ttp:// Lets go back in time... 40,000 years

ttp:// Lets go back in time... 40,000 years

ttp:// Lets go back in time... 40,000 years ago Prehistoric cave paintings were the first

universal language. Symbols represented communication knowledge and beliefs. Without these symbols we wouldnt be able to communicate with each other today Now lets go to Africa

Along the Nile River.... Still life paintings often adorned the interior walls of ancient

Egyptian tombs. It was believed that food, objects and other items depicted would, in the afterlife,

become real and available for the deceased person. Fast forward in time and moving through the years...

People began buying still lifes and Using them as

home decor 16th and 17th century Vanitas paintings In Europe Vanitas

Comes from Latin word Vanity These paintings symbolized pursuit over meaningless

Objects that never last And to symbolize certain behaviors in people both good and bad Objects show a slice of life

Unit: How do objects symbolize a person or cultural meaning? Object Symbolism

Object Symbolism: Drawing a Still Life You will... 1. Analyze a real still life and recreate it using 4 different 2D art materials.

o t l w l i

o t H s a w a

Dr life Place objects behind other objects to show depth (overlapping) Balance your drawing.

(Evenly space objects on paper) Unity Techniques 1. Drawing is balanced. 2. of the drawing must be filled

with objects with and the remainder empty space Depth Techniques Overlap objects

Make a focal point Create a texture in at least one object Assignment: Create still life scene and draw from it. Group 5-10 objects together into a group on a table or desk. Draw those objects together. They can be are

your house or from around the school. If you create a still life scene at home be sure to take a picture of it so you can work on it in class and reference the photo. You should never to drawing without looking at the still life for this assignment. Make a composition frame with your hand to find the best area that works for you. Start with Contour lines (no shading)

Make the drawing balanced with of the drawing filled with objects with and the remainder empty space Craftsmanship and Materials Part 2: Use 4 different art materials with thoughtfulness and quality

I.Pencil II. Colored Pencil III.Oil Pastels IV.Choice (choose one of the materials but use a different shading technique stippling, crosshatching, contour, scumbling)

Artist StatementSummarize 1. What mediums (art drawing materials) did you use? 2. Which mediums was the most successful and why? 3. Which art medium was most challenging

and why? 4. Which art medium would you want more practice with in the future?

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