GCSE Mathematics Mr J Lawton KS3 coordinator [email protected]

GCSE Mathematics Mr J Lawton KS3 coordinator lawton@westhillschool.co.uk

GCSE Mathematics Mr J Lawton KS3 coordinator [email protected] Miss A Whitehead KS4 coordinator [email protected] The new GCSE There is only one mathematics qualification available at GCSE Two tiers Foundation and Higher

The new GCSE 9-1 specification is more challenging than in the past The new GCSE There are three papers, each lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes Paper 1 is non-calculator Papers 2 and 3 are calculator papers The new specification GCSE quotes five main areas of mathematics Number numeracy, fractions, decimals, percentages.

Algebra generalising situations by using formulae, expressions, equations. Geometry and Measures area/perimeter, measure, transformations Statistics and Probability Probability, collecting and representing data. Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change Examination content Foundation Marks

50% New grade 1 2 Old grade G/F

E 50% Lower 3 D- Upper 3 4 5

D+ C C/B Higher Marks 50%

50% New grade 4 5 6 7

8 9 Old grade C C/B B

A A/A* A** What can the boys be doing to help? MyMaths Username westhill

Each student has their own individual second tier log in if they dont know it they need to ask their class teacher. Password area PIXL Maths App All boys will be given login details for this Google PIXL maths app and it is the first

search result. GCSE Examiners reports On all papers, the quality of arithmetic gave cause for concern. Poor arithmetic results in the loss of too many marks, and more time spent by centres on

basic arithmetic skills would be time well spent. On non-calculator papers, it is the standard of basic arithmetic that loses marks through the paper. And this concern is at all levels of ability. Their comprehension of mathematics often outstrips their numerical ability. Arithmetic errors caused problems for

students who otherwise engaged with a question and decided not to use a calculator. Some students did not show the working from their calculator. Arithmetic Take a challenge allows both legacy spec and 9-1 spec challenges to be taken

Therapy Tuition PowerPoints and videos Practice questions Answers Expectations The Mathematics syllabus has the most content of any GCSE, so every lesson counts

Concentration, maturity, a good work ethic and commitment Homework completing on time and acting on feedback Expectations Taking responsibility for their own learning addressing any areas for improvement One form time a week is dedicated to improving their numeracy skills, so boys must use this time wisely How can you help as parents?

Check that your son is completing homework Check exercise books and look at teacher feedback Use the maths objectives sheets to target weak areas and extend their learning Use assessments review sheets to target questions they got wrong

How can you help as parents? Revision boys need to be revising now! If they have not already done so, boys need to purchase revision materials ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT Casio FX85GT+ Scientific Calculator 8.00 Maths Equipment pack

1.00 RECOMMENDED REVISION GUIDE Collins AQA GCSE Revision and Practice book (Higher / Foundation) 4.00 REVISION RESOURCES The Mathematical Association GCSE Revision cards (Higher / Foundation)

7.50 Pocket Poster GCSE Revision book (Higher / Foundation) 3.30 Collins Grade Busters 2.00 Collins Snap Revision booklets

(Geometry and Measures, Algebra) 1.00 Buy it now! Revision resources can be ordered this evening. Complete order form, along with payment, inside the envelope Write pupils name, form and maths class on envelope Buy it later

Bring completed order form and money to pupils maths teacher Cash / cheque / PP vouchers accepted GCSE Mathematics Miss S Butler Head of Mathematics [email protected] Mr J Lawton KS3 coordinator [email protected]

Miss A Whitehead KS4 coordinator [email protected]

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