physicians Mesh - 6 Searching for a term higher in the tree will retrieve everything indexed to the terms below it in the tree

Mesh-7 Searching for a group of individuals that fit a category The Persons tree has an extensive list of pre-categories groups ranging from Abortion Applicants to Vulnerable Persons Start by looking at this tree if you want to see

if the group youre looking for has been defined. Mesh-8 Under Persons are the terms population group and ethic group which are helpful in finding results to match patient characteristics

MeSH- 9 Geographic Regions if youre looking for a study that pertains to a geographic location you also use Mesh heres the tree for the Geographic region that includes New York MeSH -10

MeSH allows for a very focused search, but remember citations indexed by the publisher or just submitted may not be indexed and therefore would not be found by search using just MeSH terms.

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