LESSON 7 CREATING STRONG IMAGES FREE WRITE Remember. Dont worry! Keep your pen and pencil moving for the whole five minutes.

BRAINSTORM In your journal, list as many details about your current surroundings as you can in 30 seconds. Try to move past the obvious things you see and find tiny details that someone else might not notice. Ready set GO!

BRAINSTORM For 30 seconds, close your eyes and listen. Pay attention to every little sound. Open your eyes and list as many sounds as you can in 30 seconds. Repeat with smell, taste, and touch. Imagery Activity

Sensory details are the individual sights, sounds, tastes, aromas, and touch sensations that allow us to take in our surroundings. Images are mental pictures. Sensory details are the most powerful tool to create the images that move our emotions. Anger

Joy Sadness Fear Pick one of the words above and think of a situation when youve felt that emotion.

Calm Listen Coat of Many Colors What images does Dolly Parton use to show instead of tell?

What kind of images do you see when you hear these lyrics? Sitting on the porch Listening to the breeze Watching the street scorch Feel so at ease What senses does the writer involve? What kind of emotion does the image create?

What is different about the images in this verse? Sitting on the porch On a cold and dreary day Listening to the storm That just wont go away How does the lyric relate differently to your senses than the first verse? How is the emotion different from the first verse? What other sense could you use to build on the

images in these two verses? HOMEWORK Use the sensory details on your Images From Memory Worksheet to write a paragraph, poem or song in your journal retelling the memory. Use as many details from your lists as you can, and use at least one detail from each of the five senses. Underline each sensory detail.

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