Perspectives of Reality TAOIS M By: Shanoon P,

Perspectives of Reality TAOIS M By: Shanoon P,

Perspectives of Reality TAOIS M By: Shanoon P, Vivian V, Albos M, Alex T Taoist Beliefs o Believe that all things come from the Tao, which sustains all things in being There is nothing in the world like Tao o Believed in keeping a harmonious world We Wei means "not acting" Believed that action is not to be wasted nor should any be taken that may go against nature

Action can disturb the delicate balance of nature o Knows that nothing is permanent There is an endless cycle of development and decline in which the Tao is responsible Laozi o Also known as Lao Tzu, lived in 6th century BCE o Wrote a book, Tao Te Ching (Classic of the Way of Power) o Lao Tzu insisted of Ultimate Clarity, with

confusion regarded as a cardinal sin o Believed that reason stood in the way of one truly understanding reality He understood that there are limits of language, and at times resorted to silence rather than use more words Tao o The term Tao means a road, and is often translated as "the way" o Pronounced as "Dao"

o The fundamental principle of the universe as a whole The Tao gives birth to the one One gives birth to two Two gives birth to three Three gives birth to all things" - Tao Te Ching Tao gave the world the mechanism for balance. The birth of two means

the birth of opposites. The birth of three refers to the existence of heaven, earth and humanity. Thus, all creation can be linked back to the Tao, the silent source of harmony. Tao (cnt'd) o The Tao is not like anything in the universe, for it came before the universe, not can it be described with any particular characteristics The oneness of Tao is expressed in nature in two: the yin and yang

Yin-Yang o The Symbol of balance between opposing forces o Points to the existence of pair opposites Dark and Light Night and Day

Sun and Rain Aggressive and Passive o The curves suggest movement Representing their belief that everything is subject to change Yin-Yang (cnt'd) White Side Yang, represents the heavenly force, akin to movement, light warmth and life

"the sunny side" Black Side Yin, represents the "shady side" of existence "the breath that formed earth" Reasoning o Taoists believe in keeping the world in harmony They strive to be one with the Tao Their every action or non-action has a purpose in keeping

nature in balance They try to avoid getting caught of in the desires of the senses, particularly artificial desires o The goal of the Taoist is to be natures companion, following the way of the Tao

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