News From Rooms 310 & 313 January 23

News From Rooms 310 & 313 January 23

News From Rooms 310 & 313 January 23 27, 2017 Marlow Elementary 912-728-3262 Mrs. Melissa Phillips (P) [email protected] Twitter: @MelissaMES313 Instagram: @mrs.phillipsmes313 Miss Rebecca Stewart (S) [email protected] Mrs. Jennafer Busbie [email protected] Specials Mon: Music*(P); PE* (S) Tues: PE*(P); Art (S) Wed: Tech (P); Music (S) Thurs: PE* (P); PE* (S) Upcoming Events Jan. 24: Multiplication Challenge Jan 25: Mrs. Phillips out day Jan. 25: Ecosystems Test Jan. 26: County Spelling Bee 6:30 @ ECCA Jan. 27: Spirit day Jan. 27: Miss Stewart Out all day Feb. 3: Miss Stewart Out all day Feb 6: Mrs. Phillips out all day Feb 7: Unit 5 Math Test Feb. 8: 3rd 9 Weeks Progress Report Feb. 9: Parent/Teacher Conferences 12-6 pm English Language Arts This week we will practice the following skills: Similes Metaphors Idioms Opinion writing Citing evidence Comparing & Contrast texts to graphics Inferences Proverbs & Adages Fragments Run-on Sentences

Social Studies We will continue our study of the American Revolution. Our test will be on February 1st. Math Fri: Art (P); Tech (S) In Math Unit 5 this week, we will continue learning about fractions and decimals. Our main focuses will be Decimal place value Visual models and number lines Comparing & ordering decimals Homework Mon- Complete Mon. Tues- Complete Tues. Weds- Complete Weds. Thurs- Complete Thurs. Test will be February 7th *Wear Tennis Shoes Science We will conclude our unit on ecosystems and move on to studying adaptations. Homework: Study interactive notebook and/ or log onto Study Island. Test January 25th Notes Students should review their Interactive Notebooks nightly Chorus will resume on Wednesday, January 25th Please continue to send in your box tops. You may send them in a Ziploc bag. Thank you! Parent/Teacher Conferences will be on Thursday, February 9th. The MES Jr. BETA Club is sponsoring a Blanket Drive. Send in your new blankets throughout the month of January. Please see the back of the newsletter for more information Warm Our Hearts From January 9th February 3rd, the MES Junior Beta Club will sponsor a Blanket Drive. New blankets will be donated to Senior Citizens Inc of Savannah. These blankets will be delivered to senior citizens in and around the Savannah area. Tables will be in the MES Commons to dropoff your blankets. Please join the Marlow Elementary Junior BETA Club as we give back to our community.

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