Presentation Outline - Housing Diversity Network

Presentation Outline - Housing Diversity Network

HDN Staff Mentoring NE and Y&H Class 3 Challenges & Opportunities Thursday 28th February 2019 Housing Diversity Network @HDN_UK Key dates Class One

Getting to know you Wednesday 29th November 2018 Leeds Federated Housing Association Class Two Wednesday 9th January 2019

Understand your environment Broadacres Class Three Thursday 28th February 2019 Challenges & opportunities

Broadacres Class Four Wednesday 3rd April 2019 Moving forward Karbon

National Conference: 20th June 2019, Birmingham Programme Morning 1.Welcome and House-Keeping 2.Changes in the Housing Sector 3.Stress Management 4.Negotiating and Influencing Afternoon 4. Conflict and Resolution

5. Challenges and Opportunities with Change 6. Assertiveness 7. Reflection and Review Welcome to Class Three Confidential Listen Positivity Respect each other

Be open, share & participate Network Remember What weve previously covered? PPI What you have learnt from your Mentor Think about what you can do next Class 4

The Celebration/Conference Gail Teasdale Chief Executive Broadacres How can we reduce stress & improve work life balance? Gail Monnickendam Independent Member of Broadacres Audit and Risk Committee

Review Have you reflected after the last session on Work life balance..? Any comments? Have you brought your wheel with you? Work-life Balance Homework Task:

Complete the wheel of life scoring yourself from 0-10 on how satisfied you are with that area of your life 0 = Poor 10 = It cant get any better Discuss with a partner/ group &

commit to an action to improve WLB over the next month Work Life Balance Tips: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. 8. Prioritise Track your time One thing at a time Schedule one thing you look forward to each day Respect your private time Review your personal habits & general lifestyle

Take a holiday Ask for support 9. Personal Coach? 10. Exercise 11. Set boundaries 12. Find a mentor! Ask him or her to advise you on career development, setting priorities, and time management.

13. Learn how to say "no" 14. Evaluate your work-life balance on a regular basis Further information on Work Life Balance Investors in People ACAS Advisory booklet Flexible working and work-life balance WLB surveys an information on types of and how to apply for flexible working

Others general websites for info & services: tml ectiveness/Good-Work/Flexible-Working Definitions of Stress Work related stress is the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other

types of demand placed on them at work. There is a clear distinction between pressure which can be a motivation factor and stress, which can occur when this pressure becomes excessive. ( The Stress Curve Peoples stress curves vary Some causes of Stress at work

According to our Absence management survey, the main causes of stress at work include: excessive workload non-work-related relationship or family issues, management style (for example a bullying or poorly trained line manager) poor working relationships being faced with a large amount of organisation change or restructuring (

Source:, authored by; Melinda Smith, M.A., Robert Segal, M.A., and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. Last modified: October 2011 Duty of Care - Employer Legal Position: All employers have legal responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 to ensure the health safety and welfare at work of their employees. This includes minimising the risk of stress-related

illness or injury to employees. Employers duty of care HASAW 1974 (Health & Safety Executive) identify significant & foreseeable risks Under Common Law duty to prevent harm Who has responsibility? Board level, HR & H&S Managers, Line Managers, Employees Legal principles: Health & Safety at Work, Protection from Harassment, Equality Legislation, Working Time, Consultation with Employees & Safety Representatives, Common Law Negligence

Useful contacts: Health and Safety Executive (HSE) - work-related stress pages Employing disabled people and people with health conditions also Expenses and benefits: counselling for employees International Stress Management Association The Mental Health Foundation Mind (the mental health charity) BACP The British Association for Counselling and

Psychotherapy CIPD ACAS Working BREAK Negotiating & influencing - what might you want to consider ? Gail Monnickendam

When might you negotiate or influence? Some examples WHO With Junior staff Contractor Tenant Lawyers Building firm Union Board members Two tenants

Other colleagues Landlord owners Builders context e.g. pay matter, holidays c/over poor service delivery about a complaint

their legal bill quality of their work redundancies a different view to SMT re ASB between them Re project times/actions property condition h/back buying new house 10 TOP TIPS FOR NEGOTIATING 1. Do your homework in

advance 2. If you dont ask, you dont get 3. Understand your bottom line 4. Look at the matter from the other side & consider their options/strategy 5. Listen carefully & take your time to consider your responses

6. Consider, but never accept the first offer 7. Be tenacious, yet reasonable 8. Dont give anything without getting something in return 9. Be prepared to walk away 10.Work for a win win

In Summary In summary: preparation tenacious, but be pragmatic experience Its Lunch Time! Conflict and Resolution Gail Monnickendam

Dealing with Conflict Outcomes from today: Look at some of the theories around conflict. Identify positive ways to deal with conflict in the work place and stress. Know where to find further assistance. A definition ACAS Conflict at work takes many forms. It

may be that two workers simply don't get on; or that an individual has a grievance against their manager. Conflict may take the form of rivalry between teams; or it may be apparent by the lack of trust and cooperation between large groups of employees and management. Conflict Situation What has been the worst conflict you

have had at work during the last year or so ? Blazing Argument You didnt get what you wanted A disagreement with a member of staff or your boss A dissatisfied customer Conflict-handling strategies Thomas Kilman

Forcing (might is right) Confronting (lets work this out together) Withdrawing (leave well alone) Accommodation (No, after you) Compromise (split the difference) 5 Conflict Styles Conflict can be a good thing!

76% of employees have seen a conflict lead to something positive 41% found it led to a better understanding of other people 33% experienced better working relationships 29% found that a conflict led to a better solution to a problem 9% said conflict resulted in the birth of a major innovation or new idea

Internal sources of reference Disciplinary Policy Grievance Policy Harassment and Bullying Policy Contract of Employment may alert you to other HR policies and procedures that you are subject to HR Officer External sources of help Trade Union Representative

ACAS Equality and Human Rights Commission (formerly EOC, DRC, CRE) Your Mentor Challenges & Opportunities with Change SWOT Analysis

A small start up consultancy Strengths Respond quickly Great customer care Owner has strong reputation We can change direction quickly Low overheads so good value Weaknesses

Little market presence Small staff, shallow skills base Vulnerable to staff sickness Cash flow unreliable Opportunities Business sector is expanding Local govt encouraging local business Competitors slow to adapt

new technologies Threats Developments in technology may change market beyond our ability to adapt Large competitor may change focus and wipe out our market position SWOT Exercise

In small groups decide on the situation you are analysing Impact of changes in the housing sector Specific change in one housing organisation - e.g. merger Carry out SWOT analysis on flip chart paper Managing Change Effectively

3 ways that people react to change Be non-active - It wont happen to me Its not fair Why me? Be reactive - Knee jerk reaction

Be proactive and positive - Feel in control , less stress and frustration How to be proactive Change is part of life Accept your emotions Reframe the situation to see the positive Action is required Let go of fear

What is Assertiveness ? 4 ways of Behaving Passive Manipulative Aggressive Assertive Passive Has rights violated; is taken for

granted and advantage of Does not achieve their goals Feels frustrated, unhappy. Hurt Anxious Inhibited, withdrawn, inexpressive Allows others to choose for them Manipulative Violates rights; takes advantage of others May achieve goals by misusing others Has to out-manipulate others. No sense

of inner self as powerful. Rights obtained by default/outwitting Uses emotion for an end. Works underhandly Appears to let others choose. Persuades others to their choice Aggressive Violates rights; does not consider others rights May achieve goals at expense of

others Defensive, belligerent. Humiliates and depreciates others Explosive. Unpredictably hostile. Angry Intrudes on others choices Assertive Protects their own rights and respects the rights of others Achieves their goals without obstructive, destructive behaviour. Considers others

Feels good about them self. Has appropriate confidence in self Socially, emotionally expressive Chooses for themselves Messages that make us nonassertive Dont be selfish Be modest and humble Be understanding Be helpful Be sensitive

Celebration/Conference Presentation Region has a 10 minute presentation To cover what you have got out of the HDN Mentoring programme Creative Reflecting your group Volunteers for Class 4 Reflection and Review

Key learning from today ? Complete PDL Future actions Prepare for Mentoring session Workshop 4 - Presentations Celebration/Conference Key dates Class One

Getting to know you Wednesday 29th November 2018 Leeds Federated Housing Association Class Two Wednesday 9th January 2019

Understand your environment Broadacres Class Three Thursday 28th February 2019 Challenges & opportunities

Broadacres Class Four Wednesday 3rd April 2019 Moving forward Karbon

National Conference: 20th June 2019, Birmingham Thank you E: [email protected] T: 01484 652 606 M: 07791488196 W: Camilla Veale Mentoring Co-ordinator @HDN_UK

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