What You Need to Know to Play College

What You Need to Know to Play College

What You Need to Know to Play College Football Is it for Me? Total commitment 20+ hours per week on top of academics Travel to away games no weekends Competition ITS YOUR LIFE! The Benefits

You will have a group of friends at school immediately You will have a network of friends for life You will stay more focused academically You will continue to learn valuable life lessons You will continue to learn more about football College Football Opportunities Schools Offering Football NCAA Division I-A 120 NCAA Division I-AA 118

NCAA Division II 157 NCAA Division III 239 NAIA 91 Junior College 69

Total 794 College Football Opportunities Athletic Scholarship Opportunities Division I-A(per school) 85 Division I-AA(per school) 63 Division II(per school)

36 NAIA 24 NJCAA (*varies per 85 school) Note: Division III schools offer merit, academic, and needbased scholarships. College Football Opportunities Student-Athlete Participation NCAA Division I-A

14,146 NCAA Division I-AA 11,958 NCAA Division II 15,655 NCAA Division III 23,120 NAIA

5,556 Junior College 5,031 HS Student-Athletes 1,109,278 The Process

Apply to the NCAA Eligibility Center for DI & DII Apply to the NAIA Eligibility Center Take the SAT/ACT Get an updated transcript Update your Hudl profile Make your Hudl premium highlight film Find your best game film Find schools of interest Fill our recruiting questionnaires If a college coach asks for highlight or game film, contact Coach Green or Coach Kilby

What school is best for me? Consider: o o o o o o o o Location Major Campus Academic reputation Workforce in area

Successful football program Relationship with coaches Feeling Divison 1A Schools in NC University of North Carolina Duke University North Carolina State University Wake Forest University East Carolina University

Division 1AA Schools in NC Appalachian State University Western Carolina University Elon University Gardner Webb University

North Carolina Central University North Carolina A&T UNC Charlotte Campbell University Davidson College Division II Schools in NC

UNC - Pembroke Lenoir-Rhyne University Wingate University Catawba College Fayetteville State University Brevard College Chowan College Elizabeth City State University Winston-Salem State University Johnson C. Smith University Shaw University

Livingstone College Saint Augustines College Mars Hill College NAIA Schools in NC There are no schools in the state of North Carolina that play NAIA football. There are NAIA schools in surrounding states Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky Division III Schools in NC

North Carolina Wesleyan Methodist University Guilford College Greensboro College Junior Colleges in NC Louisburg College Junior College football is very popular in different parts of the country. Junior College level football is extremely competitive. Players should meet Div 2 requirements Other schools If you dont limit yourselves location-wise, there are endless possibilities Sometimes the best move is to get away and get a new experience in a different part of the

country Is there somewhere youve always wanted to visit? Look into schools there. How much $ The only thing that matters is: TOTAL COST OF ATTENDANCE = (Tutition + Fees + Room & Board + Books + Supplies + Personal Expenses + Transportation) (Athletic Scholarships + Academic Scholarships + Private Scholarships) The remaining money is what you, your parents/guardians, or loans have to cover each year. DONT WORRY ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU GET FOR FOOTBALL! CONCENTRATE ON THE TOTAL COST OF ATTENDANCE! Whats Left?

Theres a lot on your plate Continue to perform well academically Continue to take part in the Strength & Conditioning program If you plan on playing another HS sport, DO IT! You are only in HS once! The work you put into the process will be matched by the coaching staff

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