October 10th 2018 Colorado Trauma Network (CTN) Meeting

October 10th 2018 Colorado Trauma Network (CTN) Meeting

October 10th 2018 Colorado Trauma Network (CTN) Meeting 1. CTN Roll Call 1. 1. 1. 1. . 1. Secretarys Report/Minutes CTN awards Treasurers Report Educational committee report

Topic course End of the year conference Spring conference PI committee 1. Injury prevention committee 10. CTN Website 10. Roundtable Wendy Hyatt All Wendy Hyatt Mike Archuleta Robbie Dumond Nancy Bartkowiak Robbie Dumond

Nancy Bartkowiak 5 Minutes Stephanie Vega 10 Minutes Darcy Martin Valerie Brockman All 10 Minutes 10 Minutes 10 Minutes

5 Minutes 5 Minutes 10 Minutes 5 Minutes 5 Minutes 5 Minutes Trauma Registry Meeting Scott Beckley https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/t Martin Duffy rauma-registry-manual 1 Hour CTN Agenda 2

2017 Elected Officers President: Mike Archuleta, Centura Trauma System Vice President: Valerie Brockman, Castle Rock Adventist Hospital Treasurer: Robbie Dumond, University of Colorado Hospital Secretary: Wendy Hyatt, Swedish Medical Center 3 2018

CTN Goals Direction Meetings Education Registry Injury Prevention 2018 Goals 4 Treasurer Report

Dues Collected (01/2018-Current) $5538.50 Current Balance- $25627.15 Expenses Q3 Lunch for meeting- $119.71 Optimal Course- $900.00 CTN 2018 Q3 Financials CTN Dues Structure-2018 Individual-

Per person- $60 Facility- 2 people- $100 3 people- $160 4 people- $200 5 people or greater$285 Make checks payable to : COLORADO TRAUMA NETWORK, INC. Send payments to: Robbie Dumond, CTN Treasurer 11691 Pine Hill St. Parker, CO 80138 Dues Received

Facility Facility Facility Keefe Memorial- Cheyenne Wells Montrose Memorial Colorado Plains- Fort Morgan St. Mary's- Grand Junction Longs Peak Hospital- UC Health Denver Health Valley View- Glenwood Univ. of Colorado Hospital- UC Health HealthONE Medical Center of

Aurora Banner- North Colorado Med. Ctr. Memorial Hospital North- UC Health Centura- Parker Adventist SCL Lutheran Centura- (PENROSE) Medical Center of the Rockies- UC Health Vail Health Memorial Hospital- UC Health Kit Carson County Hospital Banner- McKee Medical Center Centura- St. Francis SCL Good Sam

Centura- Castle Rock Melissa Memorial Hospital Centura- Littleton Adventist Centura- St. Anthony's North Middle Park- Grandby/ Kremmling Parkview Centura - Porter Centura- St. Anthony's Health ONE Swedish Medical Center Nancy Bartkowiak Phyllis Uribe Aspen Valley Hospital Presbytarian St. Lukes Childrens Hospital East Morgan County Hospital

Spring, 2019 Regular rate- $400 Discounted Rate for CTN- $325 Proposal 20 free participants ($325/ each)- $6,500 expense to STN 1 participant per paying dues center, first come, first serve via email TOPIC Course Proposal Fillable Invoice

Invoice to be sent via email Also available on the CTN Website Complete areas in red and submit with payment CTN Education Committee Nancy Bartkowiak, chair Sherrie Peckham Robbie Dumond

Wendy Hyatt Mike Archuleta Valerie Brockman Fall Conference December 14, 2018-Rita Bass Conference Center Agenda Focus on registry and PI Martin to speak about the new registry P/P group to IRR (data validation on the top fields that can be tricky Case Studies

Poster Presentations Seeking posters that you have submitted and were accepted at conferences for presentation at the meeting Booths Invite all trauma registry vendors No white elephant exchange 12 Spring Conference 2019 May 3, 2019- Swedish Medical Center

Lessons learned: Shorter day- 0800-1530 30 min lunch Breakout groups available via phone Key topic: Psych First Aid for you and your trauma teams Potential other topics: Government affairs- CO legislation Trauma criteria How to innovate your trauma program

Breakout groups according to job description instead of level of trauma center? 13 ATS class December 12th and 13th at Swedish Medical Center Contact Wendy Hyatt for CTN member discount Cost: $690 CTN member cost: $585 Register on the ATS website 14 CTN TPM/TNC PI/Registry

Subcommittee 15 TPM/TNC PI committee Chair :Stephanie Vega UC Health Wendy Erickson St. Francis Robbie Dumond UC Health Valerie Brockman Castle Rock Sherry Peckham Denver Health Missy Sorensen Swedish Christine Thorkildsen-MCR Adriana Heins-PVH Valorie Peaslee-Longs Peak

16 Fall Conference Q&A Session PI/Registry Re-abstract Abstract Quiz for Level 1 and 2s and a separate quiz for 3s and 4s Similar to TQIP quizzes for those familiar Short and sweet Watch your emails!

CTN TPM/TNC PI/Registry Subcommittee Update 17 Injury Prevention Subcommittee 18

Chair:Darcy Martin Swedish Medical Center Christina Norman Denver Health Alison Weston UC Health Angela Kedroutek Centura Penrose Lauren Stenger Good Samaritan Laurie Lovedale UC Health Lori Morgan UC Health Marilyn Johnson North Colorado Medical Center Mike Archuleta Centura St. Mary Corwin Robert Hayes St. Anthony Robyn Wolverton UC Health

Injury Prevention subcommitee 19 Contact List being created for Injury Prevention partners CTN website will house contact list Working on creating on-line forum for Injury Prevention Looking in to CTN IP hosting an ATS Injury Prevention Coordinators course in Denver Injury Prevention subcommittee 20

Next meeting: Thursday November 8th at Swedish Medical Center Trauma Administration office 11:30am 1pm 601 E. Hampden Ave. Suite 220 Anyone interested in being a part of this subcommittee, please contact Darcy Martin at [email protected] Injury Prevention subcommittee 21

Valerie Brockman Castle Rock Adventist Jodi Greenwood St. Marys Webpage Master 22 2018 CTN Elections

Chair Mike Archuleta Secretary CTN Elections 23 24 Trauma Registry 25

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