Global Challenges Challenge: Gaining Rights and Equality for

Global Challenges Challenge: Gaining Rights and Equality for

Global Challenges Challenge: Gaining Rights and Equality for Women In Africa, small self-help associations developed among women

In Chile, the fight for womens rights was part of a movement against the dictatorship of Pinochet In South Korea, it was part of a democracy movement The United Nations declared 1975 International Womans

Year But at the Beijing Conference in 1995, divisions emerged over inheritance Some wanted equal inheritance for daughters and sons

But under Islamic law, sons receive twice the amount And a Global Backlash Some felt feminism challenged traditional values

Challenge: Modernitys Challenge to the Worlds Religions Fundamentalism A militant piety in every major religious tradition Term derived from U.S.A. where religious conservatives were outraged by challenges to Bible

Called for a return to the fundamentals of the faith Hindu Fundamentalism Hindu nationalism A politicization of religion

In increasingly popular Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Muslims were viewed as outsiders Islamic Fundamentalism Against Western cultural intrusion

Quran and Sharia to provide guidance Jihad or struggle to please God The Leading Figures of Islamic Fundamentalism Mawlana Mawdudi from India

Sayyid Qutb from Egypt In Sudan, adopted Quranic punishments Egyptian Islamic Jihad assassinated Sadat

In Iran (1979) and Afghanistan (1996), Islamic movements came to power Challenge: Confronting Poverty and Inequality through Religion

Liberation Theology a) A Christian social action movement in Latin America Socially Engaged Buddhism in Asia Challenge: Protecting the Environment

Impact of Human Population a) Quadrupling of world population in single century b) Impact of fossil fuels 1. Global warming 2. Diminished habitats

The Romantic Poets Environmentalism began in nineteenth century with

the Romantic poets a) Denounced Industrial Revolution Second-Wave of Environmentalism Began with Rachel Carsons book Silent Spring in

1962 a) Described the dangers of chemical pesticides on the environment and humans Green Party

German environmental movement that entered political arena a) Opposition to nuclear power Chikpo Movement in India

Tree-hugging movement In the 1970s, an organized resistance to the destruction of forests spread throughout India and came to be known as the Chipko movement

The name of the movement came from the word embrace, as the villagers hugged trees, and prevented contractors from felling them

The North/South Divide Global South felt environmental initiatives would curtail needed industrial development a) U.S. refusal to sign Kyoto Protocol to reduce carbon emissions

A Challenge to Modernity Need for sustainability as opposed to endless growth

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