Welcome to JH Jaguar HS 2015 2016 Nation

Welcome to JH Jaguar HS 2015 2016 Nation

Welcome to JH Jaguar HS 2015 2016 Nation JHHS Administrative Team Angela Wiggins, Assistant Principal (L Q, Biology, LEP) Shane Jensen, Assistant Principal (Discipline E - K, Subs, CATE, Foreign Language)

Ashly Cochran, Assistant Principal (Discipline A-D, English II) Bruce Perkins, Principal Dr. Mandi Marshall, Assistant Principal (Attendance, SpEd) Ryan Brassell, Assistant Principal (Discipline R-Z, U. S History, Textbooks) Ahnekii Tanner, Assistant Principal/Registrar (AP, Credit Recovery, Graduation) Administrative Support Our #1 job is to provide a safe learning environment that promotes professionalism and academic excellence. All administrators have an open door policy. Please come to us with any concerns or questions. Respect the chain of command.

From the Top Campus & District Chain of Command Mentor Teacher PDAS Assistant Principal Principal PDAS Assistant Principal Administrative Officer Karen Karen Lloyd Lloyd Principal

Associate Superintendent Dr. Dr. Cathy Cathy Rideout Rideout Administrative Officer Karen Karen Lloyd Lloyd Superintendent Dr.

Dr. Linda Linda Henrie Henrie JHHS Counselors Paul Ballard (Students E-K) Karri Pritchard (Students L-R, At-Risk) Madelyn Hill (Students A-D, AP) Yolanda Deatherage (Career Technology) Rhonda Harrison, Registrars Administrative Assistant Tonia Westbrook (Students S-Z, Senior Awards) Teachers affect eternity; no one

can tell where their influence stops. ~H. B. Adams The relationships you build with students form the single strongest access to student goals. ~E. Jensen THE BIG FOUR It is the supreme

art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ~A. Einstein Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

~N. Mandela 2015-2016 Jag Nation Equation Jag Nation Dedication Show loyalty and respect to one another and John Horn High School at all times. Be an advocate for our school and MISD. Protect the instructional time of your colleagues. Support cross-curricular academic endeavors. Seek every opportunity for on-going

professional growth. Develop and maintain a positive rapport with parents and students. Support, encourage, and value all who are part of JAGUAR NATION! MISD Expectations Dr. Vroonland Excellence Always Jag Nation Expectations

Read & write Wecritically willevery day Have academic discussions Own our learning (strategic & extended thinking) Prepare for the future Jaguar BHAGs Educator Learning Goals I will increase rigor in my classroom by

Framing the lesson Promoting academic discussions Practicing quality questioning Engaging the brain Reading & writing critically Closing the lesson SpEd

As a campus, we must commit to stepping up our efforts in order to reach and assist our Special Ed, Limited English Proficient, and Economically Disadvantaged students. (ARDs, inclusion/co-teach, liaisons, pre-teaching) LEP (SSTs, case managers, Newcomers Group, pre-teaching, Top 10 LEP strategies)

Economically Disadvantaged (SSTs, peer tutoring, pull-outs, acceleration, pre-teaching, Gems & Gents) EXPECT TO BE THE BEST can maintain itself in strengththat of general education to enable every

man to judge for himself what will secure or endanger his freedom. - Thomas Jefferson MAKE AN IMPACT BUILD RELATIONSHIPS 1: VALUE EVERYONE 1: without which no republic 1 1 Building

Successful Relationships Welcome your students and be visible in the hallways. Return phone calls and emails promptly. Handle the small things in your classroom. Be involved (PTSA, extra-curricular, etc.) Communicate regularly with parents, especially good news (JAG Cards) Jag Cards Jag Cards are a positive way to let teachers, students and parents know you care. You should stack them and put them in a rubber

band with a post-it note delineating the number of cards. Give cards to Pat Wood to send to the mail room. The district mail room will put postage on the cards. Writing down our triumphs and good thoughts makes us feel better. Primetime Reminder The first 30 minutes and last 10 minutes of class is protected, and you should not send students out of class unless it is absolutely necessary.

Textbooks When are the bookrooms going to open up? THEY WONT! Mr. Brassell will actually come to you! 90 95% of all needed textbooks should already be distributed in the classrooms. Textbooks What is the proper procedure for receiving textbooks? You do not need to request more books than students enrolled in your class.

Textbooks will be scanned/assigned to the TEACHER. It will be up to the teacher to assign to students. All books should be scanned to the appropriate teacher before the end of the third six weeks. Textbooks Once I receive my books, whats next? Each book will be scanned into TipWeb checked out to the teacher. Mr. Brassell will print off a classroom set report for you and place in your box. This will show the book ACCESSION number on it. Teachers with class sets will need to fill out the spreadsheet labeling book assignments to students

a retain it for reference. Textbooks What happens if a student gets a schedule change? For changes made within the same subject, the student is to return that book to Mrs. Harrison in the registrars office. The new teacher will then inform Mr. Brassell that they will need a new book for a new student unless the teacher has one available. The sending teacher should delete the student from their textbook list. The receiving teacher will add the student. For schedule changes where a class is dropped and the student no longer needs the textbook, the student needs to take the book to the registrars office (Mrs. Harrison) and

the book will be placed in the appropriate teacher's box. Textbooks What do I do if I am a new teacher to the campus in regards to textbooks? If you are replacing a teacher who is no longer at JHHS Mr. Brassell will come to your classroom (books were left in classrooms over the summer), scan in the books from the former educator, and scan out to the new. If you are teaching a new subject or from a new edition of a text notify Mr. Brassell by email of: Title of textbook How many you need (this is the same procedure if you need additional textbooks)

Attendance Teacher Attendance was great last school year. Policy changes have occurred regarding tenure days, please save your personal days for true emergencies. Attendance All teachers must keep a hard copy of their attendance records to be turned in at the end of the school year. Remember to send an alphabetized field trip list to the attendance secretaries

(Amanda Lisle and Tawana Coleman) a full two days prior to the date of the event. Attendance All teachers must take attendance Take attendance within the first 15 minutes of class. If a student is more than 20 minutes late to first period or 10 minutes late to class after 1st period, he or she is to be counted partial absent rather than tardy. Be sure to record tardies in PowerSchool as well as absences. Our records must be accurate when we

submit them for PEIMS and truancy court purposes. Send attendance corrections in writing to Ms. Lisle. Attendance Be sure to enter all attendance information and corrections in PowerSchool by 4:00 each day. The new legislation allows for filing in truancy court for 10 unexcused absences in a 6 month period. This includes partial absences. We will not file on 3 unexcused absences in a 4 week period as in the past. Students will not get three excused for any reason absences this year. Remember that when a student goes to truancy court,

our case depends on the accuracy of your attendance data. Last year our attendance percentage was 97.08%! Great Job Staff! Please contact Dr. Marshall with any concerns about your students attendance issues. The first step to success is to show up! Kids cannot be successful without attending school. Extracurricula r Events Students want you to support their interests outside of the classroom, and we want you to

be there as well whenever time permits. If you are interested in working any sporting events for extra money, please go by the ticket booth or the front office to see Marina Menchaca (ext. 5209). COOL Community Of Ongoing Learners We will have professional development training before and after school and in roll-in sessions throughout the school year. Teachers should attend the COOL sessions. These will usually be the first 30 45 minutes of your conference

period. Technology Any computer issues not involving integration of technology into instruction need to be directed to the Help Desk (ext. 7777). Substitutes See Mr. Jensen It is your responsibility to report an absence in AESOP by 7:00 a. m. the day of the absence. AESOP cards will be issued by Mr. Jensen.

Fill out schedules, assignments, and other information in Sub Folders and return to Amanda Lisle by August 21st. School business must be reported in a timely manner. If you wait until the day before the absence, you may not get a sub and will remain on campus. Half-Day absences (8-12 or 12-4) must be reported. Be careful on early release days. If you are out 1 period and have a conference the next period, day absence must be reported. Please remember if you have a conference period and activity period day absence must be reported. If you would like to sub for extra money, please email Mr. Jensen so he can create a list of staff to call before making someone else cover a class. If you have any special circumstances, please see Mr. Jensen. You will get paid $27.33 per class.

Office Workers Every office worker will wear an ID badge at all times. The ID badge will help us to identify our student office workers. These badges can only be worn during the office periods. Office workers are not to be used to run your personal errands, (getting snacks from vending machines, fetching change, making copies). Discipline The first day of school is critical, and it can set you up for a

good or bad year. Be fair and consistent across the board. Pick your battles. Remember that you want to protect your instructional time as much as you can. You may send home a welcome letter with your contact information for parents to be able to contact you in case they have questions in the future. It is easier to contact parents by phone because an email can be misconstrued. Do not be afraid to contact parents by phone. Administrators will do whatever it takes to help and discipline students who are referred to the office. Referrals

Referrals are a last resort for a classroom teacher. It sends a message that youve exhausted all efforts to correct the behavior, and need help to maintain discipline in your classroom. When a student misbehaves, please do not entertain the behavior or lower your expectations. Teach students proper classroom routines. Make parent contacts. Be consistent. Except for flagrant situations, the parent should have had prior contacts from the teacher before an administrator makes contact. Evidence of prior contact should be listed on the students referral.

Referrals Students are dealt with based on a class system. ISS is used as a consequence after other options that do not remove a student from instruction have been utilized when possible. Consequences are based on the behavior that occurred in class, referencing the student code of conduct. Referrals must be detailed and complete for students to get the appropriate punishment. A high referral percentage depicts weak classroom management.

Tardy Policy The tardy count restarts each semester. Enforcing the tardy policy is very important. The tardy log sheet should be turned in to your appraiser at the end of each semester. Teacher Consequences: 1st Tardy- Teacher warning/tardy log signature/parent contact via call or email 2nd Tardy- Teacher warning/tardy log signature/parent contact via call or email 3rd Tardy- Teacher detention/tardy log signature/parent contact via call or email/ exemption warning 4th + Tardy- Office referral,/PST/ARD/504 inquiry or referral,/tardy log signature Administrative Consequences: 1st Referral - Administrative detention/parent contact/loss of exemption for referring class

2nd Referral - Mandatory tutoring/parent contact 3rd + Referral - ISS/parent contact ISS Mrs. Alnita McCowin is the ISS teacher. The ISS time is from 8:35 a.m. until 3:45p.m. every day for students who did not follow the ISS rules for the day. Students must have assignments to work on while in ISS, and they will have to complete the ISS workbook if they do not have their assignments. Teachers are expected to submit class assignments before the student begins his or her time in ISS or as soon as possible. All assignments sent to ISS should be properly labeled with the students name and teachers name.

If assignments are not sent in a timely manner and students have nothing to do, they can be released back to your classes early. Please be specific with your instructions when you send assignments to ISS. See Mr. Jensen for any questions! There will be a sign-in sheet for teachers to sign while visiting students in ISS. ISIP Mrs. Bratcher will email you about a placement and attach an assignment form. Drag form to desktop, fill in assignments, and email back to Mrs. Bratcher within 24 hrs. of notification that your student has received a placement. ALL teachers on a students schedule should provide

assignments. Students are there for an extensive amount of time each day they are in placement. They will need assignments! Please indicate if you have the student on A days or B days ISIP will have a selection of books. However, they may not have the book you use in your class. Please contact Mr. Brassell if you do not have enough to send one. Books and/or other items to Mrs. Bratcher by the end of the day. Mr. Brassell is the ISIP contact administrator Duties Be on time and be present. Being highly visible and proactive will help deter negative behavior. Safety first! If you are going to be absent from your assigned duty, ask a colleague to cover for you; especially if you serve

duty in a highly active area. Be in the hallways during passing periods. Please see Mr. Jensen if you have any questions about your duty location. Your duty will be every other day. Reminders Arrest notifications are confidential (see FERPA). Weekend times 8:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m. If you need to reserve a room for an event, check Docushare and email Bambi Aceves. If you need the auditorium, email the theater teachers and Bambi Aceves. The sign up sheets for the school vans are in Mrs.

Aceves Run all of your morning errands (checking mailbox, running copies, signing in, etc.) BEFORE first period bell. You will need to be in your classroom/at your door when students enter a class. Fixed Assets/ Custodians Do not remove anything (desks, cabinets, computers, etc.) or exchange items with a colleague without Mr. Jensens knowledge and approval. He has to keep an accurate building inventory. Ordering electronic devices over $100 needs prior district approval, please see Mrs. Wood for

appropriate paperwork. Inventory will be done later in the year. Please send the description and serial numbers of your new items to Mr. Jensen. Email Mr. Jensen if you have any custodial service needs. Lockers Lockers will be issued by Mr. Brassell Students do not have to take a locker. Jag For Life

1:1 Aim Act Achieve 1:1

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