Puzzles - Primary Resources

Puzzles - Primary Resources

Each puzzle has a point rating 110 with 10 being the most difficult. The answer for each puzzle is in the notes section of each slide. You may need to scroll down. Pictures are include on most slides. Some will help, others will lead you astray!

If you know the answer already, dont spoil it! The puzzles are in 3 sections: general, maths and longer lateral thinking puzzles. General Maths

Lateral thinking 1 point A brown house is made with brown bricks, a white house is made with white bricks. What is a green house made of? 2

points You go on holiday to Norway. When you arrive at your cabin, you find that there is no heat or electricity. However there is wood in the fireplace, a wood-burning stove, a candle and an oil lamp. You search through your pack and find you only have one match. What should you light first?

1 point What occurs once in a minute, once in a second, once in a month and once in a century but not at all in a year, an hour or a week? 2

points Why wont a starving eskimo eat a penguin egg? 2 points Sam is a bus driver. He drove 10 miles to

the bus depot. He then drove 10 miles with an average of 16 passengers before driving 10 miles to the garage where the bus was serviced. The mileometer on the bus showed that 20 miles had been driven that day. Explain. 1 point

Mrs Penworthys bungalow is decorated completely with her favourite colour purple. She has purple walls, purple furniture and purple carpets. Why does she not have purple stairs? 2 points

Six buckets are placed in a row. The first 3 are full of water and the other 3 are empty. By moving only one bucket, how can you get an arrangement where it goes full, empty, full, empty, full, empty? 1 2

3 4 5 6

5 points What 5 letter word has 1 consonant followed by 4 vowels? If you remove the vowels, the sound is not altered. 1 point

Where can I put my right hand where I cant put my left hand? 2 points You are driving a bus. At the start of your journey, there are 6 people on the bus: Fred, Bert, Sam, Jane, Bertha and Orla. At the first

stop, Fred and Bert get off while Susan and John get on. At the second stop Bertha gets off and Callum gets on. At the last stop everyone gets off. What is the name of the bus driver? 3 points

What 5 letter word becomes shorter when you add 2 letters to it? 1 point The caretaker is raking leaves in the playgrounds. In the front playground, there are 7 piles of leaves and in the back playground, there are 3 piles of leaves. How

many piles will he have when he puts them all together? 3 points A village has 2 men who cut hair: Bert who is the only barber in Hair today, gone tomorrow and Fred who is the only barber

in Hair Peace. Freds hair is well cut whilst Bert looks like he has had a fight with a lawnmower. Who would you choose to cut your hair? Why? 4 points A man flew from London to Chicago on

Tuesday. He stayed for 2 days and then flew back to London on Tuesday. Explain. 5 points Who played for both England and Germany at Wembley on the same day?

5 points The first copy of this book was published in 1878 in America. Since then it has been reprinted many times. American copies of this book are completely different from British ones. Branches of WH Smiths will have this book but wont sell it to you and

libraries will have a copy but wont lend it to you. There is probably a copy in your home. What is the book? 4 points England are leading Germany 4-1 in an international football match at Wembley.

88 minutes of the match have been played but not one man on either side has scored a goal. 5 points A woman has 2 sons born within 5 minutes of each other. They appear to be identical

but they are not twins. 4 points A man has a fox, a hen and a bag of corn. He needs to take all 3 across the river. The boat will take him and one of them. He cannot leave the fox and the hen together

or the hen and corn together. How does he get all 3 across uneaten? 3 points A plane travelling from England to Germany crashes mid-way in France. Where would the survivors be buried?

Where is a day longer than a year? 6 points 4 points

Mr Smith and Mr Jones are next door neighbours. Mr Smith has a beautiful peacock. He told Mr Jones that if the peacock laid an egg in Mr Jones garden, the egg would still belong to him. Mr Jones disagreed saying that if it laid an egg in his garden it would be his. Who is right? 2

points Whats white when its dirty and black when its clean? 2 points Berts father is Professor Maths. He

has 4 children. 3 of them are called Add, Subtract and Divide. What is the fourth child called? Rearrange the letters of NEW DOOR to make one word. You are not allowed to leave any letters out or put in any extra letters.

d oe no w r 4 points 7 points

There was a boy who was 12 years old in 2002. In 2012 he was 2 years old. Explain. 3 points Jessica was born on 20th December 2001. She says that this year her birthday will be

in the summer. Explain. 7 points You are at a junction. One road leads to the town you want to go to, the other leads to a marsh. There are no signs. However, there are two men: one who always tells the truth

and the other who always lies. You are allowed to ask one of them one question to find the way to go. You do not know which man is which. What do you ask? 3 points A family has 2 parents, 3 daughters and

each daughter has 4 brothers. How many in the family? What 7 letter word do most people pronounce wrongly. 2 points

6 points 5 men are going to church together. It starts raining. 4 of them get wet. The 5th man, who does not have an umbrella, and was less than 1m from the other 4 remained completely dry. Explain.

3 points Rats can breed very quickly. Joe starts with 2 rats and finds that 6 months he ends up with 40 rats. How many rats would he end up with after 6 months if he started with 1 rat?

4 points Joe has 4 white rabbits, 6 brown rabbits and 5 black rabbits. How many rabbits could say that they are the same colour as another of Joes rabbits? 3

points There were two mothers and two daughters in a train carriage. The train stopped and one of them got out. Two people remained. Explain. 5 points

2 men played chess for 9 hours. They played 5 games. Each man won the same number of games. No games were drawn or abandoned. Explain. 8 points

How can you take I away from I9 and get 20? 8 points The Roman numeral for 9 is IX. Add one character to this to make it an even number.

7 points New Years Day is 7 days after Christmas Day. You would think that they would be on the same day of the week. However in 2009, Christmas Day was on Friday whereas New Years Day was on Thursday.

Explain. 8 points Read this out loud: YYURYYUBICURYY4ME 7

points Read this out loud: 11 was a racehorse 12 was 12 111 a race 12112 2

points Fred the postman has a round which takes him 1 hours. On Friday he takes 105 minutes. Explain. 6 points

You have 9 red balls which appear to be identical. One ball is slightly lighter than the others. Using the scales below twice only, how could identify the lighter ball? 9 points

There is a room with 3 light bulbs in it. Each bulb is controlled by one switch. The switches are down a corridor away from the room. You are allowed to go to the switches ONE time and then to the room with the bulbs to work out which switch controls which bulb. You are on your own and have no mirrors!

3 points What goes up but never goes down? 3 points What can be wasted but never bought?

What has 2 arms and 4 legs? 3 points What has 3 hands? 3

points 3 points What is usually filled in the morning and emptied at night except at Christmas when it is filled at night and emptied in the morning?

5 points What do you find in the middle of Derby that you dont find at all in Sheffield or Nottingham? 7

points Alison works at the greengrocers. When she was born, she weighed 3kg and measured 30cm. She is now 20 years old and is 150cm tall. What does she weigh now? 3

points In a drawer there are 5 pairs of pink socks and 4 pairs of blue socks. The socks are loose. What is the largest number of socks you need to take out of the drawer in order to be sure of getting a matching pair? 8

points If you travel 6 miles south, followed by 4 miles north, what is the furthest distance you can be from your starting point? 7 points

In which sport do all the contestants except one on each team move backwards? 4 points As I was going to St Ives, I met a man with 7 wives. Each wife had 7 sacks, each sack had 7 cats, each cat had 7 kittens. Kittens,

cats, sacks and wives, how many were there going to St Ives? 5 points Connor comes into school and tells his teacher that his mother is the same age as his granny and that they are both 50 years

old today. How can this be? 4 points My aunts brother is not my uncle. Who is he? 5

points You normally say, I am, you are and he is. Is it ever correct to say, I is? When does April come before March? 6 points

9 points Sam was in big trouble with his Dad. He was told to say something. If what he said was true, he would have no pocket money for a year. If he lied, he would be banned from TV for 2 months. What can he say to

avoid any consequences? 9 points Sam is in trouble at school. In front of the class, Sams teacher Mrs Smegly tells him to pick one of two pieces of paper from a box. According to her, one piece has

lunchtime detentions for 2 months while the other one has another chance. However Sam knows that Mrs Smegly always writes the detention consequence on both pieces of paper. What can he do to escape detention? 10 points

By moving one match stick only, can you turn this arrangement into a shop? Answer on next slide. 7 points

A man is dozing during a church service. He is dreaming about the French revolution and the guillotine. His wife, seeing that he is nodding off taps him on the back of the neck. He has a heart attack and dies instantly. True or false? Give a reason. The next 3 puzzles work only if read, not

viewed 7 points What game has 4 letters, starts with a tee and is played all over the world? 7

points There are 20 fore heads in a boat 50 miles off land. The boat sinks and the lifeboat rescues 20 people. Nobody drowns and no other boat rescues anyone. Explain. How many ps in a pod?

4 points Some are a little quirky! 3 points

A new hotel has 100 rooms. The decorator needs to put numbers on all the doors. How many number 1s does he need to buy? 3 points A certain type of seaweed doubles in length every year. After 6 years it is 12m long.

How long would it have been after 5 years? 9 points You have a 5 litre bottle and a 7 litre bottle. You have a tap and a sink. How can you measure 1 litre. You can pour from one bottle to another, refill and pour away as

much as you need to. The bottles do not have a regular shape. 5l 7l 9 points

A man goes into B & Q to buy something for his house. He is told that 1 costs 80p whereas 5 costs 1.20. His total bill is 3.20. What does he buy? 10 points Stephanie runs a clothing shop. She sells

shorts for 36, trousers for 48 and a hat for 18. What would she charge for boots? 36 48 18

? 5 points On average 25 acorns grow on a branch. Here is a chart showing how many branches trees have at different ages. Age

Branches 10 5 20

10 30 15 40 50

25 60 30 How many acorns would you find on a 40 year old sycamore tree?

8 points A snail is at the bottom of a 30m well. Every day it crawls up 3m before slipping back 2m every night. How many days will it take it to escape from the well? 6

points Mr Green is giving out sweets to the Stars of the Week in Blogly Primary School. He gives 5 sweets to infants and 6 sweets to juniors. Altogether he gives out 56 sweets to 10 children. How many infants and juniors make up the 10?

10 points A 100kg sack of potatoes is 99% water and 1% potato stuff. It is allowed to dry out until it is 98% water and 2% potato stuff. How heavy is the sack of potatoes now? 4 points

A ship is at anchor in a harbour. At low tide, the water is 2.6m below the deck. Over the next 6 hours, the tide rises by 1.5m. How far from the deck will the water be now? 10 points

A man has 10 sons. To the first son, he gives 10 oranges, the second son 20, third son 30 etc. His 10th son has 100 oranges. Each son goes out and sells the oranges to one customer. They use the same pricing policy and they each bring back the father 2. What was the pricing policy?

9 points Add one character to make this equation correct. I0 I0 I0 = 9.50 4 points

Bert and Fred have the same amount of money. How much does Bert need to give Fred so that Fred has 10 more than Bert? 5 points A bottle of perfume costs 20. The whisky

is worth 19 more than the bottle. How much is the bottle worth? 10 points The occupants of Bagley Close live in houses numbered 1-19. Each occupant has an 8 digit telephone number starting with

1 which is a multiple of their house number. What are the telephone numbers? Use a calculator. Clue on the next slide. (Lose 3 points if you use it!)

7 points You need to find the 8 digit number which starts with 1 and is divisible by numbers 119. By adding 1, 2, 3, 4 etc onto this number, you will get the phone numbers. Think prime numbers. 4

points If Fred gives one marble to Bert, they will have the same number. If Bert gives one marble to Fred, Bert will have half the amount of marbles Fred has. How many marbles do they each have? 5

points A box of chocolates costs 2 plus half its price. How much does it cost? 7 points Two friends are playing cards for 5p a

game. At the end Joe has won 3 games and Ben is 30p up. How many games did they play altogether? 5 points Bill and Bertha start a romantic meal by lighting 2 candles. They are both the same

thickness but different lengths. One will burn for 7 hours and the other for 5 hours. At the end of the meal, they blow out the candles and find that one candle is twice the length of the other. How long was the meal? 4 points

A builder dug a hole 5m long, 3m wide and 2m deep. Hoping to improve his daughters Maths skills, he asked her, How many m of soil in the are the hole? 4 points

I have 9 sweets in a bag. I give 3 to Mark, 3 to Rebekah and 3 to India. At the end, there are still 3 sweets in the bag. Explain. 5 points 3 workers each get paid depending on how many hours they have worked. The

plumber worked for 3 times a long as the painter and the painter worked 5 times as long as the electrician. The total wage bill was 630. How much was each man paid? * These next few puzzles cannot usually be solved by a quick flash of inspiration. Children

need to ask yes/no questions over a longer period of time to build up enough information to enable the Eureka moment! 9 points 3 pieces of coal are lying on the grass in a

garden in early Spring. How did they get there? 8 points A man walks into a pub and asks for a glass of water. The barman pulls a gun on him. They shake hands and the customer walks

out satisfied. A man walks into a bar and falls immediately falls down unconscious. 8 points 8

points A man lives on the 16th floor of a block of flats. Every day he takes the lift from down to the ground floor and then goes to work. On his way back from work, he takes the lift to the 5th floor and then walks the rest of the way. If it is raining in the morning, on his return, he takes the lift to the 11th floor

before walking the rest of the way. 6 points A father and his son are travelling in a car. The car crashes and the father is killed. The boy is taken to hospital and needs an operation. The surgeon comes into the

operating theatre, looks at the boy and says, I cant operate, hes my son. 9 points Romeo and Juliet are lying side by side on the floor. Beside them is some water and broken glass. The window is open.

9 points A man went into a field with a pack on his back and died. 9 points

A man is hanging 3m from a beam in a barn. Underneath him is a pool of water. Outside is a tractor. He is dead. 10 points While the soup simmered, Johnny missed his train.

A man who is broke, is parked outside a hotel. 9 points A man is lying in a telephone box. He has injured his hands. The phone is off

the hook. Outside is a fishing rod. 10 points 8 points Two men are rescued from a desert island. In port one of them goes straight

into a restaurant. He orders a bowl of Albatross Soup. He takes one sip of the soup and then returns to the boat and shoots the other man rescued from the desert island.

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