Mid term review Neolithic Revolution Paleo, Humans, Neolithic

Mid term review Neolithic Revolution  Paleo, Humans, Neolithic

Mid term review Neolithic Revolution Paleo, Humans, Neolithic revolution, Permanent settlements Cities, Complex Governments, Writing, arts, Technology Geo Features- Fresh water, Fertile Soil, Mild Climates

Stable food source allows for specialization in other fields Turning point- alternative to hunting and gathering Women's roles decrease as mens increase Mesopotamia, Huang He, Nile River, and Indus- Settled around river valleys Ancient Civilizations

Mongul: Akbar- Peace and stabilty Gupta (India)- Contribution to arts and science Hindu traditions, poems, drama Age of Pericles(Greece)-Contribution to arts and science Tang Dynasty(China)-Contribution to arts and science, civil service exams

Song China- Developed paper money- pay taxes with money instead of grain Religions Judaism- 1st monotheistic religion, emerged among Hebrews. Single God Zoroastrianism- Persian, monotheistic

Christianity- Percecuted by the Romans, refused to worship Roman gods and emporers Greek Civilizations Mountain terrain isolated people into citystates Polis- City State

Women in the Roman Empire Could make wills Own Land Roman women enjoyed some rights in the Roman Empire Taj Mahal

Built by Shah Jahan as a tribute to his dead wife Technological Advancements in China Contributed to the economic growth and cultural advancement in China

Medieval Europe Silk road- Trade route from China to the West Feudal System(Like the Caste System in India)- Social class system that developed after the turmoil of repeated invasions into the Roman Empire Crusades- Christians and Muslims fought over control of Jerusalem, the Holy City to both.

Impact of the Crusades- Increase trade Ends Crusades by creating an trade revival and exposure to new technology and learning. Black Death People thought it was the wrath of God or Jews poisoning Christians

Role of the Catholic Church in Western Europe Stability, Unity, and order to Western Europe Exploration in the 1400s All water route to Asia

Renaissance Spirit Technological advances allow for exploration further Renaissance in Italy Creativity Highly encouraged Leonardo Da Vinci- Paintings and inventions

Nicolo Machiavelli- Wrote The Prince about how to stay in power-FEAR Humanist study human form Printing Press Availability in books Increase in literacy rates

Spread of Martin Luthers ideas Reformation Reformers unhappy about church selling indulgences- paid forgiveness of sin Corruption in the Church

Martin Luther- disagreed with sale of indulgences, Started Reformation, Faith alone will save you John Calvin- Reformer like Luther, Predestination-God already knows if you are going to heaven Counter Reformation Reinstate the power of the Catholic Church

Thirty Year War- War between Catholics and Protestants Exploration and Colonization Columbian Exchange- Transfer of foods, plants, and animals during colonization of Americas.

Effect- Introduction of new foods to both Europe and Americas Pre-Columbian Empires Aztec- Central Mexico, Calendar, Conquered by Cortes with superior military technology Mayans- Yucatan, Calendar, concept of Zero

Incas- South America, Road System Merchantilism African Slave Trade African culture spreads across Americas Africans in the Americas have no common

culture Population losses in West Africa Triangular trade depended on Slave Trade

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