Roman Architecture -

Roman Architecture -

Roman Architecture Arches The Romans used arches to support the things they built.

They built victory arches, buildings and aqueducts. Aqueducts Aqueductsa way to carry water There wasnt enough water in the

city of Rome. The Romans brought water in from the surrounding countryside. The water was brought in by tubes called aqueducts. Why arches? Water is heavy

stuff. The Romans needed a structure strong enough to hold all that water to move it from the mountains into the city.

Where did the water go? The water was transported in concrete tunnels. The tunnels were underground if possible.

Sometimes the tunnel had to go above ground. How did the aqueduct work? The water flowed in a tube on the

top of the aqueduct called a water channel. The arches supported the water channel. What did the water

channel look like? The water flowed through a rectangular channel. The channel was lined with concreteformig. The Romans

invented concrete. Where else did the Romans use arches? Arches of Triumph Buildings Roofs

Arches of Triumphto celebrate military success The Coliseuma place for sports. The Coliseum- a blend of Greek and Roman architecture

The arches are supported by central columns. The columns on the first floor are Doric. The columns on the second floor are Ionic. The columns on the

third floor are Corinthian. The Pantheona temple to all the gods How does an arch work? Keystones The keystone is

the red stone at the top of the arch. The keystone is what the weight rests on. How does an arch work?

Voussoirs The semi-circular stones on either side of the keystone are the voussoirs voltes The voussoirs bring the weight to

the columns that go to the ground. How does an arch work? Buttressing The square or rectangular blocks between each arch

are buttressescontrafor ts The buttresses make a column that takes the weight all the way to the ground.

Modern arches Office in Tysons Corner Dominion Towers US Capital Hotel Roanoke

Your Task Go to your seat. You are going to draw an arch. Just follow your teachers directions and you can do it!

First Use the yogurt lid to draw a semicircle. Second Add legs to your

semi-circle. Now you have an arch. Third Draw a smaller arch inside the

first one. Fourth Draw a Keystone at the top of the arch.

Fifth Now draw the Voussoirs that hold the Keystone in place. Sixth

Draw a second arch next to the first one. Go through the same steps. Seventh the arches connect

with buttresses contraforts You did it! Success!

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