13A + 13B Vocabulary Words Study PowerPoint *English

13A + 13B Vocabulary Words Study PowerPoint *English

13A + 13B Vocabulary Words Study PowerPoint *English 1 Vocabulary* *Use for Study Purposes Only* Ad Infinitum Definition: Endlessly Synonyms: Forever, unceasingly, incessantly, and ceaselessly

Antonyms: Succinctly, concisely, tersely, and briefly Ad Infinitum Infinity Apportion Definition: To divide and give out in shares. Synonyms: Distribute, allot, parcel out, and allocate

No Antonyms found for this word Apportion A Portion Bona Fide Definition: Genuine; sincere. Synonyms: Authentic, indisputable, legitimate, and certified

Antonyms: False, fake bogus, spurious, and counterfeit Bona Fide Bones Congenial Definition: Getting on well with others; agreeable, pleasant. Synonyms: Friendly, sociable, amiable, and compatible

Antonyms: Disagreeable, surly, cold, and standoffish Congenial Generous Person Buoyant Definition: Able to float easily; able to hold things up; cheerful, hopeful. Synonyms: Blithe, jaunty, lighthearted, and animated

Antonyms: Downcast, depressed, gloomy, and morose Buoyant Floating Buoy Lofty Definition: Very high, noble. Synonyms: Elevated, towering, exalted, and grand

Antonyms: Base, petty, low, sordid, and despicable Lofty Loft Bed Migration Definition: A movement from one country or region to another. Synonyms: Population-shift and Mass-movement

No Antonyms found for this word Migration Movement Perceive Definition: To be aware of through the senses, observe; to grasp mentally. Synonyms: Notice, discern, and understand

Antonyms: Miss, overlook, and be-blind-too Perceive Receive Clique Definition: A small, exclusive group of people. Synonyms: Inner-circle and coterie

No Antonyms found for this word Clique Club Concede Definition: To admit as true; to yield submit. Synonyms: Acknowledge, grant, allow, and assent

Antonyms: Contest, dispute, gainsay, and challenge Concede Confessing Perverse Definition: Inclined to go against what is expected; stubborn; turned away from what is good and proper.

Synonyms: Obstinate, contrary, mulish, and wayward Antonyms: Tractable, docile, mendable, and yielding Perverse Reverse Vindicate Definition: To clear from hint or charge of wrongdoing; to defend successfully against opposition; to justify.

Synonyms: Acquit, absolve, exonerate, and advocate Antonyms: Implicate, incriminate, condemn, and convict Vindicate Win da Case Sordid Definition: Wretchedly poor; run-down; mean or selfish

Synonyms: Filthy, squalid, base, vile, seedy, and sleazy Antonyms: Pure, noble, opulent, and lavish Sordid Sore Prelude Definition: An introduction; that which comes before and leads off.

Synonyms: Preface, overture, prologue, and curtain-raiser Antonyms: Epilogue, postlude, and aftermath Prelude Before Wane Definition: To lose size, strength, or power.

Synonyms: Diminish, decline, subside, and dwindle Antonyms: Grow, wax, amplify, balloon, and increase Wane Weakling Rancid Definition: Stale, spoiled.

Synonyms: Foul, rank, fetid, sour, rotten, and putrid Antonyms: Wholesome and fresh Rancid Ranch Dressing Versatile Definition: Able to do many things well; capable of many uses.

Synonyms: Adaptable, handy, all-around, and may-sided Antonyms: Limited, specialized, and restricted Versatile Variety Rustic Definition: (adj.) country-like, simple, plain; awkward; (n) One who lives in the

country. Synonyms: Rough, unsophisticated, and countrified Antonyms: Citified, urban, sophisticated, and suave Rustic Rusty Voice Sever

Definition: To separate, divide into parts. Synonyms: Cut off, amputate, break-off, and dissolve Antonyms: Join, unite, and weld-togethe Sever Separate Untenable

Definition: Not capable of being held or defended; impossible to maintain. Synonyms: Indefensible, insupportable, and groundless Antonyms: Irrefutable, impregnable, and incontestable Untenable Unable

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