NWSL 2013 Officials webinar Welcome PRO General Manager

NWSL 2013 Officials webinar Welcome PRO General Manager

NWSL 2013 Officials webinar Welcome PRO General Manager Peter Walton Womens Ref-coach/NWSL Assignor Sandra Serafini

PRO website all NWSL-related documents Inaugural season NWSL 2013 8 teams, National footprint International Players (US, CAN, MEX) U.S. Soccer front office, GameOfficials for assignments Pool of NWSL officials: Referees + Travel ARs Regional Officials Local ARs/4ths

Games 84 regular-season games 3 post-season games (no All-Star match) Exhibition games Cross-over with other PRO leagues (Alan Brown), semi-pro (LACs)

some Zone 2 events Qualification for games: 1. Attend an RTS 2. Pass the National fitness test Expectations -- Professionalism Professional, face-forward head shot on GameOfficials USSF polo or Coat/tie

Current contact information Email addresses incorporate name ([email protected]) visible to PRO & USSF staff, some team officials Expectations -- Professionalism Keep your calendar up to date NWSL is priority assignment over nonprofessional matches, BUT: If conflict with LAC assignment or major tournament, call/email Serafini If injured, ill, or family/work issues,

call/email to protect you and game integrity Big picture, long-term view Expectations -- Professionalism TV, Video, Live Streaming Decisions are viewed by public Communication on & off field Verbal + written + body language Public view, cameras, with/without knowledge Social media Public view of your posts, pictures by teams,

fans, media, league Do not construe bias, favoritism Perception = Reality Representing U.S. Soccer, PRO, assignor, officiating, yourself elevate the image of each one at every opportunity Assignments Preseason & Exhibition matches vs unaffiliated teams on ArbiterSports Preseason & Exhibition matches vs

affiliated teams on GameOfficials College team host through college assignor Regular season -- released via GameOfficials every Tuesday at 7pm for matches 3 weeks out Assessments

All matches -- National Assessors Some assessors may carpool with officials Posted in GameOfficials Month in Review with officials via webinar Performances assignments Opportunities to advance Local Regional Regional National

Part of development path to MLS & FIFA Guidelines Match Acceptance If driving <60 miles, accept/decline match within 24 hours If driving >60 miles (rental car) or flying, contact Travel Agent within 24 hours and accept match after travel is approved Rental cars with carpool for > 60 miles drive, also check web for prices, may be lower than travel agents

Travel Agent Sportscorp Travel Phone: 905-857-8599 Fax: 905-951-0433 After-Hours: 905-857-8588 Bernard Samuel [email protected] Direct Line: 905-499-3028 Jackie Ashton [email protected]

Direct Line: 905-499-2052 Flights Contact Sportscorp agent within 24 hrs Use travel website farewatch feature, can suggest alternative itinerary if cost Frequent fliers can specify airline if cost or if you cover the difference with own CC (not a reimburseable expense) Hotels

Booked either by home team or Sportscorp, no upfront cost to official Sportscorp bookings include airport shuttle, breakfast, and internet at no extra cost Team bookings include airport shuttle Notify Serafini if at same hotel as visiting team Use CC for check-in and incidentals Ground Transportation Limited budget, diligence

Assignments made with carpools in mind Target of $35 max per official, airport parking, tolls, $0.565/mile If driving over 60 miles from venue, rental car likely better option Contact Sportscorp for preferred rate with National Rent-a-Car Also research websites for lower cost Driver must be 25 or older with CC, expense out Per Diem

$50 max Pro-rated by time increments (1-8 hrs. = $10.00; 9-16 hrs. = $25.00; 1724+ hrs. = $50.00) Expense Reports Available on PRO website KEEP ALL RECEIPTS reqd for reimbursement Scan & email to John Loder at PRO [email protected] One report per match

Note pay period deadlines 17th & 2nd No game fees on expense report autopay by GoPay Game Fees Paid via GoPay on GameOfficials Done automatically linked to assignments Game Notices Sent by Lindsey Gamrod Referee must contact crew within 24 hrs of

receiving game notice Review all colors to avoid conflict Teams, goalkeepers, officials Review for accuracy Itinerary, hotel, transportation, contact info Game Day Arrival = 2 hours prior to kickoff Do pregame before stadium arrival whenever possible

Attire = Dress Blues Blue Blazer Shirt/tie (men), shirt or blouse (women) Grey slacks, dress shoes Can wear polo under blazer for departure No warm-ups to or from the match Uniforms

OSI, button-up jerseys, latest style Match jersey sleeve-length and socks Black shoes Avoid warm-up with USA on back Black OSI or Nike t-shirt for warm-up Avoid Skittles, try to match each other for off-field attire if possible

Rules of Competition See Ops Manual for full details 3 substitutions from 7 named substitutes Max 16 on bench 9 players (7 named subs, 2 non-playing) 7 non-players (coaches, medical staff, etc.) No Owners, GMs, other executives unless on player roster or as recognized coach Match Reports and Self-Evals

Hard copy at venue, use CAPITAL BLOCK LETTERS and Black Ink for Match & Competition Incident Reports Referees must complete the Referee Checklist Electronic match report in GameOfficials within 24 hrs Call Serafini immediately post-match for major incidents (RCs, ++Inj, Bnch Dis, Asslt, Spct Inc) All officials must complete self-evaluation Within one week of match Base on video review

Priorities Priority #1 is to get the play right Critical incidents Penalty area decisions (calls and no-calls) DOGSO Sending off offenses, especially SFP and VC Offside decisions Goals scored and goals disallowed 2nd cautions Linked back to 1st cautions given or not given

Have a great season!

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