Quad Chart Template - U.S. Navy Hosting

Quad Chart Template - U.S. Navy Hosting

Silver Shiny Baubles DESCRIPTION: Large shiny silver balls are an expeditionary, scalable concept that provides a way for NECC to eliminate the enemys ability to rapidly retreat from various locations of interest VALUE TO NAVAL WARFIGHTER: Able to entice and mesmerize Distracts from other more important issues Renders all other thought processes useless OBJECTIVES Freeze the enemy in his tracks as he gazes at the ball for hours, unaware of his surroundings Serve as a conversation piece that affords a gathering point for similar minded persons Detain said persons in a non-defensive posture at a known location until such time that it is convenient for coalition forces to neutralize any perceived threats VARIANTS Stainless Steel Garden Balls of various diameters Glass Gazing Balls Television, particularly shows like The Three Stooges or Married with Children Quicksand

STO(s) Supported: FS FPREP 1.2-1 NECC Adaptive, Responsive, Expeditionary Guidance Quad charts are analogous to an elevator speech- you have minimal time to briefly inform a non-technical audience about the merits of your technology and create interest. Once an interest is established, you will be afforded about an hour to brief interested parties about your technology, usually in person or via a web cast. This follow on meeting is your opportunity to use technical jargon and go into greater detail. These charts are also used to brief our chain of command and others in Government but are never shared outside Government. Please create one slide for each technology that you think has application to NECC. Each slide shall be less than 500 kb (1/2 Meg) and must be in PowerPoint format using the master slide template provided in this file. File naming convention is NECC N9 QuadChart YOUR CAPABILITY.ppt. Include the STO information in the Variants quadrant in the format provided. NECC Science & Technology Objectives (STOs) are defined in the S&T Plan and can be found at https://www.portal.navy.mil/necc/n9/default.aspx or by request via NECC N9. Please list all applicable STOs or put N/A if we do not currently have a STO that covers your unique capability. Lastly, using PowerPoint's View, Notes Page option will allow you to include contact information. For more information about NECC, please visit http://www.necc.navy.mil/ .

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