Document No: Source: Contact: Agenda Item: GSC-21_017 (R1)

Document No: Source: Contact: Agenda Item: GSC-21_017 (R1)

Document No: Source: Contact: Agenda Item: GSC-21_017 (R1) IEEE-SA Glenn Parsons 4.05 IEEE Smart Cities Glenn Parsons, IEEE Standards Association 26-27 September 2017 HOSTED BY IEEE Smart Cities Initiative The IEEE supported a Smart Cities Initiative approved by the IEEE Board of Directors and Technical Activities from 2013-2016 The IEEE Smart Cities Initiative is a global, multi-disciplinary effort to: Drive a Top-Down Initiative where the IEEE worked directly with the municipalities Create a vibrant and world wide network of cities, providing education, insights and expertise Collaborate to share knowledge, experience and good practices Involve local governance, universities, industries and local IEEE volunteers Assist municipalities in managing the transition to urbanization Raise awareness of the benefits and downsides of technology and help guide the appropriate uses of technology The IEEE Smart Cities initiative is now managed by IEEE PES from 2017

Pg 2 | 26-27 September 2017 The Initiative Galaxy The Smart Cities Initiative Network & Forum IEEE Affiliated Cities Buenos Aires, Argentina Issy-les-Moulineaux, France Cape Town, South Africa Medelln, Colombia Core Cities A Corua, Spain Natal, Brazil Trento Ariana, Tunisia Wuxi Pune, India Diamniadio, Senegal Sabadell, Spain

Guadalajara Guayaquil, Ecuador Casablanca Sfax, Tunisia Kansas City Good Practices Conferences Knowledge MOOCs Pg 3 | Standards 26-27 September 2017 White Papers 3 IEEEs Smart Cities Initiative Urbanization Challenge Purpose & Scope: Assist municipalities in managing this transition to urbanization. Raise awareness of the benefits and downsides of technology and help guide the appropriate uses of technology. By engaging with IEEE, municipalities would be assured that the best of breed technologies and standards are being utilized in their projects.

Pilot in Guadalajara, Mexico The Guadalajara Municipality has launched a major project, Guadalajara Ciudad Creativa, (GCC) whose goals are very much aligned with the IEEE Urbanization initiative. Portal: Pg 4 | 26-27 September 2017 Initiative Deliverables As a framework for the initiative Web Portal Knowledge Database: Whitepapers, applications, metrics, uses cases, etc. On-Line Technical Community Dissemination through press releases, newsletter, conferences, social media For each of the selected cities Completion of workshops & conferences in cities planning or building a smart Pg 5 | city Working groups and whitepapers Metrics to measure effectiveness of municipality efforts to evolve to Smart City Published theses and doctoral dissertations from university students in each city MOOCs Courses developed by the universities on jointly agreed upon topics Standards

26-27 September 2017 Whitepapers Guadalajara Mexico Cloud Computing Architecture Smart Buildings Introduction Living Lab for Smart Territory Virtualized Networks for Smart Cities Smart people: Through Data Utilization Guadalajaras SmartCity Metrics Structure Data Analytics for Smart Grid Efficiency Data Visualization for Georeferenced IoT Open Data Flows Digital Interactive Kiosks Interfaces The role of the Data Scientist within Smart Cities Sensor Networks and the IoT

Urban Operating Systems for Sensor Network Management in Smart Cities NoSQL method for the metric analysis s ODF best practices Smart Food: Integrated Supply Chain in a Smart City Application of Business Analytics on Big Data Scenarios Kansas City United States Lidar Data in City Planning A Vision for Smart Cities Adaptive System for Multiple Policy Goals capacity planning of wireless networks using user mobility behavior in smart cities High Reliability 4G and 5G Cellular Wireless Services for Smart Cities Privacy Protection for Police Body Camera Systems Ubiquitous Wireless Connectivity through Dense Small Cell Resilience and Survivability for Future Wireless Wuxi China Pg 6 | Current Situation and Future Plan

Smart Environment Protection Solutions and Plan of Smart Healthcare 26-27 September 2017 Real-Time Low Cost Surveillance Sys Using Gamification for Resident Eng Energy Systems for Smart Citie Big Data and Open Data for a S Fostering Smart Mobility for M Innovative Tourism Services Smart Citizens for Healthy Citie Smart Government -Toward an One-Stop Shop for Interactiv Trento Italy MOOC Development Underway Four areas of focus for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Pg 7 |

Metrics for Smart Cities Data Analytics & Visualization Internet of Things (IoT) Open Data Framework 26-27 September 2017 IEEE-SA: Home for Emerging Technologies Industry Connections Program Incubation program for pre-standards work and related standards work Helps incubate new standards and related products and services Facilitating collaboration among organizations and individuals as they refine their thinking on rapidly changing technologies The output of IC programs can be several White paper development Standards Gap Analysis identify need for new standards

Creation of awareness on emerging technologies through workshops Test bed development Pg 8 | 26-27 September 2017 IEEE-SA IC Programs Few Examples IEEE Open Data Engage stakeholders to assess existing Open Data initiatives, identify standards needs; Having a globally accepted definition, and structure for Open Data will enable interoperability In assisting local government to make data open, companies will benefit from access to these institutions. We need to ensure that the local ecosystem is maintained. IEEE Smart Cities Compliance Indicators The goal of the activity is to come up with a definition of a Smart City and the factors that determine the smartness of a city.

Identify the indicators of smartness for a city to be called as a smart city; based on these indicators and their impact on the overall environment of the city we will develop a rating index IEEE Actionable Databook for Education IEEE Digital Inclusion through Trust and Agency IEEE Big Data Governance and Metadata Management Pg 9 | 26-27 September 2017 . Integrated Horizontal and Vertical Technologies IEEE-SA has a strong presence in the complete lifecycle of standards development Industry Connections, Standards Development & Conformity Assessment Vertical Focused Standards Horizontal Platforms Smart Grid

IEEE 802 (wired/wireless) protocols Transportation IEEE 5G standardisation Digital Health IEEE IoT standardisation Infrastructure Management Augmented Reality Industrial Automation/Smart Factory Cybersecurity Smart Homes Blockchain Ethics Pg 10 | 26-27 September 2017 IEEE Standards Impact Smart City Technology Pg 11 |

26-27 September 2017 IEEE Standards on Smart Cities Seamless Connectivity - New 802 Initiative: High Efficiency WLAN (HEW) Point-of-Sight in Stadium Location Services Consumer Wearable Enhanced Video Pg 12 | 26-27 September 2017 12 IEEE P1931.1 - Standard for an Architectural Framework for Real-time Onsite Operations Facilitation (ROOF) Technical and functional interoperability for IoT systems that operate and cooperate in a secure and independent manner within the context of a local environment such as home, factory, office or airport, etc. Defines an architectural framework, protocols and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for providing Real-time Onsite Operations Facilitation (ROOF). ROOF computing and networking for the data and the devices include next-hop connectivity for the devices, real-time context building and decision triggers, efficient backhaul connectivity to the cloud, and security & privacy.

Defines how an end user is able to securely provision, commission and decommission the devices. Pg 13 | 26-27 September 2017 Impact and Role of the IEEE IoT Standardization Efforts in the Smart Cities Ecosystem - IEEE R10 Tensymp Confferene, Kchi India IEEE 5G Standards: Creating a paradigm shift Advanced Communication Systems (5G and beyond) Evolutionary Providing higher bandwidth and lower latency than current-generation technology Revolutionary Expected to enable fundamentally new applications, with much more stringent requirements in latency (e.g., real time) and bandwidth (e.g., streaming) Benefits promised by 5G cut across multiple layers Software-defined networking (SDN) Network-functions virtualization (NFV) Internet of Things (IoT)

Benefits for end users Quality of Service Flexibility Anytime/Anywhere Connectivity Ease of use Dynamic nature of the network Pg 14 | Frugal 5G 26-27 September 2017 IEEE: Standards and Global Collaboration for 5G IEEE provides a complete, end-to-end, collaborative framework today for accelerating the realization of 5G and its revolutionary use cases tomorrow Mobile Edge Cloud brings SDN/NFV frameworks and data path programmability to the proximity of end users as key enablers for service differentiation SoftRAN is to create a SD RAN flexible enough to control applications with the wireline centric concepts of fog in a SD-controller IEEE P1589/P1587.6/P1857.9/P3333.2.4 Industry Connections the integration of computer-generated sensory content with the physical world

Pg 15 | IEEE 802.11 standard supported by almost any mobile device in the market today WiFi Open MEC IEEE SoftRAN +Fog IEEE 1914 & IEEE 802.1CM flexible, efficient and scalable packet-based fronthaul transport networks FH Tactile Internet IEEE 1918 non/mission-critical applications (e.g. manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, mobility, edutainment, events) IEEE 11073 AR eHealth

provides a global platform for eHealth stakeholders IoT IEEE P2413 / 1471 / 42010 26-27 September 2017 Thank you For more information, please contact: Glenn Parsons [email protected] IEEE-SA Pg 16 | 26-27 September 2017

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