Road Map To Venturing (National Venturing Task Force)

Road Map To Venturing (National Venturing Task Force)

2015 Program Changes Venturing Rick Cordray Chief Seattle Council October 2015 Challenges to our programs? Membership Retention Evolving social values Technology 2011-2015 BSA Strategic Plan called for a review and revision to all programs Cubs, Boy Scouts, Venturing

2 Program 0.7% Earned 1:12,000 Youth 3 Major Changes Began Last Year Whats NOT Changing:

Ages of membership Ranger/Trust/Quest Officer/Advisor relationship Youth leadership of crew and program 4 Changes Last Year Common Oath & Law Venturing program & recognition changed at beginning of 2015 New resources:

Enhanced youth training Split advisor vs. committee training Governance Youth handbook (core) Ranger/Trust/Quest combined Adult leader handbook 1/28/20 5 Common Oath and Law

Adopted in 2012 by National Executive Committee as part of Strategic Plan Goal 411 Ties BSA programs together different age groups, different programs, but a common core Aligns the words we use to reinforce values in all programs with the BSA mission statement Being rolled out into all programs with 2014-2015 program changes 6 Venturings Challenge

Deliver the fun and peer engagement! Create the opportunity for leadership! Harness the optimism! Set the table for their future! The NEW Venturing Program Model Adventure Leadership - Personal Growth Service 7 NEW Venturing Program The ALPS Model 4 Levels Progressive Effort

4 Program Areas or Pillars Alignment with BSA mission Sensitivity to youth wants Maintains peer involvement Based on foundation of adventure Respect for their future needs Progressive increase in challenge and effort Adventure

Program Areas - Adventure Purpose: New experiences which push Venturers to new personal heights Insight: Adventures and activities provide the social benefits youth crave at this point of development Level of difficulty: Variable; may be tailored to crew skills and experience Individual and crew-defined Historic appeal of Venturing

Leadership Adventure Program Areas- Leadership Purpose: Develop broad interpersonal leadership skills applicable to life situations Insight: Societal expectations of leadership qualities as desirable are growingespecially among youths life influencers Level of Difficulty: Escalating: Participate/follow, lead, mentor Leverages formal training and

practical experience (elected or appointed) Personal Growth Leadership Adventure Program Areas Personal Growth Purpose: Growth in the skills and ethical/moral foundations which support economic independence, life-long learning, and timeless values.

Insight: Social/educational influences provide little positive guidance on key life, social and moral/ethical skills. And youth know it. Focus is on goal development and personal planning. Small formal trainings facilitate practical application. Adult mentorship is critical. Service Personal Growth

Leadership Adventure Program Areas -- Service Purpose: Develop behavior leading to ongoing sense of responsibility Insight: Youth have limited control of their lives. They enjoy the opportunity to assert their values through the choice to serve. Crew or individual Scouting and/or community focus Summit

Pathfinder Discovery Venturing Service Personal Growth Leadership Adventure Program Levels (Awards)

Joining level Initial participation Commit to crew and ideals Induction into crew Summit Pathfinder Discovery Venturing Service

Personal Growth Leadership Adventure Program Levels (Awards) Full participant, developing core skills Active in crew adventures and activities Introduction to leadership (training and practice) Goal setting and personal management training

Participation in crew or individual service Summit Pathfinder Discovery Venturing Service Personal Growth Leadership Adventure

Program Levels (Awards) Emerging leadership, challenging skills and activity level Elected or appointed leadership role including advanced training Goal development, planning, and pursuit Participating in activity and service planning Summit Pathfinder

Discovery Venturing Service Personal Growth Leadership Adventure Program Levels (Awards) Fully realized skills and leadership Focus is:

Mentorship of other crew members Capstone service project Goal approach: Longer horizon, larger life impact Summit Pathfinder Discovery Venturing Venturing Service

Personal Growth Leadership Adventure Venturing Program Status Detailed requirements written and in print Handbook/Leader Guides in print A few requirements can be satisfied by previous work

Awards Previous awards (Bronze, Gold, Silver) discontinued at end of 2014 New awards (Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, Summit) now in place There is some overlap, so some requirements completed for old awards can be applied to new 19 Awards Required Training Specific training modules are required for some awards Mentoring instructor guide available

Goal Setting & Time Management - instructor guide available Project Management training available 20 Project Management Training 21 Youth Training Crew Officers Orientation new in 2015 Leadership Skills for Crews newly revised in 2015, formerly ILSC

Age and Membership Changed 3/1/15 At recharter time, Venturers who are 18 reregister as adults YPT Background check Considered adult participant New Venturers over 18 will register as adults and are adult participants Venturers who were 18 before 3/1/15 take YPT, dont have to have a background check 23 Sea Scouts

Remain connected to the Venturing program, but less directly Sea Scouts can earn Venturing awards 24 Resources VOA Council Rob Allison, Advisor Area Ben DeRemer, Advisor Western Region Pratik Vaidya, WR VOA President Program Features for Troops and Crews

FAQ pages Contact information 25 NYLT, NYLT Academy Council NYLT open to Venturers NYLT Academy is coming to Western Region (Long Beach, CA) summer 2016 26 Wood Badge Venturers over 18 can attend as participants Crews can serve as staff, which can meet some

award requirements 27 Philmont Training Center Growing Venturing in your Crew and Council The Venturing A-L-P-S program model a flexible program of continuous, youth-led adventure with the new recognition system providing Venturers with benchmarks of progress. Designed for crew advisors, crew committee members, crew officers, VOA officers, VOA advisors, council Venturing committee members, and Venturing Commissioners. Week 1: June 5-11, 2016 Week 8: July 24-30, 2016 Week 10: August 7-13, 2016

28 Class 427, Evaluation Code HNZ Scan this code or go to and click Attendance & Evaluation, then use code HNZ 29

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