About NetCom Learning Founded: 1998 Trained over 90%

About NetCom Learning Founded: 1998 Trained over 90%

About NetCom Learning Founded: 1998 Trained over 90% of the Fortune 500 Serviced over 50,000 professionals Authorized Vendor Training: over 20 leading technology vendors Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, PMI, Autodesk, Citrix... Custom training solutions at client locations & live online training CompTIA Platinum Training Partner Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in US

www.netcomlearning.com GoToWebinar Controls 2 v1.1 CASP Certification What is the CASP? A technical security certification for the technical lead in an enterprise organization The focus is on technical, and on enterprise Vendor neutral Targets at least 5 years of technical security experience

Intended for the security professional who loves the application of security, and who is good enough, and senior enough, to be thinking about the business as a whole, and the security impact of business decisions 4 Identifying the Need for an Advanced Security Certification 5 Growing Global Importance of Security 62% 47% 46% 47%

35% 33% Lower Half Priority 19% Middle Priority 2008 Upper Half Priority 5% 7% 2010 2012

Source: CompTIAs 8th Annual Information Security Trends study Base: 1,400 IT and business executives responsible for security 6 The Rising Cost of Human Error Cause of security incidents / breaches 50% of respondents Technology Error believe human error will increase significantly or moderately as a factor over next two years. 41.00% 59.00% Human

Error Primary Sources of Human Error: - Failure to comply with company security policies - Lack of security expertise - Lack of security training - Lack of resources 7 Improving the IT Security Workforce Probably Definitely Net

91% More technology-specific trai... 59% 32% More frequent trai... 62% 23% 85% More recognition/financial rewards for IT staff that complete a security certifica... 63% 18%81% Having more IT staff complete a security certifica...

52% 24% 76% More vendor-neutral security trai... 58% 18%76% More instructor-led trai... 59% 17%76% 8 Key Findings Advanced Security An advanced level security exam would be good to pursue.

The exam should be performance-based. The exam should be part of a vendor certification (as an elective). The advanced security exam should concentrate on new technologies that demand a concentration in security aspects, such as IPv6, VoIP, and SaaS. Acceptance of the exam depends on Government general acceptance of the new certification and applicability to 8570. 9 POLLS 10 CASP Development Targeted at IA Technical Level III and IA Management Level II of the US DoD Directive 8570.1-M Designed for the Technical Security Lead in Large, Multilocation 0rganizations

The Next Step for Technical Security Professionals on the Path to CISSP/Product-Specific Certification. The First in CompTIAs Mastery Series of Exams Primary market: U.S Secondary markets: Germany, Malaysia, Japan 11 Target Audience and Job Roles Information Systems Security Engineer ISSO, IASO Network Security Engineer (Information Systems

Security Security Officer/Information Officer/Information Assurance Assurance Security Security Officer) Officer) Target Audience Security Analyst IT security professionals with a minimum of 10 years experience in IT administration and at least 5 years of hands-on technical security experience Security Manager or Information Assurance

Manager (IAM) Security Architect Security Consultant Security Assessor 12 Job Roles and Responsibilities IT Security Job Role Information Systems Security Engineer Network Security Engineer Security Architect Security Consultant Security Assessor Security Manager or Information Assurance Manager (IAM)

Security Analyst Major Responsibilities Detailed design and build of security programs, systems engineering with a security perspective. Security systems design. Interprets security requirements to non-security staff. Detailed design and build of network security devices, security network programs, network engineering with a security perspective. Security network design. Interprets network security requirements to non-security staff. Creates, conceptualizes, and builds security systems to meet business drivers. Includes application level, network level, and systems level security. Provides end-to-end traceability between business drivers and security solutions. Provides advice and guidance related to interpreting, implementing and complying with security best practices, while addressing complex situations and issues. Evaluates compliance and assesses vulnerabilities. Decision maker, has overall responsibility for maintaining security in his/her area of responsibility. Analyzes security practices, controls and operational security events. Configures and monitors security services.

ISSO, IASO (Information Systems Security Security generalist that performs auditing, security design, provides security Officer, Information Assurance Security advice/consulting, reviews change requests, and addresses operational security. Officer) 13 CASP Exam Focus CASP Focus Design and Build of Security Solutions Why Security Measures are Taken Security Impact of Business

Decisions Application rather than Definition 15 CompTIA Exam Overview Exam Exam Coverage Coverage Enterprise Enterprise Security Security Risk Risk Mgmt, Mgmt, Policy/Procedure Policy/Procedure and

Legal and Legal Research Research & & Analysis Analysis Integration Integration of of Computing, Computing, Communications, Communications, and and Business Disciplines Business Disciplines 11 Blended Blended Exam Exam Multiple

Multiple choice choice Scenario Scenario based based Performance Performance based based CASP Knowledge and Skills Subjects include ANSI/ISO ANSI/ISOAccreditated Accreditated in inAnticipation Anticipationof of8570 8570 Approval

Approval IPV6 and VOIP. Address SAAS in an objective that includes Security in SLAs with vendors providing services. The CASP exam will certify that the successful candidate has the technical knowledge and skills required to conceptualize, design, and engineer secure solutions across complex enterprise environments. The candidate applies critical thinking and judgment across a broad spectrum of security disciplines to propose and implement solutions

that map to enterprise drivers 16 CASP Exam Information Exam Requirement 1 exam, blended format Exam Detail Part Number: CAS-001 Number of Questions: Up to 80 Exam Length: 150 minutes Recommended Experience 5 years of technical security experience at the enterprise level. Price Introductory Price $329 Non-Member. Languages

English initially 17 CASP Objectives Domain Percent of Examination Enterprise Security 40% Risk Mgmt, Policy/Procedure and Legal 24% Research & Analysis 14%

Integration of Computing, Communications, and Business Disciplines 22% Total 100% 18 19 For performance based items, the CASP candidate will be given a scenario/problem, and will be prompted to push a button to launch a simulated environment that is created via software. The simulated environment should be familiar

to a security professional with the level of experience recommended for the CASP exam. PerformanceBased Question Description Once the simulation is launched, the candidate will need to perform whatever tasks s/he believes appropriate, based on the given scenario and the tools/information that are provided in the question. Highlights Performance Based Questions 20 The exam will have up to 80 questions. One of several forms of the exam is presented to each candidate. The number of questions may vary

from one form to the next, up to 80. All forms are internally balanced for objective weight and question difficulty, but the number of questions may differ. Pass Fail Exam For this reason, a single scaled score for the CASP exam is not workable, and a Pass or Fail score will be awarded. All candidates will receive a report showing the objective areas where questions were missed and further study or experience is needed. Highlights CASP Discussion Points CASP certified as of March 2012 Global launch of the CASP, with courseware

available, on February 21, 2012 219 CASP certified professionals (including beta participants) Early movers security professionals from U.S. government contractors SAIC, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Booz Allen U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Dept. of Homeland Security CenturyLink, Rackspace, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, IBM 21 CASP Testimonial 22 CASP learning Printed courseware for Instructor and Student CompTIA Platinum Training Partner

23 Authorized CASP Certification Training ComTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) 5 days certification training Books included Testing center in the training facility CompTIA Certified Instructors Class Dates May 14th New York City (LOT compatible) May 21st Las Vegas (LOT or Travel Package) July 9th New York (LOT compatible) 24

World Innovation Forum New York 2012 World Innovation Forum 2012 (www.netcomlearning.com/wif) June 20th June 21st 2012, New York City Center 11 world renowned experts and practitioners www.netcomlearning.com Q&A 26 v1.3 CASP Certification For more information contact: [email protected]


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