PIRATES AND BUCCANNERS O B At the end of this lesson students will be able to: J 1. Differentiate between a pirate and a buccaneer E 2. Define vocabulary words C 3. List names of famous pirates T

4. Research the background of famous pirates I V 5. Explain where the name buccaneer was derived E 6. Describe Blackbeard S 7. Evaluate the fairness and unfairness of shipboard rules Vocabulary Maroon to leave someone on a deserted island Cure to preserve meat by drying it over a slow fire Boucan person who preserves meat by curing, or the framework used for curing the meat

Buccaneer people who were marooned in the 17th Century. They cured meat. Pirates a person who lived on the sea capturing ships PIRATES AND BUCCANEERS Nearly 400 years ago, in the 17th century, the Caribbean islands became the home of many buccaneers. They were a mixed group of mostly English, French and Dutch men and women. Many of them were shipwrecked and marooned off the coast of Hispaniola. They hunted wild boar and cattle, and learnt from the Carib people how to cure meat. Curing is a way of preserving meat with salt and spices so that it does not go bad in a hot climate. The meat was spread in strips over a wooden grate or boucan. This was placed near a slowburning fire. The heat dried the meat to a fine red colour. It had a delicious taste. The sailors sold the meat (which was also called boucan) to ships that passed by.

PIRATES AND BUCCANEERS This is why they were called buccaneers. Later the buccaneers were chased off Hispaniola by the Spaniards. They took to sea and lived by capturing Spanish ships. They also became known as pirates. Over the next one hundred years there were many pirates in the Caribbean. James Johnson was a cabin boy who, without knowing it at the time, joined a pirate ship in New Providence. Here is his story. A Boys Story My dream came true in May 1716, on the day the Vengeance sailed into Nassau. Captain Joe strode ashore, and beckoned me towards him. He said: Ah lad, I see you watch with a longing in your eye as the ships come and go. Youve got the sea in your bones. We need a cabin boy, and youre welcome aboard! I bid my aunt goodbye and set sail with Captain Joe and his crew that same afternoon.

As we left the harbour behind us, the crew hoisted the pirate flag, the Jolly Roger which was sometimes called The Banner of King Death. Only then did I realize that I had joined a pirate ship. Life on board was frightening and very dangerous. We attacked other ships, seized their goods and treasure, and fought many fierce battles. Suffering, misery and death were a part of our lives. Life on the high seas was not as Id imagined it would be. Some pirates had their headquarters in Nassau. The Governors who ruled the islands could not stop their raids. There were too many hiding places for our ships amongst the cays and bays. Although there was a lot of fighting, we still had to obey the shipboard rules and traditions. ber, he m e m w her cre t o n

a m eals fro t s n a m island. d e t r If any e s e oking ad m n s o d

t f n e u l o man f will be a o t n e v ll be gi i w s e h s Forty la abin.

c e le, he t h t t a n i b o g c n i c toba ger dur n fi a e s

ould lo h s n a m f-eight. o s e If any c e i w ill 0p 0 e l 4 t t e a

v i b e n a leg i wi l l r e c r o m r a oses an l o h w n ight. e f Any ma o s

e c 00 pie 8 e v i e c e r I met three famous pirates. The most frightening was Edward Teach. We all knew him as Blackbeard, and he struck terror in the hearts of us all. He was a tall man, with long, thick, dirty black beard tied up with red ribbons. During a battle, he stuck burning cord in his hair to terrify his enemies. He shouted at his men for no reason, and no one dared challenge him. He was finally killed in 1718, during a fierce battle with a government warship.

Can you imagine women as pirates? Anne Bonny and Mary Reade were pirates who dressed like men and fought like devils! Anne Bonny was born in Ireland and moved to America. There she secretly married a sailor, but her father disowned her, and the sailor left her when he found she had no money. Then she met Captain Jack Rackham, a pirate who was known as Calico jack. She went to sea with him, and together they captured many ships, stealing the goods the ships were carrying. Mary Reade was raised as a boy. She ran away from home an d fought as a soldier in Europe. She did not find this life very exciting, so she sailed across the Atlantic and joined Calico Jacks ship. One day the ship was ambushed by government vessels. Anne Bonny and Mary Reade both fought bravely alongside the men, but finally they were captured. Both of the women should have been hanged, but Anne was saved because she was pregnant. Mary died of fever in

prison. Another pirate I heard about but never met was Stede bonnet. He was an army officer who became a pirate with a ship called the Revenge. He filled it with guns and men, and told everyone he was going trading among the islands. Instead he terrorized the Caribbean, stealing and burning as he went. Then he sailed north to Virginia where he met Blackbeard, who took over the Revenge for a time. Bonnet was finally captured by government forces and hanged.

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