Setting up Positive Norms in Maths classes In

Setting up Positive Norms in Maths classes In

Setting up Positive Norms in Maths classes In a growth mindset students understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching

and persistence. they believe everyone can get smarter if they work at it." Mistakes grow your brain! It is good to struggle and make mistakes.

Tell students that you love mistakes and that they will be valued at all times. We know that when people make mistakes, their brains are growing. Ask students to present their mistakes (especially deep, conceptual ones) on the board so

that everyone can learn from them. When marking errors on tests and key assessment work help them understand what went wrong and how to fix it. ->SALT

Give students a chance to correct their mistakes and redo their work. This allows mistakes to become learning opportunities. -> DIRT

When a student makes a mistake in a class discussion, ask probing questions such as "Why do you think so? Can you give an example? If you could ask yourself a question about your answer, what would it be?

Use of mini whiteboards for rough working.

Have a wall where students can brag about their biggest mistakes and what they learned from them. Model persistance, tell the class about your own mistakes, especially if they are funny, and

what you learned from them. Wall of Mistakes During a lesson, choose 4 common mistakes and get students to identify what went wrong

DIRT DIRT Use of prepared mistakes/misconceptions in plenar

COMPOUND SHAPES MINI-PLENARY SPOT THE MISTAKE Harold finds the area of the compound shape below: A 4cm

B Area of compound shape = Area of A + Area of B Area of compound shape = 10 x 4 + 4 x 5 Area of compound shape = 40 + 20

Area of compound shape = 60cm2 Common misconceptions/errors in exams during briefing sessions Spot the mistake

Calculate the mean: Mathematics Mistakes

Science Mistakes History and Geography Mistakes English Mistakes

PE Mistakes Try everything

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