Location, Climate, & Natural of Mexico, Resources Brazil,

Location, Climate, & Natural of Mexico, Resources Brazil,

Location, Climate, & Natural of Mexico, Resources Brazil, Venezuela, & Cuba STANDARD: SS6G3 The student will explain the impact of location, climate, distribution of natural resources, and population distribution on Latin

America and the Caribbean. a. Compare how the location, climate, and natural resources of Mexico and Venezuela affect where people live and how they trade. b. Compare how the location, climate, and natural resources of Brazil and Cuba Brain Wrinkles Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, & Cuba

Directions: Complete the chart below with information that you learn during the presentation. Mexico Locatio n Climate Natural Resour ces

Where People Live Trade Brain Wrinkles Venezue la Brazil Cuba

Mexico Brain Wrinkles Location Mexico is south of the US, with the Pacific Ocean on its western border, and the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea on its eastern side. Its location between major bodies of water makes it easy to ship goods

around the world which is great for trading. Another advantage of its location is that it is close to US, so trade between Brain Wrinkles Brain Wrinkles Climate Mexico has a wide variety of climates. The northern part is mostly

desert (hot). The beaches have a tropical climate. The mountains and plains have milder climates. Brain Wrinkles Natural Resources Oil is one of the top exports of Mexico. The country exports about 1.7 million

barrels a day. Money from oil sales provides for 1/3 of governments budget. Mexico is one of the worlds top producers of silver. Other exports include fruits, vegetables, coffee, and cotton. Brain Wrinkles opulation Distributio Most people live in central Mexico where

there is arable farmland with enough rain to grow crops. Twenty-three percent of the countrys population lives in rural areas. Seventy-five percent of the population is employed in manufacturing jobs, many which are located in Mexico City. Another major manufacturing area is near the US border, since the US is one of the countrys main trading partners. Brain Wrinkles

Mexico City Mexico City is the 8th largest city in the world. FYI: 1st Tokyo, Japan 2nd Jakarta, Indonesia 3rd New York City, USA

Trade Mexico has a mix of new and old industries. Recently expanded capital goods such as railroads, airports, and electric generating plants have helped the countrys economy. With miles of coastline, it is not surprising that Mexico has 7 major seaports. They use these ports to export oil, manufactured goods, silver, fruits, vegetables, coffee, and cotton.

Mexicos proximity to the US is one reason Venezuela Location Venezuela is in the northeast part of South America, just north of the equator. It has coasts on the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. This gives it easy access toPanama

Canal trade with other countries. The nearby Panama Canal provides a shortcut to Asian the Pacific countries to trade with Asian countries. Brain Wrinkles

Climate Venezuela has a hot, tropical climate with about 16 inches of rain a year. Its cooler and wetter in the mountains. Over 100 inches rain fall in the mountains

every year. of Natural Resources Venezuela is the sixth-largest oil exporter in the world. It produces 2.8 million barrels/day. Ninety percent of the money the government makes on trade comes from exporting oil.

Farming provides jobs for only 10% Lake Maracaibo, home of Vs oil pollution problem. mountains Brain Wrinkles

opulation Distributio The majority, 88%, of Venezuelans live in urban areas in the northern highlands, along the coast. This is where Caracas, Venezuelas largest city, is located. Brain Wrinkles Trade

Venezuela is VERY dependent on its oil exports since 90% of the countrys money comes from this source. When the price of oil goes down, the whole country is negatively impacted by the lower GDP. Venezuela has other, less valuable, exports: bauxite, Cuba

Brain Wrinkles Location Cuba is an island 90 miles south of Florida, in the Caribbean Sea. While it is the largest island in the West Indies, its only 700 miles long. Brain Wrinkles Climate

Cubas climate is tropical but moderated by trade winds. Its warmto-hot all year long, but the winds provide relief from the heat.) Theres a rainy season from May to October and a dry season from November to April. Brain Wrinkles Climate Like most islands in the Caribbean,

Cuba is a target for hurricanes. Hurricane season runs from June to November. Brain Wrinkles Natural Resources Twenty-eight percent of Cubas land is arable. Its most important export is sugar cane. Other exports include coffee, fish, fruits,

and tobacco. sugarcane stalks child labor in a tobacco shed opulation Distributio Most, a total of 76%, of Cubans live in urban areas. Havana, the capital

city, is home to 20% of Cubas people. Brain Wrinkles Trade Cuba uses its 3 major seaports to export sugar, nickel, tobacco, fish, medical products, citrus, and coffee. Venezuela is Cubas largest trading partner; it sells oil to Cuba at a reduced

price. Trade from other countries does not bring in enough money to meet the needs of Cubas people. The government sometimes orders businesses & factories to close. It also orders blackoutstimes Brain Wrinkles Trade Because of the US/Cuba embargo put in place in response to the Cuban Missile

Crisis, the two countries do not trade with each other. The Communist government of the Soviet Union helped support Cuba for many years. When it collapsed in 1991, Cuba faced difficult times. Due to the acts of former President Obama, some of the trade and travel restrictions have been lifted. Delta Brazil

Brain Wrinkles Location Brazil is on the eastern side of South America, along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It shares a border with nearly every country in South America! The

Amazon River stretches across Brazil. Brain Wrinkles Climate Brazils location on the equator gives it the climate needed to support one of the worlds largest rain forests.

Its climate is mostly hot and tropical. Brain Wrinkles Natural Resources Only 7% of Brazils land is arable, but the country makes the most of this resource. Farmers grow 1/3rd of the worlds coffee, and lead the world in production of oranges, papayas, sugar cane, and soybeans. Only the US

exports more farm products than Brazil. Brain Wrinkles Coffee Plantation Soybeans Papaya Plantation Brain Wrinkles Natural Resources

The Amazon, which is number one for volume of water, is the second longest river in the world. It has a major impact on the country. A river basin is the area that is drained by a river. In your house, a sink is a called a basin. Brain Wrinkles

opulation Distributio Most Brazilians live along the coasts; 80% of the 84% that are urban dwellers live within 200 miles of the ocean. They live in urban areas like Rio de Janario. It is the most populated country in Latin America. The main language is Portuguese. Brain Wrinkles

Trade Brazils 7 major seaports export transportation equipment, iron ore, soybeans, footwear, coffee, autos, sugar, and fruits. The USA is Brazils largest trading partner. Tourism brings in a lot of money as well. Visitors want to experience the Amazon Rainforest and the many miles of beautiful beaches that Brazil

has to offer. Brain Wrinkles Extension Activity Choices Complete (DOK 2)one of the following activities. 1. Create a help wanted ad and action shot for a job that would be available in one of the four countries mentioned in this ppt. See the next slide for assistance in setting up your ad and action shot. Be specific in your details.

2. Brain Wrinkles Help Wanted. Apply Within. Directions: After learning about this areas geography, choose one of the 4 countries mentioned. Create a Want Ad for a job that could be found in this country. Be sure to include a brief description of the job, as well as an illustration. Do not write where the job is located, because your group members are going to guess the mystery country based on the description of the job! Job Title:

Pay: Who is eligible to apply: Job Description: Skills Needed: Action Shot Brain Wrinkles Group members: Can you guess the

mystery region where this type of job could be found?

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