SNAP Tool v4.1 Working Through Difficult Submissions Implementation

SNAP Tool v4.1  Working Through Difficult Submissions Implementation

SNAP Tool v4.1 Working Through Difficult Submissions Implementation in the Falls Watershed DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY Trish DArconte Falls Local Government SNAP training | March 5, 2019 In This Section Common problems and challenges Exploring project alternatives, working through iterated project variations Development tracking

Department of Environmental Quality 2 Common Problems and Challenges Hydrologic Soil Group D Dry Detention Catchment and SCM treatment trains Custom Land Covers Expansions Expansions with existing SCMs

Off-site run-on Alternative sizing Department of Environmental Quality 3 Identifying Development Activity Type Use Development New on greenfield sites or in cases where previous land use is not being accounted for Use Development Expansion on sites with existing BUA where you will have a net increase in BUA regardless of whether you are doing a complete tear-down or not

Use Existing Development Retrofit when you are not building anything new except stormwater management or reforestation Use Redevelopment with rebuilds/changes when there is no net increase in BUA Department of Environmental Quality 4 Catchments and SCMs in Series/Parallel Up to 6 separate parallel catchments that dont have to drain to each other (but they can if you want)

Up to 3 SCMs in series in each catchment Route SCM in one catchment to another for complex treatment trains Use Catchment IDs, SCM IDs, and Drains to SCM ID to help you map out catchments and treatment trains Department of Environmental Quality 5 Site With Three Catchments, No SCMs 6

Site With 3 Catchments, Each With an SCM 7 Site with 2 Catchments, 3 SCMs 8 Custom Land Covers Set aside for uncommon land cover types (e.g. dog parks)

Require values for imperviousness (0 to 1), and EMCs for nitrogen and phosphorus Exclude jurisdictional open water from project area (perennial waterbodies, wide streams) Include non-jurisdictional open water as CUSTOM: Impervious value = 1, TN EMC = 1.42mg/L, TP EMC = 0.18mg/L Contact DWR-Nonpoint Source Planning for more exotic land covers, we may have data for you Department of Environmental Quality 9

Existing Development Retrofit No increase in BUA, possible decrease Project Area = area draining to SCM (including SCM) Disturbed Area usually equals SCM Area Unless you are reforesting, pre- and post-project will have nearly the same land cover Land Taken Up By SCM (post-project) comes out of one of the other land covers Department of Environmental Quality 10

Nutrient Management Strategy Rules Thresholds Disturbance Area < 0.25 ac >= 0.25 ac and < 0.2754 ac How Falls Rules Apply All watersheds below size threshold, treat like New Development below threshold Federal/State non-DOT land owners only, buydown = 30% of

needed reduction >= 0.2754 ac and Federal/State non-DOT and Local Government all land use types, < 0.5 ac Private non-SFR/duplex only, buydown = 30% of needed reduction >= 0.5 ac and < 1 ac Applies to all land use types, buydown = 30% of needed reduction >= 1 ac Applies to all land use types, buydown in downtown areas = 30% of needed, buydown everywhere else = 50% of needed

Department of Environmental Quality 11 Off-Site Run-On Do not try to use different values for Project Area, total preproject, or total post-project If only interested in treatment for your site: Design SCM to handle max off-site buildout Model only onsite drainage area If interested in total treatment run model twice:

Offsite + Onsite areas together Onsite area only Subtract onsite only results from total area results Department of Environmental Quality 12 Example Expansion with SCM Enlargement Project Objective: add a parking lot Issues: Disturbance threshold more stormwater treatment

Did not want to add more SCMs Wanted to expand existing dry detention Wanted to offset with existing large grassy area Dry detention is really not good for nutrient treatment Department of Environmental Quality 13 Look at Church Development Examples Department of Environmental Quality

14 Development Tracking Recommend using CSV exports No recommendations yet on formal Falls reporting Export format has all data in rows rather than columns Transpose data to prep data to import to a database: 1. Copy the columns of cells that include all field names and data. Because some parts, such as the catchment information, have more than two columns, it may be easiest to do this in groups of cells.

2. In another sheet select the upper-leftmost cell. Right-click and select the Transpose paste command, or access the Transpose command through Paste Special. 15 Questions? Department of Environmental Quality 16

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