DataShare New York Citys Enterprise Integration Platform Michael

DataShare New York Citys Enterprise Integration Platform Michael

DataShare New York Citys Enterprise Integration Platform Michael Fiorito, Kate Fitta NYC Mayors Office of the Criminal Justice Coordinator Kris Carpenter, Jon Natarajan NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications Agenda DataShare Overview Progress to Date DataShare Overview Progress to Date Michael Fiorito NYC Mayors Office of the Criminal Justice Coordinator (CJC) Rewind to 2003

Criminal justice agency CIOs, CJC, and DoITT convened a workgroup to discuss the possibility of introducing new technology to meet their business needs. The group produced a report that summarized their research and outlined possibilities for new technology. The group also recommended hiring a small team of dedicated CJC and DoITT staff to coordinate the overall effort (i.e., a project team) and build a sustainable integration program. DataShare Overview Why not replace an existing mainframe system utilized by criminal justice agencies (DataShare 1.0) with a scalable enterprise solution? DataShare was designed for citywide integration, but deployed initially for 17 agencies (city, state, not-for-profits). The Public Safety Portal, which is the user-facing dimension of the Citys integration solution for criminal justice agencies, includes both administrative and business user functions. The initial phase concluded in July 2006 with the deployment of the Public Safety Portal and a set of GJXDM exchanges. This undertaking was a Mayoral initiative, but agencies did not have

a mandate to participate Phase 1 Facts & Figures 12 months for requirements gathering, solution analysis, systems integration procurement and solution selection 18 months to complete implementation 2 major deployments 17 city, state and nonprofit agencies integrated via hub-and-spoke architecture 35-40 FTEs comprised the dedicated project team City staff and consultants combined 60+ agency-side resources brought to bear during 1st phase Approximately $12M spent on professional services, HW, SW 100% of post prod support provided by City of New York upon Phase 1 completion. No ongoing costs. DataShare Current Landscape Providers Receivers PublicSafety SafetyPortal Portal

Public 18B Web (Assigned Counsel) Juvenile Case Management System Law Department Dept. of Probation Dept. of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) NYPD Special Narcotics Prosecutor Dept. of Corrections Criminal Justice Agency DataShare Queens County DA Kings County DA Office Court Administrator Bronx County DA

Manhattan DA Richmond County DA Legal Aid Society Phase 1 Scope and Deliverables Agency Participation Criminal Justice Integration Platform (Hub) Data Exchanges/ Services Public Safety Portal Functionality and Links to Applications

Agencies connected to new DataShare infrastructure and providing or receiving at least one data exchange via the hub or portal The behind-the-scenes, criminal justice segment of the Citywide integration environment hosted by DoITT Phase 1 Providers NYPD NYC DOC Criminal Justice Agency (CJA) OCA Phase 1 Receivers NYPD Department of Probation Department of Correction District Attorneys (5) Special Narcotics Prosecutor

CJA Law Department Dept. of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) OCA Legal Aid Society Assigned Counsel Plan HRA DoITT (on behalf of CJIS) Core Hub Features & Functionality Push functionality Pull functionality Query application Notification application Criminal justice data that is shared between and among participating agencies via the hub and portal Phase 1 Business Deliverables NYPD arrest data push (legacy & GJXDM) NYPD arrest notification (GJXDM)

CJA ROR interview push and pull (GJXDM) OCA supreme and criminal court actions push (legacy & GJXDM) DOC inmate information (legacy & GJXDM) DOC release notification (GJXDM) DOC jail status query (GJXDM) CJA NYSID SSN match (legacy & GJXDM) The user-facing dimension of the Citys integrated justice solution hosted by DoITT on CityShare Core Portal Features & Functionality Functionality for agencies to subscribe to notifications Functionality for agencies to perform queries Functionality for agencies to pull data System administration for agencies Reduced sign-on (RSO) for DNA HITS application e911 application link webCRIMS application link from OCA e-Justice portal link from DCJS Guiding Principles & Strategic Decisions

Decisions about DataShare architecture needed to consider the autonomy of agencies DataShare had to be architected and designed in such a way that it could be scaled for citywide integration in future phases DataShare was intended to serve as a pass-through system, with minimal data stored centrally The deployment of DataShare 2.0 and decommissioning of DataShare 1.0 should have minimal impact on agencies and result in no loss of functionality for agencies. The City decided to adopt GJXDM as its transport standard for criminal justice services GJXDM Strategy & Approach Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) is is intended to be a data reference model for the exchange of information within the justice and public safety communities. The Global JXDM is sponsored by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Justice Programs (OJP), with development supported by the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative's (Global) XML Structure Task Force (GXSTF).

City decided to implement both legacy and GJXDM versions of existing exchanges via new platform to facilitate agency transition and minimize risk GJXDM SME consultants worked with provider and receiver agencies to develop schemas and leverage national model as appropriate. GJXDM workgroup has formed among NYC stakeholder agencies to drive strategy going forward, especially collaboration with state and national initiatives; DOP, NYPD, DOC to play key leadership roles. Portal Functions Available to Business Users Applications Business Functions Pull/Query Engine

CJA Interview Pull DOC Jail Status Query NYPD Arrest Subscription DOC Release Subscription User can execute distributed queries via the portal Pull/Query engine processes the portal requests and provides the results back to the user via the portal. Results can be viewed in multiple pre-defined formats. Notification Engine Users can subscribe to various notifications via the portal. The subscriptions are processed by the notification engine for possible matches. The resulting notifications will be delivered via email or via

the MQ infrastructure. Portal Administrative Functions Applications Administration - Allows the DoITT and Agency Administrators to manage services. A service is any available function. Provision pre-existing services to new receivers Services/Functions Provided Services - Add/Remove Field Level Permissions, Add New Service, Enable/Disable Services Received Services - Review Received Services including what field level permissions receiving agencies have per exchange, group level settings for services Add new services upon completion of backend and adapter components. Modify field filtering settings for pre-existing services.

Operational Reports - Allows authorized agency administrators to run operational reports. Reports will be generated based on transactional meta-data. Reports contain pre-defined content related to the transitions brokered by the DataShare hub. Volume Reports -Provide information surrounding the number of data services that flow through the system. Service Detail Reports - Provide details regarding specific service transactions Administrative Reports - Provide information surrounding administrative metadata and global reference data. Public Safety Portal Services Public Safety Portal Services DOC Jail Status Query This function enables users to enter a NYSID, book and case number or a combination of

first name, last name and date-of-birth via the Public Safety Portal and retrieve the incarceration status and history for the individual(s) that match the criteria. Jail status data includes information about the inmate's current incarceration status, incarceration history, warrant history and DOC housing history from 1999 - present. CJA Interview Pull This function enables users to enter a docket number or arrest number via the Public Safety Portal and retrieve the details of the corresponding interview the Criminal Justice Agency conducted with the defendant prior to their criminal court arraignment. Interview data includes information about the defendant's employment, residence, education and criminal history and is only available for interviews conducted from 2005 - present. Subscriptions for NYPD Arrest Notification (Basic) - This function enables business users to enter a NYSID, name information or location information via the Public Safety Portal and subscribe to be notified via email when an arrest event happens relative to the individual or location specified by the criteria. Subscriptions for NYPD Arrest Notification (Advanced) - This function enables administrators to enter criteria corresponding to up to 150 arrest fields via the Public Safety Portal and subscribe to be notified via email when an arrest event happens relative to the specified criteria.

Subscriptions for DOC Release Notification - This function enables users to enter a NYSID or arrest number or book & case number via the Public Safety Portal and subscribe to be notified via email when the corresponding inmate is released from or admitted to City correction custody. Links to Applications - DNA HITS, e911, WebCRIMS More to Come Orchestrating services Growing the community of participants Key to Success: Ongoing partnership between DoITT, CJC and

participating agencies DataShare Architecture Kris Carpenter NYC Department of Technology & Telecommunications (DoITT) Information Sharing Capabilities The DataShare & Public Safety Portal solution facilitates the sharing of information across city agencies providing business process integration for the participating agencies. DataShare will provide the following services related to enterprise applications integration (EAI) Business process routing (via publish/subscribe) Data standardization Web-based portal that can offer truly distributed business applications Business process auditing capabilities Field level filtering for messages Security 24/7 Monitoring

Existing Systems Installed Base MVS VAX/VMS LINUX UNIX Microsoft FTP SMTP CICS Flat Files

File share Web Services J2EE Oracle LDAP SQL Server Existing Systems MVS VAX/VMS DB2 Microsoft Unix/Linux BEA WebLogic/Vignette


Security Authentication, Authorization, Encryption, LDAP Performance Handle 100s of messages/second Scalability Able to add new data exchanges easily Availability 99.9% availability as crime takes no holiday Extensibility Expose functionality via different methods like Web services Standards J2EE, LDAP, GJXDM Meeting The Needs New Environment Standards-based (J2EE, LDAP, SQL) Enterprise Service Bus (WebSphere MQ and Broker) Global JXDM Public Safety Portal (Vingette & BEA WebLogic ) Involve the agencies that know the data Involve the agencies that know the processes Use existing City application implementation standards DataShare: Message Oriented Middleware

Hub and Spoke Architecture DOC NYPD OCA DataShare DOP CJA Et all... DataShare: The Solution The Solution consists of 6 key components Criminal Justice End Users Novell eDirectory Vignette Application Portal

DataShare Data Base Notifications WebSphere Everyplace Access Server J2EE Applications BEA Weblogic Application Server SSL MQ JMS-MQ SSL WebSphere Message Broker (Enterprise Service Bus) MQ MQ

SSL SSL Agency A Agency B Agency Adapter Platform Agency Adapter Platform WebSphere MQ WebSphere MQ iWay Adapter iWay Adapter RDBMS

File Drop RDBMS File Drop SMTP Mail Server Architecture & Components Agency Adapter Platform Agency adapter programs and WebSphere MQ that is utilized as a gateway between the criminal justice agencies and the enterprise service bus hosted at DoITT. Enterprise Service Bus (Message Broker) Integration layer that provides message routing and integration business services for citywide agencies. Novell eDirectory (DoITTs enterprise directory server) Enterprise directory server that stores citywide agency users and groups. Its used to provide services such as distributed provisioning, authentication and authorization.

Database Storage of application and transactional metadata. Public Safety Portal Web front end that provides access to web applications (such as subscriptions and queries), user administration, and reports. Notification Services Services provided to the Portal users, and the backend systems of criminal justice agencies, to subscribe to key transactions traversing the Enterprise Service Bus. Adapter Approaches Adapters key to joining systems: Used in EAI to be non invasive to systems Concept used in SOA as a Wrapper Allow existing formats to be utilized: Suppliers convert to a standard Receivers convert standard to legacy format for consumption Access supplied and/or received messages in an existing fashion: File System Queue Database Other Storage mechanism Enhancements Underway Currently (4-6 months)

Low hanging fruit Federated query giving users the ability to perform searches on NYPD, CJA, and DOC and retrieve a consolidated view of a person or event by entering a single set of criteria. The federated query capability will be greatly enhanced as more services are deployed through DataShare. Service orchestration when a user performs a DOC jail status query, they are given the option to initiate a DOC release or admit subscription from the jail status query output screen Geocoding exposing existing GIS services to the criminal justice participants via Datashare incorporating a global address system. Phase 2 Gameplan (12 18 months) Grow the list of agency participants We have some new agencies coming on as providers: DCJS and DOI Some current receivers will become providers: DOP, BXDA, DANY, QCDA, LAW, DJJ, SNP, LAS Some agencies/entities will become new receivers: ACS, HIDTA, OCFS Integrate services deployed through DataShare into applications: DNA HITS, eArraignment Deploy 15 20 new services/exchanges through Datashare

Working on delivering a host of new data exchanges with existing and new agencies Goal is to build on whats been deployed Building the Highway Highway has been built Datashare is an enterprise system built to grow with the addition of new services and new providers and incorporate diverse environments Now it gets really interesting Contacts Non-Criminal Justice Agencies Jon Natarajan, DoITT ([email protected]) Kris Carpenter, DoITT (k[email protected]) Criminal Justice Agencies Michael Fiorito, Mayors Office (CJC) ([email protected]) Kate Fitta, Mayors Office (CJC) ([email protected])

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