Literacy This term the children will be exploring

Literacy  This term the children will be exploring

Literacy This term the children will be exploring the characters and setting of the
Katie Morag stories written by Mairi Hedderwick. They will compare these stories to
the new ones created for the CBeebies programmes and use them to develop their
ideas for writing their own stories based in a familiar setting. The theme will give
lots of writing opportunities across the curriculum and the children will also write a
leaflet to advertise the Isle of Coll in Scotland as a holiday destination, write letters,
postcards, posters to advertise a holiday home on the Isle of Coll. We will have our
role play area as The Post Office similar to the one in the stories, giving the
children lots of speaking, listening and writing opportunities. The children will
continue to be given opportunity to practise and develop their joined handwriting
style. All Y2s will continue to have a daily lesson in phonics. Y3s will be learning
about spelling rules and consolidate how to add suffixes and prefixes to words and
about apostrophes for contraction and possession. They will also learn to recognise
common homophones. Guided Reading activities will continue to take place every
History The children will learn about the first post. They will find
out how the postal system has changed over time and how uniforms
and transport is different. They will find out about the first stamps
and how these have developed over time.
Geography Our Geography work this term will be based around
the Katie Morag stories and the Isle of Struay/Coll. We will study the
human and physical geography of this small area of Scotland and
compare it with Catforth. We will learn to explain what different
places are like; learn about their human and physical features
compare their weather and explain how the lives of people who live
there would be different from our own. We will learn how to use
maps and atlases appropriately by using contents and indexes. We
will learn to:, name the main cities of England, Wales, Scotland and
DT Children will learn about stable structures and explore how
different photo frames stand up. They will experiment with different
techniques and materials and finally they will design their own free
standing frame for Granny Mainland to keep a photo of Katie Morag
RE We will be continuing our focus on Worship and Living the
Faith. This term we will concentrate on the Sikh and Hindu religions.
We will consider whether worship has to take place in a specific
place and think about what is really important in different religions
and why.
PE - Athletics and Rounders Skills (both outside weather
permitting) will continue to be on Tuesdays and
Music - Mr Calvert will continue to teach the children
Music on Wednesday mornings.

Class 2 Parent Information
Summer Term 2015

An Island Home

Maths This term children will continue to consolidate and
practise many of the mathematical skills they have learned
over the last two terms. In particular Y3s will start to use
more formal written methods to add and subtract 2 and 3
digit numbers. Y2s will begin to learn to add and subtract 2
2-digit numbers and add 3 one digit numbers using concrete
objects, pictures and mental methods. They will learn to
recognise the < and > signs and continue to work with
money combining amounts. We will be continuing our work
on fractions and learning how to find fractions of numbers
and Y3s will learn to add fractions with the same

Science Our Science this term will be based around Living Things. and
their habitats and plant growth and functions of different parts of plants.
PSHE During the first half of this term we will be exploring relationships,
learning about what makes a good friend. After half term, we will discuss
changes and new beginnings.
Art Children will learn how to score and slip to stick clay together. They
will use a basic thumb pot to make their own imaginary monster out of clay.
They will then design and make a diorama island habit to keep their clay
creature safe and comfortable.
Computer Science Children will learn how to programme a simple toy to
move in different directions.
Computer Literacy Children will learn how to create their own Katie
Morag story books using 2create a story and learn the basics of simple
emailing comparing it to the letters and post that Katie Morag gets in the
post office.
French Year 2s will continue to enjoy an introduction to basic phrases and
vocabulary whilst Year 3 will build on their knowledge further taught by Mrs

Mrs Drinkall &

Mrs Kemp

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