Microsoft Robotics Studio: A Robot In Every Home

Microsoft Robotics Studio: A Robot In Every Home

Microsoft Robotics Studio: A Robot In Every Home and Business Jacob Hall Tyeshia McDaniel Stacy Thompson Ciera Brown 1 What is Microsoft Robotics Studio? A new Windows- based software toolkit for creating

robotic applications and programs 2 3 Main Benefits/Components Extensible Platform

Visual programming Tool Runtime 3 Extensible Platform Enables users to transfer learning skills Third-parties provide additional services to extend functionality

Allows communication despite geographic location 4 Visual Programming Tool Makes it easier to create robot applications Developers use 3D models PhysX engine

Enables real-world physics simulations 5 Runtime Makes development simple Uses NET-based concurrency library Service and message-based Provide reusable code modules

Replaced easily 6 Intended Users Hobbyists Students Academics Commercial robotics developers Not limited to just these people, all

people will be able to use the software 7 Costs Free of charge to hobbyists, students and academics

$399 to license for businesses 8 Support KUKA Robosoft LEGO

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Stanford University 9 Benefits

Opportunity to expand Potential growth in profits Cheaper and less time-consuming for factory production lines With the introduction of Robotics Studio, we see the possibilities for enabling completely new business

scenarios in new market segments and for new products on our current markets. says Bernd Liepart (CEO of KUKA) 10 Future Predictions Trower estimates robotics industry to skyrocket to multi-billion dollar industry in next 5-10 years due to this software

11 Questions? 12

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