York Parent Carer Forum Friday 31st March 2017

York Parent Carer Forum Friday 31st March 2017

York Parent Carer Forum Friday 31st March 2017 Pat Bullen, NDTi (National Development Team for Inclusion) Preparing for Adulthood Facilitator Y&H Demonstration sites Nine sites, one per region: Newcastle Cheshire West & Chester Leeds Rutland

Dudley Hertfordshire Kingston upon Thames Bath & NE Somerset Portsmouth 3

Sites areas of focus: Sites have been working on the following elements of the SEND reforms: Joint commissioning and integrated working Personalisation and personal budgets Local Offer and PfA Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans and PfA Full participation of parent carers and young people Employment 4 Employment

Newcastle: Year 4 of Project Choice internship in the NHS. Good employment outcomes 27 young people in work. New Venture new partnership with INTU group in retail setting. Trinity delivering bespoke study program's with young

people who have found formal education difficult- Focus on building confidence and towards work. New Traxs supporting young people with severe impairments to look at employment and how they use their gifts and talents to make a contribution. 5 Hertfordshire Employment

Increased employment outcomes from supported internships and supported employment Increased number of employers are supporting the programme Schools thinking about supported internships and employment

All colleges have trained job coaches as part of their workforce Development of inclusive apprenticeships Youth Connexions continue to provide impartial information, advice and guidance SEMH School trading supported employment with Youth Connexions 6 B&NES- employment Employer Network- 25 employers

It offers a number of opportunities: Paid jobs Work experience Internships Apprenticeships Mentoring support Interviewing skills practice 32 young people at hospital supported by dedicated job coach 7 EHC Plans Newcastle

Kingston Leeds BANES Cheshire West Dudley Portsmouth 8

Strategic Engagement Leeds Dudley 9 Personal Budgets Cheshire West Newcastle BANES

10 Local Offer Dudley Leeds Cheshire West 11 Joint commissioning Hertfordshire Portsmouth

12 Hertfordshire- joint commissioning

0-25 integrated SEND commissioning strategy, signed off by directors across childrens services, adult services, public health and both CCGs Integrated 0-25 SEND Delivery Plan 0-25 SEND Commissioning Planning Board Young commissioners with SEND trained and mobilized Annual young commissioners work programme developed and now in place Young peoples shadow board to the 0-25 SEND Integration Board Developing 0-25 SEND Market Position Statement (MPS)

13 Herts- next steps Recruitment and training of more young commissioners from school settings, to broaden the age range and breadth of views A film of the process to be undertaken to allow the young commissioners to contribute Explore better care funds as a way of pooling resources across social care and health Use 0-25 SEND MPS to inform integrated

commissioning intentions 14 Leeds- outputs

Voice and Influence one minute guide. http://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/64%20- %20Voice%20and %20Influence%20-%20November%202014.pdf Leeds Social Value Act https://doinggoodleeds.org.uk/socialvaluecharter.html Some examples of Voice Influence and Change in Leeds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLFG8DF77GA coproduction event of PfA Voice Influence and Change (VIC) Childrens Trust Board: Complex Needs report Card Leeds Local Offer Annual Report August 2016 You said: We did

15 Leeds EPIC Leeds are the Parent Participation forum for parents/carers and families and sit on the Complex Needs Partnership Board (a sub group of the Children and Families Trust Board). Next Steps: Epic Leeds to have a seat on both Children and Families Trust Board and Health and Wellbeing Boards.

16 Why is employment important? Because it creates opportunities for all of these . . . Friends and relationships Community inclusion Friends, relationships and community

Good Health Independent living < e Th iv lus c n I

eS y iet c o e Th Be e

tat S nt ole v ne > I want a life not a Key Resources

EHC plan guide www.councilfordisabledchildren.org.uk/resources/a-step-by-step-gui de-to-ehc-plans CDC modules on the SEND reforms for health www.councilfordisabledchildren.org.uk/makingithappen Identifying social care needs www.councilfordisabledchildren.org.uk/media/1107462/identifying-t he-social-care-needs.pdf

more information can be found at:

http://www.preparingforadulthood.org.uk/resources (best practice and info on preparing for adulthood) http://in-control.org.uk/ (choice, control and personalisation) http://www.sendpathfinder.co.uk/delivering-better-outcomes-together (supporting national implementation of SEND Reforms) http://www.councilfordisabledchildren.org.uk/resources (guidance on issues affecting the lives of disabled children) www.workexperience.org (info about work experience) www.baseuk.org (supported employment) https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/skills-funding-agency (traineeships) https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment

_data/file/389411/Supported_Internship_Guidance_Dec_14.pdf (supported internships) 25 Any questions? Contact: [email protected] 26 We need to be sure we are focused on helping people get great lives and not just better paper work

Michael Smull Contact: [email protected]

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