Viking Clothing Mens Dress A woolen cloak was

Viking Clothing Mens Dress A woolen cloak was

Viking Clothing Mens Dress A woolen cloak was fastened by a brooch A shirt of wool or linen was fastened with a leather belt Trousers could be knee-length or ankle length

Leather shoes needed tough soles Warrior Dress The Viking warriors who wore swords carried them on their belt or on a strap across their chest. Other weapons included war axes

and spears and they frequently wore iron helmets (which did not have horns!) This is a cloak worn by very rich men. The Norse name for it was mul but the Irish called it a matal

and the English mantle. They were expensive items because of the fur trimming and the embroidery along the edge. In Norway and in England both women and men wore these

cloaks but the Irish who imported them from Norway valued them so much that they were only used for kings. Sometimes, though the Irish just imported the furs and sewed them on the cloaks themselves

Arm-rings and brooches Rich Viking men wore silver bracelets on their arms which they could cut up and use as money. These were very popular with the Irish who prized them highly. Others wore huge silver brooches in their cloaks which were so big that the

pins sometimes hit people passing by. Womens Dress In the summer a light dress of linen served as foundation but in winter it would be wool. An overdress was held in place with straps and brooches Leather shoes were worn with

woolen stockings Notice how the women are all wearing slightly different dresses. The lady in the grave is the richest and also the oldest. The woman standing is

working at messy jobs all day so she wears an apron while the young girl is not married and has less duties around the house and farm. Childrens Dress Children wore the same clothes as

their fathers and mothers. Vikings used dyes from plants to colour their clothes Gorze for yellow Lichen for brown

Woad for blue Elderberries for pinks and purples They also used to trim their clothes with braids and embroidery in different colours They wove the

braids on bone tablets like these Viking men and women kept their hair neat and combed Combs and hairpins were made from carved animal bones which were taken from the rubbish heaps and recycled.

Headgear Viking men and women often wore caps and scarves and in cold climates, furry hats. This girl is wearing a hood that was very fashionable in Viking Dublin as well as in

English cities like London, Lincoln and York. Brooches Many Viking women wore brooches which showed where they had been brought up or where their families had settled. Disc brooch from England

Trefoil brooch from France Ring-pin brooches An Irish-style brooch that the Vikings became very fond of was known as the ring-pin. These were used not only in Ireland but

throughout the Viking colonies in the North Atlantic as far away as Greenland and Canada. Ring pin from LAnse aux Meadows, Newfoundland Clothing, brooches and hairstyles helps us to identify where men and

women came from in the Viking world.

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