Training Overview Electronic Driver Logs & DVIR EOBR

Training Overview Electronic Driver Logs & DVIR EOBR

Training Overview Electronic Driver Logs & DVIR EOBR Overview Electronic Driver Logs & DVIR EOBR

Safety and compliance centric application suite Helps fleets comply with federal regulations Improve fleet safety Increase fleet and corporate productivity Full featured applications compliant with FMCSA Regulations Driver Logs 395.15 DVIR 396.11 and .13 regulations

EOBR An End-to-End Compliance Application Suite Mobile Applications Communications Channel Host Applications

Provides drivers with real time duty status to help them stay within safety and compliance parameters. Assists with road side inspections.

Exchanges information between the mobile and web application via a wireless data network. Provides back office personnel information for real-time paperless compliance and resource

management. Mobile Application: Sign-in Screen Driver Sign-in Screen Initial screen driver will see when device is powered on The icon in the top right displays the device connectivity at the given moment - When Green

: Device has connectivity with the website - When Grey : Communications is turned off by the application because there is nothing to send to the website - When Grey with a red X : The device is out of communications coverage Mobile Application: Sign-in Screen

Driver Sign-in Screen On-Screen Keyboard 123456 123456 Drivers are issued a driver ID by fleet managers

Tapping in the Driver ID text box displays the pop-up keyboard Drivers enter their Driver ID using the pop keyboard and tap Done when complete Drivers will then tap Sign-in on the screen to the left to continue Mobile Application: Requesting Logs The device contacts the website and checks for the latest driver logs If after 60 seconds the logs have not been received, the driver will have the option to

stop the request and move on to the next screen. Mobile Application: Preview Availability The Preview Availability Screen allows the driver to see how much driving time they currently have before signing in The following information is displayed on the Preview Availability Screen - Driver Name:

Name of driver attempting to log in - Last status: Date, time, and time zone of last status change - Gain Time at: Date and time the driver will gain more driving time - Driving time left: Driving time the driver has available if they log in now Mobile Application: Preview Availability

This screen lets drivers know current availability before they change their status to On Duty giving them the opportunity to cancel and wait until they have a complete reset A driver may only have to wait a small amount of time before they gain

more driving time Mobile Application: Preview Availability In this example Gain time at is shown as N/A as the driver has the maximum amount of their driving time available and it is not possible for them to gain more time.

Mobile Application: Preview Availability In this example the driver only has a partial days worth of driving time available to them as shown in the bar graph. Gain time at shows the time of the next reset where the driver will gain additional driving time The driver can use the cancel button to return to the sign in screen and wait to sign in at the reset time

If the driver would like to proceed they simply tap the Next button Mobile Application: Initial Status The driver is now prompted to select an initial duty status. The driver should select the Driver button. - This places the driver into an On-Duty Status until the system detects vehicle motion.

- When the system detects vehicle motion the driver will automatically be transitioned to a Driving status - If DVIR is installed tapping on this button will also kick off the DVIR pre-trip workflow Mobile Application: DVIR Inspection Information When the operator signs in as driver, the driver will see the DVIR (Driver Vehicle

Inspection Reporting) screens. The first of those is the Enter Inspection Information screen. This screen will present 3 fields to the driver for verification. This information is pre-populated for the driver. - Current Vehicle - Odometer - Location Once the driver confirms this information they can request the previous drivers post trip inspection of the vehicle by tapping on the Request DVIR button.

Mobile Application: DVIR Inspection Information The operator will see confirmation that the latest DVIR information has been received To review an existing DVIR the driver taps the Next button Mobile Application: DVIR Inspection Information

The driver now has the opportunity to review this previous post trip information Drivers can use the scroll bar to move up and down on the screen as needed

Mobile Application: DVIR Inspection Information This screen shows the Previous Post Trip DVIR information - Vehicle: The vehicle identification as assigned by the carrier - Odometer: Odometer reading at the time of the DVIR - Location: Location at the time of the DVIR - Defects:

Documented defects with the equipment from previous post trip inspection - Created by: Who created the DVIR and when Mobile Application: DVIR Inspection Information In this example a defect was documented by the previous driver If a mechanic documented any repairs on the vehicle these will also be displayed in the downloaded DVIR.

Mobile Application: DVIR Certification The driver then needs to certify the vehicle safe or unsafe to operate The driver can then enter any notes as appropriate The driver then selects Finish to proceed to the Driver Overview Screen Mobile Application: Driver Overview Screen

This is the main screen from which all other features are accessed for the driver The Driver Overview screen also summarizes current information for a single driver, including: - Duty status - Driving time remaining under each operating rule. Mobile Application: Overview and Status

On the top left hand side of the screen you will see the drivers name and status In this case the driver is On-Duty and designated as the driver The operator will be automatically placed into Driving status when the vehicle goes into motion Mobile Application: Overview and Status

The Driving Time Left status bar indicates the drivers available driving time. The value displayed represents the lowest of the values of the Daily Driving, Daily Duty and Weekly Duty rules Status bar color indicates the following: - Green: Greater than 3 hours of driving time remains - Yellow: Between 1 and 3 hours of driving remains - Red: Less than 1 hour of driving remains, audible alarm starts

Mobile Application: Overview and Status The driving time details can be accessed by clicking on Driving time left. The bolded time listed in the driving time details is the first rule you will be subject to

according to the Hours of Service Rules. Driving Rest Break Daily Duty Weekly Duty Gain Time In:

Property Carrying CMV Drivers Passenger Carrying CMV Drivers 11-Hour Driving Limit 10-Hour Driving Limit 8-Hour Driving Limit (before 30 min Rest Break) N/A 14-Hour Limit

15-Hour On-Duty Limit 60/70-Hour On-Duty Limit 60/70-Hour On-Duty Limit Gain time in is calculated if a driver has less than a full days driving time available and if the driver is currently in a Sleeper Berth. Gain time cannot be calculated if the driver is in an On Duty or Driving Status. If the drivers are On Duty or Driving the Gain time in will show N/A

Mobile Application: Overview and Status The icons in the upper right corner: - The is present when a shipment has not been added using the add shipment functionality under the Resources button - The icon is present when a trailer has not been added using the add trailer

functionality under the Resources button Mobile Application: Overview and Status The buttons on the right hand side allow drivers to access additional functions: Mobile Application: Overview and Status

View Logs: Used to view 7 days of log history Mobile Application: View Logs Displays driver logs in familiar format with information being captured automatically - Name of the driver and driver log date - 24 hour graph of all duty statuses since midnight - Total time in each duty status shown along the right Name of the

driver and driver log date Mobile Application: View Logs Previous Log Button/Next Log Button: Used to display the previous and next days logs

Mobile Application: View Logs Events View allows drivers to clearly view daily activity All events are listed sequentially by time - Duty status changes, including the time and location - Exemptions claimed, including time applied - Other remarks recorded by driver or application

Mobile Application: View Logs Details View provides the driver a summary view of their current assets as well as mileage and driving time Total miles driven today Total hours on duty for the 7 / 8 consecutive day period including today Names of co-driver(s) Vehicle and Trailer ID

Shipment info (document number(s), or name of shipper and commodity) Mobile Application: View Logs Office view displays the name of their carrier and main office address On any of the view logs screens, the driver taps on the Driver Overview button to return to Driver Overview Screen

Mobile Application: Overview and Status View DVIR: View inspection information for roadside inspections Mobile Application: View DVIR The driver has the ability to view the most recent DVIR. The driver can select the next resource button to view additional inspection

information (i.e.. Trailers) Mobile Application: Overview and Status Driver Options: Used to add remarks, request an exception, document preand post trip time, or add missing data. Mobile Application: Driver Options

Drivers use this menu system to access these features: - Add Remarks - Take Exemptions - Add missing data - Request Logs - Add time to logs using Pre/Post Shift - Scroll bars are provided to move left or right to view all buttons

Mobile Application: Driver Options Add Remark Drivers can add remarks (notes or comments) to their logs which can be viewed on the host website or by DOT officials on the mobile device Drivers use the on screen keyboard to enter the (notes or comments) and tap on the Done button to proceed Mobile Application: Driver Options - Remarks

Once the Drivers taps done he can review the (notes or comments). If satisfied the driver taps on the OK button to commit the remark or Cancel to return to the Driver Options screen Mobile Application: Driver Options - Exceptions Emergency - exempts the driver from all driving rules

- Normally used in conditions of national states of emergency Adverse Conditions - allows the driver 2 extra hours of driving time - Available when unexpected conditions prevent the driver from arriving at his destination in the normal driving time for his driver type 16 Hour - allows the driver an extra 2 hours of On Duty time - Available on to 7 day property carrying drivers who meet certain criteria Mobile Application: Driver Options - Exceptions

Drivers are required to enter the reason for exceptions using the on-screen keyboard tapping on the Done button when finished Driver can review his comments in the details text box prior to tapping on the OK button and committing the exception to his logs Mobile Application: Driver Options Missing Data

The Driver Options button will turn red on the driver overview indicating there is missing data in the logs that could be corrected by the driver. By tapping on the Driver Options button the driver is given the opportunity to input the missing information. For example GPS may not have been captured due to a vehicle location that obscured the GPS signal. Mobile Application: Driver Options Missing Data

Drivers are then prompted to correct the missing data by tapping on the red missing data button. The driver can then enter the missing information using the on-screen keyboard by tapping in the city text box and using the state drop down box to choose the state Mobile Application: Driver Options Request Logs

Request Logs is used to download the latest logs to the mobile device Driver taps on Request Logs button and a confirmation box appears for the driver to confirm the action

Driver taps on Yes or No to confirm If Yes logs are compared to the web and downloaded to the device Mobile Application: Driver Options Pre-Shift Activity Start Activity End

Drivers can easily log time worked away from the vehicle (On Duty not Driving) for accurate record keeping. The pre shift screen allows the driver to enter a start time before the their most recent sign in. The post shift screen allows the driver to enter a stop time for their sign out. Mobile Application: Overview and Status

Resources: - Allows the driver to add shipments and trailer information. - The indicators in the top right hand corner appear when Shipments and Trailers have not been added Mobile Application: Resources - Shipments

Resources Screen Current Shipments To add a shipment, enter a shipping document number or other shipment reference number provided by your carrier using the on-screen keyboard Then tap Add to add the shipment to the list To remove a shipment, tap on it to highlight it in the list, and then tap Remove

When finished adding or removing shipments tap on the Done button to return the Resources screen Mobile Application: Resources - Trailers

To add or remove a trailer tap on the Trailer button Enter a trailer ID in the ID text box and then tap Add to add the trailer to the list To drop a trailer, tap on it to highlight it in the list, and then tap Remove When a trailer is added or dropped it will initiate a pre or post trip inspection (DVIR) Mobile Application: Overview and Status

Sign In Driver: Allows other drivers to sign in for Co-Driver situations - Tapping in sign in driver button presents the driver with the initial sign screen to enter another driver id. - As you can see a Cancel button is provided to cancel the action and return to the driver overview screen Mobile Application: Overview and Status

Change Status: Change a drivers status and sign out - By tapping on the Change Status button the driver sees the status selection screen Mobile Application: Change Status Log Off

At the end of the shift drivers use the Change Status button to sign off The status screen is presented to the driver The driver chooses the Off Duty button to sign off This will initiate the Post trip inspection workflow

Mobile Application: DVIR Inspection Information The post trip DVIR uses the same screens as a trailer DVIR. When creating a Post-Trip DVIR the driver can select No Defects for the asset (Vehicles and Trailers typically), if no defects exist and go straight to the certification screen Otherwise, if defects exists drivers should select Add Defects for the highlighted asset

Mobile Application: DVIR Parts and Defects Parts Screen Defect Screen If a defect exists, the driver will tap on Add Defects and the parts screen will appear

allowing the driver to scroll through the Parts and select the part that applies, i.e. Brakes. After the driver selects Add they will be taken to the Defects Screen for that Part where they can select the details of the defect or enter free hand text to describe the defect. This process is repeated for each Defect. Multiple Details can be selected for each Part. When the driver is done adding defects, tapping on the done button will present the DVIR summary Mobile Application: DVIR Summary

The DVIR summary screen provided the driver with a way to verify what has been entered and an opportunity to go back and modify before changing to and Off duty status and signing out of the device If the driver is satisfied with the entry he taps on the Next button that will sign the driver out and place the driver in and OFF Duty Status Mobile Application: Initial Sign in Screen

Once a driver signs out the initial sign in screen is shown on the display allowing another driver to sign into this vehicle Mobile Application: Vehicle in Motion Screen When the vehicle is in motion a driver lockout screen is displayed showing the drivers that are logged in and their remaining driving hours

If the driver began moving and forgot to log in, the vehicle in motion screen reminds the driver to log in and set their status as Driver. Mobile Application: In Violation Vehicle in Motion Screen Driver Overview Screen

In Violation screens alert the driver when they are in violation of FMCSA Regulations Accompanied by audio warnings Electronic Driver Logs And Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting Host Application

Web Interface: Sign in The website is accessed from any computer using a internet browser The sign in screen requires Organization and user credentials to sign in. A company administrator will have access permissions to create these credentials for all users Each user must have a unique user id for auditing purposes

Web Interface: Home Host Application: Driver Logs Host Application: Availability Report Host Application: Hours and Miles Report

Host Application: Log Edit Report Host Application: Violations Screen Host Application: Print Multiple Logs Host Application: Driver Portal

Host Application: Inspection Reports (Filters) Host Application: Inspection Reports (Results) Host Application: DVIR - Report View Host Application: Inspection Checklist (Parts)

Host Application: Inspection Checklist (Defects) Thank you! Chris Karbs, iTech GPS Navman Wireless 425 Stone Bridge Edmond, OK 73034

Direct: 405-476-7230 US Customer Support : +1 (866) 527-9896

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