Professional Learning Focus: A framework on personalized learning

Professional Learning Focus: A framework on personalized learning

Professional Learning Focus: A framework on personalized learning "If we create a culture where every teacher believes they need to improve, not because they are not good enough but because they can be even better, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

- Dylan Wiliam Type of Professional Learning Compliance-Based Blood-borne pathogens FERPA Standards of Performance Proper use of

technology Performance-Based Specific to your content area Focused on areas of interest for you Helps you grow as a professional Recharges your battery

Improves student achievement A new component for TLE Every policy of professional development adopted by a school district board of education shall provide for the development of a focused and individualized program of professional development for the teacher or administrator that is

consistent with the qualitative component of the TLE. Implementation Timeline 2016-17 school year: The State Department of Education shall work with school districts to develop individualized programs of professional development (Professional Learning Focus). 2017-18 school year: School districts shall incorporate the Professional Learning

Focus on a pilot program basis. 2018-19 school year and beyond: School districts shall fully incorporate and put into operation the growth goal as well as the qualitative components of TLE. A collaborative effort 4 State Dept. reps Teacher, principal, superintendent reps from 8 school districts Tulsa Model and Marzano framework developers

Oklahoma State School Board Association Oklahoma Public Schools Resource Center Oklahoma Education Association National Board Certified Teachers Professional Oklahoma Educators Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administrators Working Group Purpose Provide a structure that offers educators autonomy to develop

professional growth focused on the key strategies/behaviors that impact student learning and teacher mastery. Learning from the past Overly prescriptive Offer guidance and best practice over mandates and excessive requirements Continuous support and training Utilize real world feedback

Focus on the product rather than a rating Basic Premise of the Professional Learning Focus Establish an annual professional learning focus for the teacher or administrator that is developed by the teacher or administrator in collaboration with the evaluation Align the goal with a specific area in the TLE framework

Allow the teacher or administrator to engage in personalized learning that they choose Support constant learning and growth of all educators PL Focus is not A way to quantitatively measure professional learning A pathway for the evaluator to dictate what your professional growth goal should be

Additional PD points A waste of time? Redefine Professional Development Sit and get vs. Search and learn Capitalizing on the expertise in the next room Make the most of your PLCs and faculty meetings Constant focus on student learning

Developing value in professional growth How do I do this? A Professional Learning Focus must be established every year regardless of exemption status PL Focus should be introduced and explained to participants at the beginning of the year PL Focus should be established by the end of the first quarter of the school year

Established means designed collaboratively by participant and evaluator as well as approved by evaluator PL Focus documentation should be completed by the end of the school year. However, the intended goal may extend over multiple years. PL Focus Templates Visit TLE website here How do I do this?

School districts are responsible for monitoring compliance. Documentation should include: Identified area of focus (associated with indicator or element from district-approved TLE qualitative framework) Identified resources requested to attain goal Minimum of one documented checkpoint visit Best practice is to complete at least two checkpoints during the year Reflective component where the educator may provide feedback related to their PL Focus Signature and date lines for evaluator and educator

Templates will be made available, but districts may choose to create their own document Professional Learning Focus documentation should be attached to final evaluation How do I do this? PL Focus is developed by the teacher or administrator in collaboration with the evaluator PL Focus is tailored to address a specific area

identified through the qualitative component of the TLE (i.e. Tulsa Model, McRel, Marzano) At least one specific indicator/element should be documented as the primary PL Focus Participants are supported by resources available and supplied by districts and Oklahoma State Department of Education Training Introduction of PL Focus

Frequent presentations of the PL Focus framework and pilot year guidance Audience-Specific Presentations Webinar sessions for evaluators (multiple sessions) Webinar sessions for evaluatees (multiple sessions) Training Modules Short videos intended to provide guidance without overwhelming viewers Modeling the PL Focus process Use video from pilot programs

How to write meaningful goals Redefining Professional Development Pilot year For the 2017-18 school year, school districts shall incorporate the PL Focus on a pilot program basis Every school shall participate in the PL Focus pilot year Each school site will select at least

25% of the teaching faculty participate in the pilot year Will the PL Focus take more personal time away from educators? This can be accomplished during the contract day. Will the PL Focus process be worthwhile? Thats up to you!

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