Funding and Monitoring Team To maximise the external

Funding and Monitoring Team To maximise the external

Funding and Monitoring Team To maximise the external funding brought into Fife and to ensure that local groups are able to realise their projects. In addition we monitor all the funding that is given by Fife Council to Voluntary organisations to ensure best How our Team can help you By receiving project briefs and advising what is the most appropriate funding source By commenting on draft applications & suggesting improvements By giving examples of projects that have been funded elsewhere in Scotland

By providing contacts in other countries & councils if necessary for funding By arranging information briefings for organisations in your locality Funding Sources Fife Council National Lottery Foundations and Trusts Fife Council Grants

Enterprise Grants Special Projects Grants Youth Work Grants Culture Grants Sports Grants Community Capital Grants Community Organisation Grants Floral Enhancement Grants Community Events Grants Childcare Grants

Tenants Groups Fife Charities Trust Leader in Fife Programme Common Good Fund Local Community Planning Budget 2.6 million 2012 2013 Supports local projects and initiatives in partnership with community partners, voluntary organisations, Fife Council Services and external partners. Should reflect the priorities in the Area Plans

Growing a vibrant economy Increasing opportunities and reducing poverty and inequality Improving the quality of life in local communities Promoting a sustainable society Reforming Fifes public services National Lottery Over 2.5 billion awarded to Scotland so far 88 million to projects in Fife Distributed by 4 different bodies in Scotland Big Lottery Fund [Big Fund] Heritage Lottery Fund Creative Scotland SportScotland Which small grant? projects focus is

Improving community, sports or arts activities/new organisations Awards for All Developing new ideas or new ways of working Engaging new people in sports or physical

activity Investing in Ideas 2014 Communities Investing in Communities people, families and communities most in need Life Transitions to support individuals at key times of change Supporting 21st Century Life to build stronger families and stronger communities

Growing Community Assets to enable communities to have more control & influence over their own future through ownership of assets Large grants - 10,000 to 1m three investment areas Two stage application process Very focused outcomes Fit, need and capacity Development support and/or funding available Full Cost Recovery Approximately 8 months process Heritage

Sharing Heritage 3000 - 10 000 to explore, share and celebrate a communitys heritage events, exhibitions, publications, volunteers Our Heritage 10 000 - 100 000 to support all types of heritage projects smaller parks and greenspaces, museum collections, activities that explore language, culture and memories Heritage Grants 100 000 - 5 m for all type of heritage projects Young Roots 10,000 - 50,000 to engage young people in heritage First World War 3,000 - 10,000 grants to communities to mark centenary of First World War

Successful Applications Clear objectives and achievable outcomes Outputs and milestones are measurable Meet the funders stated priorities Evidence the need for your project Exciting and innovative Demonstrate good governance and skills Member involvement Why Applications are Unsuccessful

Recent survey of funders carried out by Grantnet revealed the failure of applications could be attributed to: applicant ineligibility 67% gave this as the main reason ineligible activities 61% gave this as the main reason organisational viability that is capacity or governance issues 64% poor standard of presentation 56% 8.9% of funders said it would be unlikely that their whole budget would be allocated in 2013; 60% of those funders said that this was because there were not enough applications

Nicola Buchanan Policy Officer Funding and Monitoring Team Corporate Services Fife Council 03451 55 55 55 Ext 441000 [email protected]

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