ZIMS Maintenance August 2017 Tips & Tricks Why

ZIMS Maintenance August 2017 Tips & Tricks Why

ZIMS Maintenance August 2017 Tips & Tricks Why Bother? With our Agile deployments (biweekly Bug fixes and Enhancement rollouts) big major releases are rare New functionality can sneak in on you and you want to keep updated Current functionality may need to be re-assigned

Your animal collection changes Your staff changes Create a Schedule The schedule for these maintenance tasks will be different for each institution If you have high staff turnover or seasonal workers, you may need to address the staff functions more frequently then an institution with more stable staffing You may want to schedule the animal functions for

late spring or fall after a busy transport season has changed your animal collection As we go through the topics think about what your schedule might be Review Institution Preferences If you are the Local Admin you are responsible for setting the Institution Preferences, including those Preferences that are not available as My Preferences and affect ZIMS functionality. Discuss with your staff to see if you want to

change them. Multiple Enclosure Assignment Allow Re-use of Transponders Enable Auto-increment Local ID Default Colony Inventory

Default Group Tracking Update My Preferences Remind your staff to review/update their My Preferences Remind them that they can change their own Password (if they remember their current Password) under Account Settings Also remind them that if they forget their Password they do not have to wait for help from Support

As Local Admin you can change their Password without knowing their current one under Staff > View/Edit Login Details From the login screen they can request a Password reset themselves Institution Profile Make sure your Institution Profile is correct and up-to-date Institution Details Communication Details

Website Geographical Location Your colleagues may use this information Staff List Have any left and need to be marked Obsolete Have any returned and need to be marked Active Have there been any name changes Do you have appropriate staff marked as Public

Contacts Has everyone confirmed their Email address Have you completed communication details Job Types Species360 filters the Emails we send by Job Type It is important that you have someone assigned to the following Job Types under Staff Details Species360 Representative Species360 Invoice Recipient

Director Teams and Departments Are the members correct Do you need to add new members Do you need to delete members Team/Department could have changed No longer employed Is the Department Head still correct

Staff Transactions Statistics This is found under My Institution > Institution Statistics tab It displays the User name and the number of transactions recorded in the last 1, 7, 15 or 30 days Transactions here are any piece of data entry It is a quick check to see if those who are supposed to be entering data are indeed doing so It is also a quick check for possible inappropriate use

Staff Transactions Statistics Some institutions use these statistics to tally how many transactions (piece of data entered) each staff member does in a year (or other time frame) and give awards Others use them as proof of ZIMS usage to their governing authority You might want to schedule a monthly check of these numbers on your ZIMS calendar

Contact Directory Do you need to add any external contacts Does information need to be updated An easy way to see what communication information needs to be added for your staff is to search Contact Directory by your institution Check Roles for New Functionality Template Roles

Did Species360 assign a new functionality to a Role that you may not want Users assigned that Role to have Assign different Role or create custom Role Custom roles Do you need to add new functionality to one or more of your custom Roles How to Check Role Access Help Menu

Global Template ZIMS Roles My Institution > Roles Module >Manage Role Access Open each module and review Roles & Assignments Check for any custom Roles that could be deleted (User Count = 0) You cannot delete Species360 Template Roles

Collections Are they still Active You cannot delete a historical Collection that has animals recorded in it but you can mark it Inactive Is the scope correctly indicated Remember a Global Scope is preferred Measurement Preferences The Measurement Preferences tab lets you limit measurement terms to only those you use

These are available for animals, enclosures, life support and development milestones Check to make sure you have these filtered as desired Species Wanted & Animals Available Are you still looking for the Species Wanted May have acquired what you wanted Plans may have changed Should new ones be added

Is the Animal still available Possible death or disposition Medical issues Plans may have changed Should new ones be added

Update Animal/Enclosure Lists Review of your Animal and Enclosure Lists is recommended ZIMS will not automatically update these lists Did you add those new babies and delete the ones from last year that you dispositioned Update Columns and Order It is good to review the columns displayed and the order in your results grids

Remind your staff that they can customize what they see Keepers may want to see House Name but Veterinarians may prefer to see Transponders And remember the column order can be adjusted You can always select to reset to the default columns and order Check Archived Pendings You may have archived some Pendings that

you may now be able to deal with Select Include Archived in your Pendings list and they will appear in red You cannot Unarchive a Pending at this time, but you can address an Archived one Check Incomplete Accessions Review any Incomplete Accessions that have not been Completed Remember to check for any you may have Archived

You can re-activate Incomplete Accessions Review/delete/update Templates Batch Measurement Templates Animal/Enclosure From left hand search box Note/Observation Templates Start > Tools > Manage Note Template Within Note record

Measurement Range Template Start > Tools > Measurement Range Template Aquarist Daily Log Enclosure > Batch Measurements > Manage Templates Start > Tools Management Plans If you are using the Management Plan grid you should review at least annually Are all the animals that are in a managed plan

indicated as such Search is found in Advanced Animal Search External Sharing List Any records need sharing to be removed? Transactions did happen

Transactions did not happen Remove institution Deaths Any additions to sharing Ownership changes Institution changes Collection changes Any Questions? On ZIMS Maintenance

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