Mask Making But, if you have nothing at

Mask Making But, if you have nothing at

Mask Making But, if you have nothing at all to create, then perhaps you create yourself.~ Carl Jung Ashlee Ellerbruch, Ali Longstreet, Sarah Restoule Fun Facts Persona comes from the Latin word meaning mask or false face. Jungs archetypal theory is actually based on real life events of the struggles he had in the relationship with his mother, and a difficulty in establishing a sense of I (i.e. persona, shadow, self). Jungs archetypal symbols are presumed to link directly to the underlying structure of the brain.

Theoretical Backgroun d Jungs Archetypes Basic patterns or universal themes to humanity which are present in the unconscious and conscious state Instinctive trends or impulses that are brought to consciousness through self-awareness and natural tendencies Persona One could say, with little exaggeration, that the persona is that which in reality one is not, but which oneself as well as others think one is. Carl Jung Mask or image we present to others

Is both an interface with the world and protection from the outer world how one is accepted, wounded or rejected when one naively presents authentic thoughts, feeling or reaction. To Shadow confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light Anyone who perceives his shadow and his light simultaneously sees himself from two sides and thus gets in the middle. Carl Jung

The side of our personality we do not consciously display to others Contains all the negative tendencies that the individual wishes to deny Primal, animal instincts Undeveloped positive and negative qualities Dark side of the identity Self

Humans tend to compartmentalize split states of self in order to protect themselves Certain behaviours from exterior life are put in one space, and internal behaviours in another Totality of the personality. Striving for unity, wholeness and integration Client Type Presenting Concern Child

-Behaviour disorders -Learning difficulties -ADHD -Autism -Sexual Abuse Adolescent -Substance abusers -Juvenile sex offenders -Average teen (with declined selfconcept) -Suffering from abuse/trauma -Learning difficulties -Eating disorders -ADHD -Autism Adult -Inmates/prisoners -Sexual abuse -Addicts -Older adults suffering from dementia

-Learning difficulties -Eating disorders -Palliative care -Depression Procedure Step One A counsellor could use guided imagery to help the client accept the concept of mask making Reflection on what the mask means Client takes the time to brainstorm what the different sides of the self may look like

Step Two The mask is created The mask can be built upon the clients face If this is inappropriate for the particular client, a store bought mask can be utilized, and step two can be skipped Procedure Step Three

Decorate the mask Each client/counsellor duo may have different purposes for decorating the mask This is an area where the client has a chance to process Step Four The counsellor

and client process the making of the mask, and the mask itself Helps the client understand the deeper meaning of their mask and what it shows about them that may have Interpreting Your Clients Mask Focusing on content and process What is there, and what does it mean? Representation. What do their drawings feel like to them? Emotions. Facilitate but dont direct the client

Clients are the experts of their own art Be aware of painful or uncomfortable thoughts or feelings that come up for the client. Keep the space safe. No judging or criticizing Interpreting Your Clients Mask Ideas of Things to Look for:

Strokes and shading Shapes, symbols, letters, words Incongruences Colours How do the two sides interact? How do they not? What are the strengths of each side? What are the weaknesses? Keep your mind open and accepting for all possibilities Art is subjective. Allow your client to correct you if you notice something inaccurate.

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