Origins and Values of the Universe Popular scientific

Origins and Values of the Universe Popular scientific

Origins and Values of the Universe Popular scientific theory = Big Band theory Around 13.7 billion years ago Matter started to expand and still does today Evidence: Background radiation Galaxies moving away from us, expanding from a central point Does this mean the universe was not created by a divine being like Allah? Some atheists would use this as a reason not to believe in God. Muslim responses: - Allah is the creator of everything your Lord is God who created the heavens and earth in six Days Quran - Allahs creation of the universe is a work of perfection Look again! Can you see any cracks? Creationist Someone who believes in the literal truth of the description of creation given in Scripture i.e. it actually only took 6 days not billions of years. Can you be a Muslim and accept the Big Bang theory? YES. For example Professor Abdus Salam who claims the Quran inspired his scientific research into the creation of the universe The universe is valued in Islam and seen as a commodity which is for humans to use and look after with purpose. Religion and Ethics : Islam: Living the Muslim life 1 Sanctity of Life Sanctity of Life = the belief that life is holy because it is God-given Why is life holy? Human life should reflect the

uniqueness of Allah Humans are trustees (khalifahs) of the earth therefore all life is holy One life is as valuable as the whole human race Do not kill each other, for God is merciful to you. Quran 3 reasons why the sanctity of life is important for Muslims today 1. The Qurans message is eternal so it is always important to value life 2. You need to treat others with respect as you will be judged in the next life 3. The sanctity of life makes everyone equal All humankind is from Adam and Eve. An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab also a white person has no superiority over a black person, nor does a black person have any superiority over a white person, except by piety and good action Quran Religion and Ethics : Islam: Living the Muslim life 2 Origins and Value of Human Life How did human life begin and develop? Charles Darwin Changes within in species to fit in with habitat Animals adapt over long period of time to survive to changing environments Those that adapt the best flourish and the others die Survival of the fittest (the idea that members of a species that are best suited to an environment survive) Muslims believe Humans were created by Allah. But how?

Creationists Adam first human on earth created directly by Allah from dust. Evolution is not true. Evolutionist Allah created humans but through stages. Evolution is part of his plan. What is the matter with you? Why will you not fear Gods majesty, when he has created you stage by stage? Quran Three Muslim beliefs about the origins of human life: - Allah created humans - Allah had a plan for everything made - Allah could have created the world in stages Religion and Ethics : Islam: Living the Muslim life Evidence for evolution: - Darwins example of the finches beak variation - Discovery of fossils around 540 million years old in Canada 3 Abortion KEY TERMS Abortion ending a pregnancy by deliberately removing a foetus by surgical means Conception when the sperm and egg fertilize (the first stage of human life) Ensoulment when the soul enters a foetus Pro-choice people who

believe the mother should be able to choose whether to have an abortion Pro-life people who believe the unborn child has a right to life LEGAL ABORTION FACTS It is legal in the UK 1967 Abortion Act Has to be within first 24 weeks of pregnancy If there is evidence of severe disability Physical or mental risk to mothers health Existing children be put at risk Two doctors need to agree Muslims believe that life begins when one of Allahs angels blows the breath of life into the foetus 120 days after conception. Muslims would allow an abortion if the mothers life is in danger but not for financial reasons Do not kill your children for fear of poverty Quran Pro-Choice (For) Pro-Life (Against) A foetus is not a human life until it can survive outside womb Every embryo has the potential for life, it has a right to be born It is a womans body, she should have the right to choose what to do Just because a baby is disabled does not mean it should die If a baby will not be wanted it is better for it not to be born A baby can be given up for

adoption as an alternative Religion and Ethics : Islam: Living the Muslim life 4 Life after Death Muslim teachings about life after death: Muslims believe that on Judgement Day, Allah will judge them based on their actions in life He will either send them to Paradise or Jahannam Belief in afterlife is one of the six Beliefs of Sunni Muslims and one of the five roots of Usul al-Din for Shia Muslims On that Day He will call them, saying How did you respond to My messengers? Quran Other arguments for life after death Muslim Response Remembered lives (reincarnation) Muslims dont believe in reincarnation (no evidence) Paranormal (ghosts, visions of dead relatives, mediums etc.) Paranormal beliefs go against Islams teachings Logic (idea of afterlife is logical supported by near-death experiences) Afterlife reassures Muslims of purpose of life Reward (it is just that we should be rewarded)

Muslims believe they will be rewarded but Paradise is not the only reason they should do good deeds Comfort (idea of afterlife makes people feel better about dying) Muslims would say Judgment Day should be feared Religion and Ethics: Islam: Matters of Life and Death 5 Responses to arguments against life after death Arguments against life after death: Comfort The idea of life after death is made up to make us feel better about dying Lack of evidence life after death cannot be scientifically proven Fraudulent claims mediums who claim to contact dead people have been proven to be frauds Social control religions use the idea of heaven and hell to control peoples behaviour How do Muslims respond? Allah is not something made up He exists and Muslims have faith in Him Muslims say they have personal experiences with Allah, they do not need scientific proof Muslims agree that mediums are unreliable Muslims reject the idea of social control because Allah gave us free will

The Quran explains that most people do not comprehend the reality of the afterlife and warns of the dangers of not believing: When the Hour comes, those who follow falsehood will be the losers on that Day. Religion and Ethics: Islam: Matters of Life and Death 6 Euthanasia Types of euthanasia: 1) Voluntary = a person requests for their life to be ended painlessly 2) Non-voluntary = a persons life is ended painlessly when they have been unable to ask but there are reasonable grounds for doing so Ways of performing euthanasia: Active a deliberate action by a third party to kill the person e.g. lethal injection ILLEGAL in UK Non Treatment Decision (Passive) doctors withhold/withdraw medical treatment because its been decided that the patient will not recover ARGUMENTS FOR: Allows person to die with dignity Free will we should have choice about our death Save medical costs Takes burden away from relatives ARGUMENTS AGAINST: X Muslims believe life is a test we should remain strong in our faith X Sanctity of life X God decides when to end life, not us X Pressures patients into this option X Muslims have a duty to care for

relatives X Muslims support hospice care Situation Ethics what is the most loving thing to do? Religion and Ethics: Islam: Matters of Life and Death 7 Issues in the natural world Threats to the natural world: Pollution Global warming Use of natural resources Animal experimentation Whoever kills a sparrow or anything biggerGod will hold him accountableQuran It is Allah who made you khalifahs on the earth Quran It is He who made the sea of benefit to you: you eat fresh fish from it. Quran Muslim response: Allah made us khalifahs - we must act as stewards The world is a gift that we must look after God will judge us on this Some Muslims say experiments on animals for a good purpose are acceptable e.g. finding cures. Animals must still be treated humanely Muslims believe that some animals have been created for humans to eat and divide food into 3 categories: halal, tayyab and haram Halal meat is killed quickly to reduce pain, the name of Allah is recited and animals are not shown the knife or slaughtered in front of other animals Religion and Ethics: Islam: Matters of Life and Death 8

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