RSVP WBS Structure

RSVP WBS Structure

AGS RSVP Weekly Meeting Agenda 6 Jan 2005 Review updates (pile) ESH and QA effort and costs (lessard) Presentation of Data Sheets and status of cost scrubbing and resource loaded schedules; in addition to what has been done, SHOW ROAD MAP TO COMPLETION! - (Pile, Brown, Pendzick, Phillips and Pearson) Beam development plan, Case 2 3 years of beam development beginning in third year, 15 weeks per year concurrent with RHIC operations (Ahrens) Useful Links: RSVP Project: C-AD AGS Project: Office AGS RSVP Weekly Meeting P. Pile 6 Jan 2005 18-20 Jan 05 LOG Review The LOG Committee Members Thomas Kirk, Chair BNL Victoria Greene, Vanderbilt Univ.

Edward O'Brien, BNL Ronald Ray, Fermilab Kenneth Ragan, McGill Alexander Zlobin, Fermilab AGS RSVP Weekly Meeting P. Pile 6 Jan 2005 18-20 Jan 05 LOG Review (T. Kirk comments) The purpose of this review is to get directly to the content of the three subprojects, KOPIO, MECO and AGS, and to find out how fully and accurately the projects have estimated costs and contingencies for the items in the project. The scope of the sub-projects is also to be examined in the context of its completeness and freedom from possible gaps and double counting in the estimate detail. We will not be hearing about the HEP rationale for the experiment, or why the particular detector approaches were chosen. This will be assumed as given for the purposes of this review. I do note, however, that observations about the technologies chosen for the experiments and their appropriateness are part of our review. AGS RSVP Weekly Meeting P. Pile 6 Jan 2005 18-20 Jan 05 LOG Review (T. Kirk comments) In the month long-period immediately following this review, the Project Office has planned a series of

lower-level reviews to 'drill down' to the lowest levels of the cost estimates with the view of validating as much of the cost and schedule baselines as can be achieved. In these lower-level reviews, the technical approaches and technologies chosen for the project elements will also be critically examined by the LOG. AGS RSVP Weekly Meeting P. Pile 6 Jan 2005 Charge to the RSVP Laboratory Oversight Group - DRAFT RSVP Project Directors Review January 18-20, 2005 The Laboratory Oversight Group (LOG) has the mission of providing internal review and oversight of the Rare Symmetry Violations Processes (RSVP) Project. The LOG is organized and chaired by the BNL Associate Laboratory Director of High Energy and Nuclear Physics (ALD-HENP) and provides its observations, comments and recommendations to the RSVP Project Director. Officers of the funding agencies may join the LOG reviews as observers and are copied on the review reports. The subject of the January 18-20, 2005 Review will be a detailed assessment of the technical and cost estimate status of the project at the second level (L2 1.x.y) of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). To facilitate this review, the managers of the RSVP Project are asked to fill in and provide to the LOG, a complete set of Review Status Sheets at WBS L2 that will facilitate this reviews focus. Having supplied this basic status information, the oral presenters of the WBS L2 elements may provide very brief introductory comments of their own choosing, but will primarily respond to questions from the LOG members based on the material provided in the status sheets. This is a somewhat unconventional review plan but is designed to bypass the usual descriptive material that the LOG members can learn ahead of time from the status sheets plus other introductory material about the KOPIO, MECO and AGS projects that will be provided to them by the ALD and RSVP Project Office. The results of the LOG members review will be communicated to the RSVP Project Management at an

oral closeout following the review and in a written Review Report from the LOG supplied within two weeks of the review completion (February 3, 2005, COB). AGS RSVP Weekly Meeting P. Pile 6 Jan 2005 RSVP Review Status Sheet Due in RSVP Project Office on January 14, 2004 [Please fill in all items in red type] WBS No. 1.x.y Title: insert WBS title Date 01/xx/05 Preparer/Manager: name Current Cost Est. (FY05 $M) = xx.yy Assigned Contingency % = x.y% Cost Elements (FY05$M): Matls. = aa.b; Effort = cc.d; Ohd. = ee.f; Conting. = gg.h; Total = ii.j WBS Dictionary Definition: insert full text (not just title) of the dictionary item Technical Level of Confidence: (choose one) Prototype Demonstrated __ Similar system exists __ Novel system concept

__ Other (Comment) Elements Built & Tested __ Similar technology works __ No candidate concept yet __ Basis of the Cost Estimate: (by percentage of total cost; sum of fractions a-f = 100%) Commercial product Engineered conceptual Guess Engineered design Scientist conceptual Other (specify) a% c% e% b% d% f% Status of Hardware/Software Development: insert text describing the development status Issues (funding, collaborator shortage, engineering help, etc.): insert text describing issues AGS RSVP Weekly Meeting P. Pile

6 Jan 2005 Additional guidance for WBS 1.4 RSVP Project Office Account Number: 88542 USE IT! AGS RSVP Weekly Meeting P. Pile 6 Jan 2005 Additional guidance for WBS 1.4 Updated data sheets should be posted on our web site at \\c-adfile3\RSVP_files Data Sheets are to be made available to the Project Office by 14 Jan (Friday) Dry run for WBS 1.4 will be Friday, 14 Jan, 1:30-3:00 in LCR present your introduction and data sheets AGS RSVP Weekly Meeting P. Pile 6 Jan 2005 Preliminary Agenda RSVP Project Directors Review with Laboratory Oversight Group Attendance Brookhaven National Laboratory, January 18-20, 2004 Tuesday, January 18, 2004 Phys Bldg, 2-160 8:30 am 9:00 am 9:10 am

9:30 am 10:15 am 10:30 am 10:50 am 11:10 am 11:35 am 12:00 pm 1:00 pm 1:15 pm 1:30 pm 1:45 pm 2:00 pm 2:15 pm 2:30 pm 2:45 pm 3:00 pm 3:40 pm 4:00 pm 4:15 pm 4:45 pm 6:00 pm 7:00 pm LOG Executive Session Project Directors Introduction......W. Willis WBS 1.1 RSVP Project Office and Management Approach....J. Kotcher WBS 1.2 KOPIO Project Overview........M. Marx Coffee Break WBS 1.2.1 Vacuum System....R. Brown WBS 1.2.10 Detector Systems....R. Brown WBS 1.2.2 Preradiator.......T. Numao

WBS 1.2.3 Calorimeter..V. Issakov LOG Working Lunch WBS 1.2.4 Charged Particle Veto..L. Littenberg WBS 1.2.5 Photon Veto.....J. Frank WBS 1.2.6 Catcher System.....TBD WBS 1.2.7 Trigger........N. Nappi WBS 1.2.8 DAQ.....G. Redlinger WBS 1.2.9 Offline Computing...R. Poutissou WBS 1.2.11 Project Services..S. Kane Coffee Break WBS 1.3 MECO Project Overview....M. Hebert WBS 1.3.1 Extinction...W. Molzon WBS 1.3.2 Production Target & Shield.....M. Hebert WBS 1.3.3 Solenoids........B. Smith LOG Executive Session Reception at Berkner Hall Review Dinner at Berkner Hall AGS RSVP Weekly Meeting P. Pile 6 Jan 2005 Wednesday, January 19, 2004 Phys Bldg, 2-160 8:30 am WBS 1.3.4 Muon Beamline........W. Morse 9:00 am WBS 1.3.5 Tracker ......E. Hungerford 9:30 am WBS 1.3.6 Calorimeter........P. Nemethy 10:00 am

Coffee Break 10:15 am WBS 1.3.7 Cosmic Ray Shield.......S. Kane 10:35 am WBS 1.3.8 DAQ & Online Computing...... K. Kumar 10:55 am WBS 1.3.9 Simulation & Offline AnalysisY. Kolomensky 11:30 am WBS 1.3.10 Installation & Integration...M. Hebert 11:45 am WBS 1.3.11 MECO Project Office.........M. Hebert 12:00 pm LOG Working Lunch 1:00 pm WBS 1.4 AGS Project Overview...P.Pile 1:45 pm WBS 1.4.1 AGS/Booster.....K. Brown 2:15 pm WBS 1.4.2 Switchyard....A. Pendzick 2:45 pm WBS 1.4.3 KOPIO.....C. Pearson 3:15 pm Coffee Break 3:30 pm WBS 1.4.4 MECO.........D. Phillips 4:00 pm WBS 1.4.5 Project Administration...........P. Pile 4:15 pm LOG Executive Session 5:30 pm Questions for RSVP Management

6:00 pm Adjourn AGS RSVP Weekly Meeting P. Pile 6 Jan 2005 Thursday, January 20, 2004 Phys Bldg, Orange Room 8:30 am Presentation of Answers to LOG Questions 9:30 am LOG Executive Session 12:00 pm LOG Working Lunch 1:00 pm Closeout with RSVP Project Directors & Managers 1:45 pm Adjourn AGS RSVP Weekly Meeting P. Pile 6 Jan 2005 next significant events Milestone Date Status, Comments

Discussion of Baseline Expectations, Timeline with Experiments September 13 Held MECO Magnet Review Sun-Tue, Oct 10-12 Held AGS Review Thu-Fri, Nov 4-5 Held Internal discussion of resource-loaded schedules (RLS) for all projects Thu, Dec 9 Held Simulations & Backgrounds Review Tue-Thu, Jan 11-13

Set, reviewers assembled, held at NYU Initial review of RLS for all projects Tue-Thu, Jan 18-20 Reviewed by LOG Reviews of other sub-projects Weeks of Jan 24 Feb 21 Series of LOG-based reviews of RSVP sub-systems Draft versions of PMP, PEP, Conceptual Design Report completed Mon, Feb 14 Operations Review Week of Mar 7 Project startup pre-review Week of Mar 15 Comprehensive preparatory review of full project, proposal

Project startup review Week of Apr 18 Final project startup review, iteration of above. NSF review. Finalize documentation for May submission to NSF Week of Apr 25 Product submitted to NSF/NSB Mon, May 2 AGS RSVP Weekly Meeting P. Pile 6 Jan 2005 Next Meeting 14 Jan 2005 - FRIDAY Agenda Dry Run for 18-20 Jan 05 LOG Review AGS RSVP Weekly Meeting P. Pile 6 Jan 2005

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