What is a Link? Planning and Environmental Linkages

What is a Link? Planning and Environmental Linkages

What is a Link? Planning and Environmental Linkages for 2014 and Beyond Carmen M. Stemen, MUP Planning & Environment Specialist FHWA Ohio Division [email protected] (614) 280-6848 Planning and Environment Goals We recommend that, in laying out new towns and villages, and in extending those already laid out, ample provision be made for a supply, in purity and abundance, of light, air, and water; for drainage and sewerage, for paving, and for cleanliness.

Report of the Sanitary Commission of Massachusetts, 1850 PEL Planning and Environment Linkages An approach to transportation decision-making that considers: Environmental Community Economic Benefits of Planning & Environment Linkages Relationship-building benefits: Become an effective player in the decision-making process Build interagency relationships early in Planning Improve inter-agency relationships to resolve differences on key issues

Improved project delivery timeframes and efficiency by: Minimize duplication of planning and NEPA processes Create a cohesive flow of information Move from planning to design/implementation with less effort On-the-ground outcome benefits: Design programs and projects to effectively serve the community's transportation needs Provides tools to design better projects while avoiding/minimizing impacts on natural resources TOOLS to Strengthen PEL Example for Category 1 Category 1: Institutional Changes Champions and Exchanges Training and Exchanges

Documenting new procedures/analysis Organizational structuring Executive-level commitment Performance measures NOACA (Cleveland) SHRP2, Organizing for Reliability (TSMO - Transportation Systems Management and Operations) Project TOOLS to Strengthen PEL Category 2: Planning and Environmental Process Enhancements Develop long-range transportation plans in consultation with resource and regulatory agencies

Consider mitigation opportunities Corridor planning, sub area planning, and tiering Carry planning decisions into and through project development Consider Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) Examples for Category 2 1) LACRPC (Lima-Allen County Regional Planning Commission), Transportation Infrastructure Risk Assessment for Flooding 2) ODOTs revision of its

Project Development Process (PDP) The extent of the Great Black Swamp prior to the 19th Century Wikipedia.org TOOLS to Strengthen PEL Example for Category 3 Category 3: Coordination and Communication Communicate with stakeholders Establish standing inter- and intra-agency coordination groups

Develop Memoranda of Understanding/ Agreement Fund staff positions at partner agencies Planning and Environmental Process Enhancements National Gateway Clearance Initiative (FRA, FHWA, ODOT, Penn DOT, WV DOT, Maryland DOT TOOLS to Strengthen PEL Category 4: Data and Analysis Tools Document existing geographic

data Develop protocols and tools for sharing data and analysis among and within agencies Improve access to and use of geographic resource data by transportation staff Collect and maintain data regularly Example of Category 4 FHWA Solicitation of DOT/MPO Greenhouse Gas (GHG) or Energy Analysis of Transportationrelated Emission or Energy-use Sources in the Planning Process

Summary - Goals of PEL Goals: - create a seamless decision-making process minimize duplication of effort promote environmental stewardship reduce delay from planning to project implementation Lays the foundation for broad consensus on goals and priorities in transportation Resources FHWAs website on Planning and Environment Linkages http://environment.fhwa.dot.gov/integ/index.asp

SHRP2 Solutions tools for the Road Ahead website http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/goshrp2/ NOACAs (Cleveland) website ODOTs PDP http://www.noaca.org/ http://www.dot.state.oh.us/projects/pdp/Pages/default.aspx LACRPC s (Lima) website http://lacrpc.com/ FHWA website http://dotnet.dot.gov/ The Presidents Plan to Fight Climate Change http://www.whitehouse.gov/share/climate-action-plan

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