Presentation to myED BC Academy - May 2017

Presentation to myED BC Academy - May 2017

Leaving the Woods Grad 2018 Heritage Woods Counselling Department October 2017 Heritage Woods Counsellors Ms. Shaunna MartinA-G

Mr. Paul Gangnes Ms. Karen Leeden/ Mr. Curt Dewolff H-N O-Z Heritage Woods Career Facilitator Ms. Darilynn Butler

If it is to be, it is up to me! TRAVEL COLLEGE GAP YEAR So Many choices APPRENTICESHIP UNIVERSITY

TRADES VOLUNTEER WORK Lets Make sure you Graduate 1st! You MUST check your transcript on-line! Is it accurate? Go to the Student Transcripts Service Website:

ing/k-12/support/transcripts-and-certificates A Quick Review In order to graduate you need 80 credits (20 courses) English 10, 11 and 12 Mathematics 10 and 11

Physical Education 10 Planning 10 Science 10 and 11

Social Studies 10 and 11 A Fine Art or An Applied Skill 10, 11 or 12 4 Electives at the grade 10, 11 or 12 level 3 Electives at the grade 12 level

Graduation Transitions Other ways to Attain Credits Equivalency External Credits

Course Challenge Courses take elsewhere Career Programs (i.e. ACE-IT) If you think you should be receiving some of these, but have not, bring proof of your courses to your counsellor

Graduation Transitions Your GT staff are: Ms. Gay and Ms. Nunn 1. Community Connections 2. Personal Health 3.

Career and Life Plan 4. Presentation If you do not have your booklet, there are some more available, see one of the GT teachers or counsellors, or download from the GT portal StudentTranscripts Service Overview Students are responsible for ensuring transcript accuracy prior

to transmission! Benefits for Students View assessment, exam marks, transcript, scholarships & awards Download digital, pdf or hardcopy of official transcripts

Select up to 25 Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) selections for FREE! Request real time transfer Authorize updates throughout the year Feedback on status of transcript delivery

9 This can be found posted outside the counsellors office & under QUICKLINKS on our schools homepage! 10 Getting Started: BCeID Sign Up

11 Getting Started: BCeID Sign Up Complete the Fields to register for a BCeID 12 Register for StudentTranscripts PEN, First Name, Last Name and email are

mandatory fields 13 Authorize Data Collection Read the Data Collection to complete the process. 14 Email Verification An email confirmation will be sent to activate registration. Click on the LINK to connect the newly

created BCeID to the students STS account. 15 Logon with the BCeID 16 Student Dashboard Main Student Dashboard following authentication and authorization

Send/Order your Transcript Privacy consent activates links below Send Transcript to selected PSI Send PDF Transcript or Send Printed Transcript Step 1 Search for PSI Select one or more

institutions Step 2 Choose send option Options available for an institutions that receive printed transcripts Options available for an institutions that receive the TRAX electronic batch file Send Interim and Final Marks when they become

Step 3 Confirm and add to cart Informational message area to warn students of any exam marks that may not yet be complete Preview of Transcript prior to sending

Review Order Details Lists all of the institutions (Order Details) that constitute a particular Order Some institutions (capable of receiving XML transcripts) will have a link on the Item Status to provide more information about when your transcript was sent and when it was received For more information

Ministry of Education Student Certification Branch Email: [email protected] Headed to Post Secondary? - Do Your Research! Go to Post-Secondary Websites for updated program requirements! Attend Information Sessions! Visit Institutions of interest in person or Virtual On-line Tours! Talk to people in your life that you trust!

APPLICATION PROCESS For BC Institutions For Alberta Institutions

For Ontario Institutions All are open now start applying! Dont Worry if you dont have it figured out just yet Constant process of inquiry and reflections

College/University does NOT guarantee a job Workforce, travel, trades, etc. The world of work puts emphasis on skills, knowledge and abilities (4 key skills: communicate, computer, continuous

learning and collaboration) There is more than one path to the end goal Just make sure you are thinking ahead and talking about it The CAREER CENTRE is your onestop shop for all things related to: Post

Secondary Opportunities Program Information Scholarships, Employment Volunteer Awards, Student Loans, Bursaries Opportunities

Opportunities Be sure to stay tuned to the Career Centre TV monitor and the Kodiak for announcements related to any of these MAKE SURE YOU HAVE DONE YOUR OWN RESEARCH FIRST!!!

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