Our logo Carole Prince, A.N.A.C. member-at-large from Manitoba

Our logo Carole Prince, A.N.A.C. member-at-large from Manitoba

Our logo Carole Prince, A.N.A.C. member-at-large from Manitoba designed the logo in the late 1980s. It signifies the circle of life, the maple leaf is geometric similar to many other Native designs, the feather represents Aboriginal nurses, the ulu is Inuit and the flame symbolizes nursing. Mission The mission of the Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada is to improve the

health of Aboriginal people, by supporting Aboriginal Nurses and by promoting the development and practice of Aboriginal Health Nursing. In advancing this mission, the Association will engage in activities related to recruitment and retention, member support, consultation, research and education. Board of Directors: 19 members

Rosella Kinoshameg, Ontario President Evelyn Voyageur, British Columbia VicePresident Elaine Gagnon, Ontario Secretary-Treasurer Lisa Bourque, Alberta Darlene McGougan, British Columbia Fran Dejarlais, Manitoba Vacant, New Brunswick Ada Roberts, Newfoundland Vacant, Labrador Board of Directors contd: Julie Lys, Northwest Territories Sister Veronica Matthews, Nova Scotia

Rebecca Lonsdale, Nunavut Elaine Jeffries, Ontario North Heather Nicholas, Ontario South Vacant, Prince Edward Island Vacant, Quebec-Anglophone Vacant, Quebec-Francophone Wanda Prettyshield, Saskatchewan Gaye Hanson, Yukon Beginnings some history In 1975, the founding assembly of 41 nurses met in Montreal to form the Association of Registered Nurses of Canadian Indian Ancestry committed to working towards

improving the health and health care of Aboriginal people. Jean Goodwill is one of the founding leaders. This Association became incorporated in 1976. In 1983, the membership was extended to include the Inuit and the name was then

changed to Indian and Inuit Nurses of Canada. The latest name change occurred to reflect the current trends. Now the Association is known as the Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada (A.N.A.C.). Past Presidents Grace Easter, Thomas Dignan, Jean Goodwill, Madeleine Dion Stout, Marilyn Sark, Lea Bill, Fjola Hart-Wasekeesikaw, Lisa

Dutcher, Gaye Hanson The six new objectives 1. To recruit and maintain a registry of A.N.A.C. regular and associate members and a resource to membership. 2. To act as an agent in promoting and striving for better health for Aboriginal people; that is a state of complete physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. 3. To conduct research and

knowledge translation/transfer/dissemination on Aboriginal health, culture and nursing including the special needs of Aboriginal people. Six objectives contd 4. To research, assemble and further the health of Aboriginal people and develop Aboriginal Health Nursing. 5. To assist in developing culturally appropriate curriculum in nursing as a means of recruiting and retaining more Aboriginal

people in nursing to better serve Aboriginal communities. 6. To provide advice to Aboriginal and nonAboriginal governmental organizations in developing initiatives designed to improve the health of Aboriginal people. Accomplishments i. Aboriginal nurses are role models who are committed to increasing awareness and involvement in health and health care issues. Many A.N.A.C. members participate as speakers at national and international conferences including: -

Canadian Society on Circumpolar Health - International Network on Indigenous Health Knowledge and Development - Native Womens Association of Canada Accomplishments

(continued) ii. A.N.A.C. collects, compiles and publishes resource materials on health promotion and prevention. - Aboriginal Nurses Day is celebrated May 13th Office of Nursing Services, FNIHB honours nurses with the Award of Excellence. Last year Sandro Echaquan, from the Attikamek community in Manawan, Quebec, Susan Jewitt, from Horse Lake First Nation Health Centre in Alberta, and Gail Redpath,

Supervisor of Programs in Arctic Bay, Nunavut, were recipients. Accomplishments (continued) - Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions and A.N.A.C. partnered on a poster campaign to encourage recruitment. Accomplishments (continued)

iii. A.N.A.C. bases approaches on cooperation, networking, and involvement with other Aboriginal organizations and works in partnership with government and other associations. Memorandums of Understanding have been signed with: - Canadian Federation of Nurses Union and Aboriginal Workforce Participation Initiative - Assembly of First Nations - University of British Columbia and National

Aboriginal Health Organization Accomplishments (continued) iv. A.N.A.C. nurses promote responsibility and encourage Aboriginal people to take control of their health and social issues to enable development and healing to be achieved. Training the Trainers of Postpartum Nurse Home Visitors in First Nations Communities ;

Recruitment and Retention of Aboriginal nurses and nursing students; Aboriginal Health and Human Resources Initiatives (in partnership with CNA & CASN); Aboriginal Nursing Mentorship Pilot Project (in

development); Involvement with the development of Aboriginal content in CNA Nurse-ONE Portal. Membership Members receive 4 newsletters per year Other health publications produced by A.N.A.C. throughout the year Members will also be eligible for travel subsidies or discounts to our annual conference and meetings throughout the

year A listserv has been developed in order to send out bi-weekly updates/briefings Regular members (RNs) are eligible to vote and run for Board membership 32nd Annual Conference Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada August 14, 15 & 16, 2008 Halifax, NS Embracing the Diverse Roles of Aboriginal Nurses www.anac.on.ca Vision

The Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada will be widely recognized as a vital expert resource in advancing the health of Aboriginal communities, through its work with and behalf of Aboriginal nurses.

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