RAAA Competitive Golf

RAAA Competitive Golf

RAAA Competitive Golf 2019 PARENT MEETING Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening - and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented. -Arnold Palmer #17 at Whistling Straits- aka Pinched Nerve RAAA Golf Background In a January 2017 new RAAA program survey, golf was the

overwhelming favorite with 65% of the votes. RAAA had not had a golf program since early 1990s. Bloomington was the only other city in the metro as of 2017 to offer a golf program for youth. RAAA partnered with Rosemount High School Girls Golf Coach, Barry Wallin, to create this program. Determined that adding a competitive golf league to RAAA would compliment other golf options in our area

RAAA Partnering Courses Emerald Rich Greens (Hastings MN) Valley (Rosemount MN) Valleywood Southern (Apple Valley MN) Hills (Farmington MN) Eleven 9-hole options to choose from in total

RAAA Golf Board of Directors Current Board Members Positions/Roles Amy Lemaniak Program Director(s) Tim Beaudette

Golf Course Liaison/Scheduler David Oleyar Uniform and Awards Coordinator Heather Erickson Event/Banquet Coordinator

Elizabeth Hoover Team Builder/Communications Coach/Manager Liaison (focusing on rules of golf) RAAA Golf Program Details 7-week competitive league will run from July 14 August 25, 2019 on Sunday evenings Offered to boys and girls entering grades 4-8 in Fall 2019

Designed for kids that already know the basics of golf Complements the introductory golf lesson programs already offered by Community Ed and local golf courses RAAA Golf Team Formation Five teams of 8 or 9 kids (44 registered) Friend requests not offered (as stated on registration form)

Spread the experienced and older players out across the teams to create a good balance Encourages kids to make new friends Friends would not play together more than once anyway. Similar to both amateur and professional golf in that all ages play together If carpooling is needed, that can still be coordinated

Tom Lehman (60) and Matthew Wolff (20) at 2019 3M Open, Wolff with RAAA Golfers RAAA Golf Program Schedule First Sunday, July 14 at Emerald Greens Multi-station, 90-minute lesson (everyone starts at 4:00PM) + photos Followed by first 9-hole golf round (non-competition round) Team and individual photos taken this day

The next 5 Sundays will be golf rounds spread across our 4 partner golf courses and count for the season contest 7th and final Sunday, August 25 at Emerald Greens Final round (non-competition) OR make-up round (competitive) if any previous Sunday is rained out BBQ and awards ceremony RAAA Golf On-Course Managers

Each RAAA Golf team is captained/managed by two RAAA parent volunteers who have completed a background check, concussion training, and attended a Positive Coaching Alliance workshop or online course (RAAA requirements). These parent captains/managers are tasked with keeping score, maintaining a good pace of play, and creating a welcoming environment for all to enjoy the game of golf. They also ensure proper etiquette and provide advice to help young golfers advance their character development - on and off the course. Basic rules will be covered tonight and during the July 14th instructional

time. Each team may also seek the administrative assistance of another parent volunteer to assist in the administration of team business. RAAA Golf Structure of Play A match consists of two teammates (or three, where one is a substitute) competing against a similar grouping from the opposing team in a fun scramble format. Teams will play a scramble against each other in a 9-hole format The match lasts for nine holes and is broken up into three 3-hole segments called "shamrocks".

In 9 holes there are 3 shamrocks up for grabs (holes 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9). A team wins a shamrock if they win at least 2 of the 3 holes in a given 3-hole segment. A team wins a hole if their score is lower than that of their opponent. If teams tie on a hole, they split the point for that hole. When a team gets to triple bogey, they pick up and are done with the hole (so the double bogey shot is the final shot of each hole)

If both teams triple bogey, they split the point for that hole. RAAA Golf Online Score Submission RAAA Golf Match Pairings The RAAA Golf Board will create a schedule of which teams play each other at which courses at what tee times for the middle five Sundays. For example: July 21: Augusta Green vs St. Andrews Red at Southern Hills with tee times between 5:00 and 5:30PM The pairings/matchups will be left in the hands of the captains, with the only

requirement being that players rotate and play with a different teammate each week unless completely unavoidable such as when a player is late or absent. RAAA Golf Substitutes Due to the RAAA Golf team's recreational nature, every player on the team is encouraged to participate. While each match is only actively played by two players from each team, at any given time the team captain/manager may substitute a player into the match at the start of any shamrock. When the player is not one of the two active players in his or her team's match, he/she can still play an integral role in the success of the team by reading putts, discussing strategy, tending the flag stick and aiding pace-of-play.

At no time should a substitute ever feel left out of the team's efforts, and substitutions will be equal (i.e. for a team of 3 players, each player will actively play 6 of the 9 holes). If there are no-shows and a player is by himself/herself against two players from the opposing team, the solo player will still play a scramble by hitting two balls, except on the green. RAAA Golf End of Season Celebration August 25th at Emerald Greens

All five teams will either play their final matches (if any previous Sunday was rained out) or play a fun non-competition round if there were no rain-outs. In other words, since there are five teams we want each team to play every other team once to determine the season winner, and that requires only four Sunday matches. The fifth Sunday match is used as a blind match where Team X plays by themselves with the goal of achieving the lowest team score. Followed by a BBQ and Awards Ceremony The final team standings will be determined at the end of the five matches based on the total number of shamrocks. 1st and 2nd place teams will receive golf-themed prizes.

All 44 players will receive a golf-themed gift. RAAA Golf Uniforms/Team Shirts Shirts for players, Team Managers, and Board Members CA GEAR 2018 2019 RAAA Golf Uniforms/Team Shirts


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