WELCOME Bill Cumpston SMARTMOVE STAFF Jason Lawrie Management

WELCOME Bill Cumpston SMARTMOVE STAFF Jason Lawrie Management

WELCOME Bill Cumpston SMARTMOVE STAFF Jason Lawrie Management Project Manager Fleet Management Website Development David Bigham Booking Client Credit Card Processing Michael (Mikey) Plavins Server, database and dispatching Jarrad Keatley Support Vehicle software

Steve Nyveld Triet Truong (arriving for dinner) Jane Rees New Zealand Nigel Kinniburgh Pre/Post sales support NEW ZEALAND FLEETS NZTC Mark Bramston (Aerial, Canberra) Greg Burchard Manager, NZTC

Garry Hodges Palmerston North NZTC Fleets William Younadim Kiwi Cabs (Wellington) Muneer Oraha Angela + Josh Reeves Energy City (New Plymouth) Piri Tomlins Price Cabs (Napier) Alex Reid

Paraparaumu Taxis Alan Briant Grant Scannell Queenstown Arnold Garchow Timaru Taxis Brian Christian Murray Hines NEW ZEALAND FLEETS Other NZ Jim McWilliams Taxis United (Auckland) Tony Minto

Mike Cox Waiheke AUSTRALIAN FLEETS NSW Country Taxi Call Centre Bunbury Call Centre Noel Doherty Lyn Sue Davey Bob Ahmad Adni Hobart call centre Roger Burdon Sam Grundy Geraldton

Jacqui Aarts Tamworth Susan Mackenzie Peter Taree Forster Launceston Peter and Cheryl Williamson Tony Dilger Neil Fawcett OTHER GUESTS Invercargill Keith Henderson (Manager) + directors Napier Blue Bubble

John Hart Bob Wilkinson PROGRAM for THURSDAY Session 1 2 Welcome SmartMove Directions The day Christchurch Stopped Bill Bob Wilkinson Morning Tea 3 4 Changes to the Booking Client SmartVoix as a Service David

Nigel Lunch 5 Statistics Mikey 6 (New) Vehicle Features Steve Afternoon Tea 8 The proper use of DocketKiller Dinner (7pm) Bill PROGRAM for FRIDAY Session

1 2 Various Booking Methods Proposed SmartHail Changes Credit Card Processing Triet Bill David Morning Tea 3 4 Quality Assurance Tailoring and Tuning SmartMove Steve Mikey Lunch

5 6 7 Some Useful Tricks Disaster Recovery Conclusion Nigel Jason Bill Afternoon Tea 8 General Q&A Session All HISTORICAL REVIEW 2004

Acquired Technology 2005 TrackPod (NZ)+ PDA 2006 TrackPod + Screen 2008 Jbox + WaveOn 2009 Ucast 2012 Digitax

INNOVATION Based on mobile phone technology Out of car Hosted servers Integrated docket handling (Docket Killer) User-configurable zones Integrated blacklists Address qualifiers Much more control to drivers Recordings linked to bookings (SmartVoix) BUSINESS MODEL Full feature set Fully supported Offer levels of functionality at different prices Different levels of support Evolving system

Reliability Choice of equipment BUT IS THIS WHAT PEOPLE WANT? CHOICE OF EQUIPMENT Choose between Digitax or Android tablet or phone LEVELS of SILVER GOLD FUNCTIONALITY Android Digitax Support

PLATINUM a a a a a Car dispatching Resubmit Apps Zone base dispatching Shift reports Phone interface Blacklists Requirements Reports

Docket Killer Hosted phone system State-based reports Email only Email Phone (office hours) Email Phone (24X7) PRICING Remove indexation in contracts Fixed price schedule Discount for larger fleets (starts at 20 cars) Will apply to new contracts Offered to existing customers Most fleets will get a reduction

NEW FEATURES Address qualifiers Driver app Credit card processing SmartVOIX as a service Navigation New Zealand logbook Improved statistics in cars

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