Making the Most of JUSP London 11th June

Making the Most of JUSP London  11th June

Making the Most of JUSP London 11th June 2015 (afternoon part 2) JUSP and other services KB+ shared services - 1 JUSP -> KB+ JUSP API allows KB+ to gather title-level stats regularly JUSP API also has functionality for KB+ to gather

journal level information e.g. new titles and details of institutions and publishers as we add them KB+ -> JUSP JUSP gathers title lists from KB+ public export page and adds data to our reports where users can view title lists over single and multiple years Interoperability JUSP SUSHI server

In addition to gathering data via SUSHI, JUSP can export data as R4 compliant reports. These can be imported into: UStat EBSCONET Usage Consolidation

360 COUNTER Millennium Management of 3rd party products via JUSP interface JUSP future developments and feedback Ebooks Increased demand for ebook usage statistics and

feasibility study led to additional funding to develop JUSP to include ebook usage statistics 1 year project (started February 2015) to pilot ebook usage statistics service resulting in a service by the end of the project Progress so far: Pilot libraries shared current situation regarding ebook usage

statistics Technical infrastructure in place and data for some publishers has been collected and processed Other potential future developments Other resources (e.g. DB1 - Total Searches, Result Clicks and Record Views by Month and Database )

Report enhancements JR5 Number of Successful Item Requests by Year-ofPublication (YOP) and Journal JR2 Access Denied to Full-Text Articles by Month, Journal and Page-type Thank you JUSP k [email protected]

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