The Jazz Age and the KKK Klan Resurgence

The Jazz Age and the KKK Klan Resurgence

The Jazz Age and the KKK Klan Resurgence > Timeline of Klan History

founded during Reconstruction, collapsed in 1870s revived in 1915 (in part because of the movie Birth of a Nation)

resurgence of popularity in the 1920s, but collapsed again by the 1930s again reappears in the 1950s

Klan Resurgence > Poster for the Film The Birth of a Nation by W.G. Griffith (1915) Klan Resurgence > NAACP Protest the Screening of The

Birth of a Nation, 1947 Klan Resurgence > Key Scenes in The Birth of a Nation

intertitles drawn from A History of the American People (1902) by then-president Woodrow Wilson black legislators lolling in their chairs in the

South Carolina legislature in the early 1870s white children don white sheets and scare black children nearby, inspiring Klan outfits Klansmen dump the body of the character Gus, an

African American, who they had killed for causing a young white woman, Flora, to jump off a cliff Klan in the 1920s > Washington, D.C. Parade

Klan in the 1920s > Social Movements Supported by the Klan

prohibition anti-immigrant sentiments anti-radicalism religious fundamentalism

morality and family values Klan in the 1920s > Different Historical Explanations of the Klan

racist and nativist movement populist movement reform movement

reactionary movement Immigration Restriction > Ku Klux Klan Marching in DC

Immigration Restriction > Cartoon on the Literacy Test

Immigration Restriction > Cartoon on the Quota Act of 1921 Immigration Act of 1924 (The Johnson-Reed Act)

Based ceilings on the number of immigrants from any particular nation on 2 percent of each nationality recorded in the 1890 census

Was directed against immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe who arrived in large numbers after 1890 Barred all immigrants ineligible for citizenship

on racial grounds, including all south and east Asians (including Indians, Japanese, and Chinese) Immigration Act of 1924 > Annual Immigration

Quotas Germany - 51,227 Great Britain - 34,007 Ireland - 28,567

Italy - 3,845 Hungary - 473 Greece - 100 Egypt - 100

Immigration Act of 1924 > Map of Europe, Literary Digest, 1924

Immigration Restriction > U.S. v Bhagat Singh Thind, 1923 Prosperity > Who Prospered in the 1920s?

1200 mergers caused the disappearance of over 600 independent enterprises top 0.1% of U.S. families in 1929 had combined income as large as bottom 42%

i. e. approx 24,000 families had combined income as large as 11.5 million poor and lower-class families per capita income in the U.S. rose 9% between 1920-1929

per capita income for the top 24,000 families rose 75% 80% of families had no savings farmers did not prosper - 1/4 of all

employment Prosperity > Bruce Barton, author of The Man Nobody Knows, here

with Hollywood producer Cecil B. DeMille, 1920s Prosperity > Welfare Capitalism: Shoe Companys

Billboard Ad, 1923 Prosperity > Comic Strip on Workers Owning Shares, 1929

Automobile > Automobile Sales and Registration Automobile > Ford Model T, 1920s

Automobile > Ford Model T French Ad, 1924 Automobile > General Motors Ad, 1925

Automobile > Cadillac Ad, 1925 Automobile > Ford Assembly Line, Model A, 1928

Automobile > Ford Model A Ad, 1929 Automobile > Song about Ford Model A, 1928

Automobile > Chevrolet Ad, 1931 Automobile > Paige-Jewett Car Ad, 1929

Great Migration > Social Patterns from rural areas to cities

from the South to the North Appalachian whites Puerto Ricans African Americans

Great Migration > Motives immigration slows down because of WW I

more work because of WW I more jobs for groups previously left out--women, rural migrants, racial minorities racial segregation and violence in the South

sharecropping natural disasters such as floods and boll weevil infestations conscious choice on the part of migrants (many did

not leave) Great Migration > Railroad Routes

Great Migration > Painting by Jacob Lawrence, 1940 Great Migration > Painting by Jacob Lawrence, 1940

Harlem Renaissance > Marcus Garveys Supporters Parade in Harlem Harlem Renaissance > NAACP Anti-Lynching Ad in the New

York Times Harlem Renaissance > Zora Neale Hurston Photo by Carl Van Vechten

Harlem Renaissance > The Crisis Ad for Black Swan Records, 1923

Harlem Renaissance > The Crisis Cover, 1929 Leon Bix Beiderbecke, Sorry, 1928

Louis Armstrong, Weather Bird, 1928 New Woman > Magazine illustrations: Gibson Girls by Charles Gibson--a

beauty standard of the 1900s--and a flapper by John Held, Jr. from the 1920s New Woman > Suffragists picketing the White House,

January 1917 New Woman > Department Stores and Consumer Culture

New Woman > Working-class women at the turn of the century

New Woman > John Held, Jr.: Flappers have no manners or brains New Woman > John Held, Jr.: Its all right, Santa-you can come in. My parents

still believe in you. New Woman > John Held, Jr., dustjackets for F. Scott Fitzgerald novels

New Woman > Film Actress Louise Brooks and a comic strip she inspired

New Woman > Actress Clara Bow, the ultimate flapper in It (1927) and Dangerous Curves (1929)

Fundamentalism > Timeline Word coined at around 1910 Denotes religious groups that take the Bible

literally Popular and active in the 1920s Then the movement retreats from politics until 1980s, in part because of the Scopes

Trial Fundamentalism > Church Membership

Fundamentalism > Actor Lionel Barrymore and Modern Christ Scopes Trial > Cartoon on Evolution

Scopes Trial > W. J. Bryans Cartoon against Modernity, 1924

Scopes Trial > Cartoon comparing Bolsheviks and Scientists, 1925 Scopes Trial > Bryan and Darrow

Scopes Trial > Bryan as Don Quixote Scopes Trial > Darrow as a Street Player

Scopes Trial > Monkeys Vote on Evolution

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