Graduate School in Psychology SELECTION, APPLICATION, AND SUCCESSFUL ADMISSION. Types of programs research psychobiological social cognitive personality developmental experimental

professional/applied clinical counseling industrial-organizational school psychology educational psychology health psychology

community psychology environmental psychology forensic psychology sports psychology psychology and law Type of degree Ph.D. (doctorate of philosophy in psychology) research oriented dissertation required 5+ years Psy.D. (doctorate of psychology) professional degree (no dissertation) 4-5 years (including internship)

MA/MS (master of arts/science) general experimental (Ph.D. prep, IO psych, school psych, clinical, counseling, etc.) 2-3 years (including internship for professional degrees) MSW (masters in social work) MD (medical doctor specializing in mental disorders) 4 years (including rotation and residency) Roanoke College senior exit & alumni surveys for psychology majors (200405) Post-graduation plans (Senior Exit Survey): graduate school now (38%) graduate school someday (41%) no graduate school (22%)

Graduate School Degrees (Exit & Alumni Surveys): MA Counseling (9) JD Law (4) MA School Psych (3) MSW - Masters in Social Work (3) MA I/O Psych (2) PsyD Clinical Psych (2) PhD Child Psych, MA Art Therapy, PhD Education Measurement, M.Ed (Special Education), MA Applied Behavior Analysis, MA School Counseling, MA Early Childhood Education MA Forensic Psychology, MA Real estate/Housing, MA Communications, MA Environmental Studies Finding a program

literature review read articles in your interest areas find professors with similar interests research school & mentor school website order brochures & application materials contact faculty members are they taking on new students? is there a good fit? Deadlines

Doctoral programs December to February most only accept students in the fall Masters programs May to June (most programs) Paying for school doctoral programs tuition waivers

clinical programs may not offer teaching assistantship (TA) research assistantship (RA) masters programs fellowships TA or RA grant support of mentor student loans Getting accepted GRE plan to take the Fall prior to applying to schools

some programs will require the Psychology Subject GRE grades research experience conference presentations internships letters of recommendation make it easy for your professor: well organized (order by deadline) pre-addressed stamped envelopes give them plenty of time to complete by the deadline

include Vita , Statement of Purpose use Reference Letter Checklist statement of purpose get help, revise, and customize Resources: books Department Chairs Office (Curt Camac) Insiders Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology Careers in Social Work. Graduate Study in Psychology books in the RC library* In the General Collection Perfect Personal Statements: law, business; medical; graduate school

LB2351.52.U6S746 2002 Graduate Admissions Essays: write your way into the graduate school of your choice LB2366.2.A84 2000 In the Reference Collection Graduate Study in Psychology REF BF77.G73 2004 (a copy of this text can also be found in Dr. Curt Camacs office) How to write a winning personal statement for graduate and professional school REF LB2351.52.U6S74 1997 The Psychology Major: career options and strategies for success REF BF76.L36 2003 The GRE CAT for Dummies REF LB2367.4.V558 4th ed. 2000 Cracking the GRE REF LB2367.4.C73 2003 * Thank you to Rebecca Heller of the RC library for compiling this list of resources. Resources: Websites

RC Psyc Dept RC Career Services PsychInfo - conduct a literature review to find professors with similar interests. Departmental Websites (admissions, degrees offered, and interests of individual professors) How to write a Vita ur-ciriculum-vitae How to write a Statement of Purpose Tips on Applying to Graduate School Attend the Application Workshop The application workshop will cover:

How How How How to to to to write a Vita write a Statement of Purpose write a Cover Letter get a good Letter of Recommendation Please bring the following: your current Resume/Vita a list of all of your college activities, organizations, honors, scholarships, internships, research experience, work experience, volunteer experience,

etc. Check out our website: TBA Good Luck!

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