New Join Employee Induction Contents Introduction About ABIS

New Join Employee Induction Contents Introduction About ABIS

New Join Employee Induction Contents Introduction About ABIS About SAUDI ARABIA About SMP Contract Things to Remember Introduction

Employee Induction and Orientation, the words are often used synonymously though they are different in meaning and application. Induction refers to the process of introducing a new comer to his employer/ company and work environment. An induction session, conducted on day one for a new joiner, usually through PowerPoint presentation and videos sessions lasts a few hours or day . Orientation on the other hand, is a well designed program which aims at reorganizing a new employee and making him accustomed to his department, job role and work culture. About ABIS About ABIS

Our Offices: Dammam Office Head Office Yanbu Office P.O Box 36080 Jubail Industrial City-31961 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel : +966 13 3400778

Fax: +966 13 3400779 B-219, Business Gate Dammam Khobar Highway Dammam, Saudi Arabia Tel : +966 13 8311726 Support Industrial Area Yanbu Tell: +966 - 014 - 3251188 AL Hassa Office Qatar Office

Dubai Office About ABIS About ABIS About ABIS MPSD ORGNO GRAM President Mr.Abdullah Al-Barrak

General Manager (HR&Admin) Mr.Barjas Abdulaziz Alnasser Admin & HR Manager Mr.Abdul Aziz Aba Hussain Section Head MPSD Mr.Wasif Ayub Document

Controller Coordinators Planner Customer care Recruiter About ABIS ORGANO GRAM FOR

SMP ARAMCO CONTRACT About Saudi Arabia Welcome to the world of ancient charm and existent beauty. You are in Saudi Arabia Diversity of nature, the culture and civilization will unfold before you in this gorgeous and colorful country. You are in the land of generosity and genuine Arabic hospitality. History of the Kingdom will rouse your imagination. Its scenic views will fill your soul with charm and tranquil deserts are sure

bring calm and serenity upon you. Its traditional delicious foods will enrich your day with fun and pleasure. We in Saudi Arabia embrace the past and the present and will gladly share the beauty of our land with youSo, start your journey today! About Saudi Arabia Climate The climate in KSA is hot in summer with high humidity and mild winters. The evening and early mornings can be slightly cool during the winter months (mid November through February) and it is generally a very dry climate with only limited rainfall during the winter months.

Language The official language in Saudi Arabia is Arabic, but English is widely spoken. Money The monetary unit in Saudi Arabia is the Saudi Riyal (SAR). The Riyal is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of SAR 3.75. Other exchange rates for all major currencies are published in the local newspapers. Crime and Safety KSA is considered a safe country both for visitors and residents. The crime rate is much lower than in some western countries, but you should still take sensible precautions with valuables and cash and avoid unfamiliar areas especially when alone or at night. Perhaps the biggest danger to safety of visitors is the standard of driving on Saudi Arabias roads. Accidents are common place, so make sure you expect

the unexpected when driving and be especially careful if out and about on foot. It is not uncommon to find a driver driving the wrong way up a one way street so always look both ways when crossing the road. About SMP Contract About Saudi ARAMCO Saudi Aramco is the state-owned oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a fully integrated, global petroleum and chemicals enterprise. Over the past 80 years we have become a world leader in hydrocarbons exploration, production, refining, distribution and marketing. Saudi Aramcos oil and gas production infrastructure leads the industry in scale of

production, operational reliability, and technical advances. Our plants and the people who run them make us the worlds largest crude oil exporter, producing roughly one in every eight barrels of the worlds oil supply. About SMP Contract About SMP contract: It is (3+2) 5 year contract between Saudi Aramco and Abdullah Al barrak & sons Company. Scope of the contract to provide skilled, qualified manpower services to Saudi Aramco . All the benefits(Selection, Grade, salary structure, position, leaves, family status etc.) to employee is directly related to Saudi Aramco desire .Al Barrak

will hire the employee under his sponsorship for one year contract which is renewable yearly upon Saudi Aramco desire. Employee will work under supervision & SA has right to for renewal, termination of contract on employee performance. Things to Remember IQAMA or Work Permit: Iqama also known as Residence permit or Work License. It is the main identity card for the expatriates that is accepted in Saudi Arabia at all including government offices,banks,check point air ports etc. The Iqama shows your information, your sponsor information and date of expiry of ID.An Iqama can be renew yearly. At the time of issue or renewal of IQAMA the passport should be veiled for at least 6 months.

Exit Re entry: one needs a visa to both enter as well as get out of the country. Once inside the country, an expatriate needs a so-called 'Exit / Re-entry visa' to go out and return to the kingdom. In other words, even if you have your passport and a ticket in your hands, you would not be able to get out of the country without an exit / re-entry visa. Medical Card: ABIS will provide medical card facility to all his employees as per company policy. This medical cards can be use in known hospital in the kingdom for immediate treatment facility. You must keep that card with you all the time. Things to Remember Safe Drive : To drive the car you must have valid Saudi Arabia driving license. You must be very careful on the roads as accident ratio in SA is huge and you on risk

while driving. More responsibility came to you once you are associated with SA and your traffic violations will be recorded by SA officials well and more violation can lead you to penalties, termination from the job. Saudi Aramco ID: To enter the SA facilities you will required an ID which will have a special number. The PLANT IDs are issued to authorized individuals only for a time period mentioned on the ID itself. Use of any other employees ID to enter the facility is prohibited strictly and considered as forgery. Its not allowed for any employee to give his plant ID to any fellow employee. In case plant ID is lost, employee should immediately report to concern department or supervisor.

Employee must inform to his supervisor/coordinator about his ID expiry date to facilitate his ID renewal on time. Questions You can ask question Below are your focal persons to assit you for your queries. Submit Your CV mentioning the position title in the subject on Jobs


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