The UM Brightlands Campuses: Creating an innovative triple-helix ecosystem YERUN Staff Week on Business Engagement Karin Dijkman Maastricht University September 2018 Introduction to Maastricht University Youngest Dutch research university Most international university in

The Netherlands Location: South of the Netherlands @ Heart of Western-Europe Fast facts Most international university in NL 17.000+ students 120+ different nationalities Problem-based education Interdisciplinary approach to education and research Member of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN)

Member of the Young European Research Universities Network (YERUN) Our core values We aim to be an innovator in education and research. We want to be an inclusive university, for all types of students and staff. We take responsibility for the community. We aim to be a sustainable institution in the broadest sense. Source: Community at the CORE, Strategic Programme 2017-2021 Community at the CORE

Collaborative Open Research Education Education at UM Stimulating learning environment + Programmes Honours programmes Internships Minor Problem Based Learning (PBL)

Academic competitions International Classroom Skills training Research at UM Multidisciplinary Research Themes Quality of Life Learning & Innovation

Europe & a Globalizing World Focus and mass Innovative High societal impact Interdisciplinary Regional setting Mining industry ending 1970 Impulses Mining to chemical industry (DSM)

Government related institutions Pension fund; statistical agency 1974: Establishment Medical faculty 1976: Rijksuniversiteit Limburg 1992: Maastricht University Regional binding is limited, relatively easily moved (costs or labor offer); Provincial government needs to increase economic development Stronger alliance Province of Limburg and Maastricht University from 2011 on Future development based in high-grade knowledge

Netherlands Limburg Belgium Maastricht Germany Development Impuls Maastricht University seeks co-funding for Brains Unlimited Ultra High Field MRI Scanner Facility Shared investment in first major project (M 30 investment) at Maastricht Health Campus Significant economical impact on region

Jobs, investments, new companies Chemelot Campus exploration Maastricht University approached by Province for followup initiatives strengthening regional economical structure Based on regional features and UM strategy and strengths Alliances with business partners creating campuses -> Brightlands Amsterdam Brightlands knowledge crossing borders

Rotterdam Dusseldorf Antwerp Cologne Brussels Aachen Liege Bonn What?

Community for open innovation health and sustainability Four fast growing campuses Driven by worldwide societal challenges and transitions Strengthening regional competitiveness companies jobs students What?

Smart materials and sustainable chemical production Four campuses, Food and healthy nutrition Four areas of expertise Data Science and Smart Services Regenerative and precision medicine, innovative diagnostics

Where? Ideally positioned: - Top technology triangle Eindhoven-Leuven-Aachen - Logistic hotspot Limburg How? - Excellent fundamental and applied sciences (research, education) - Talent development and community building - Technology platforms and R&D infra - Knowledge transfer towards entrepreneurship (start-up climate, financial instruments) Regional collaboration means: Connect research and education

to the regional economical profile 15 De Triple Helix University Government Industry Joint investments of over 600 M. 16 Brightlands Founding fathers

The Triple Helix effect longterm stake- and shareholders in the Brightlands community 17 Brightlands Campuses Industry Community 18 How? - Excellent fundamental and applied sciences

(research, education) - Talent development and community building - Technology platforms and R&D infra - Knowledge transfer towards entrepreneurship (start-up climate, financial instruments) 4 Campus organisations - Shareholders: Province/ Business partner/ UM 4 Campus sites - Real Estate ownership -> Province (New) / Business partner /UM; divers roles campus organisations Ecosystem partners - Occupants; tenants and owners/ Community members/ Partners/ Visitors -> Examples on each campus

Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus UM National Large-Scale Research Infrastructures Brains Unlimited MRI open access facility and Incubator Exploitation by Ltds; Investments & Shareholders - Province, University + Academic Hospital UM CN research group -> other faculties and groups Excellent scientific output Extension to other application areas

- Population studies - Metabolic - Patient care Challenges: - Preparation time - Third party turnover - Incubator -> next step LINK Two internationally respected institutes - MERLN: Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine - M4I: Maastricht MultiModal Molecular Imaging Institute

- Integrated in UM Fac. Health, Medicine, Life Sciences - Major investments in research infrastructure - Scientific and support staff M4I - Business partners MERLN Start-up funding Province and UM Participating in (inter)national consortia Growing external funding Challenges:

- Accommodate growth - Reinvestments infra Brightlands Chemelot Campus One of the largest CheMaterials communities in Europe Province, UM, DSM, Lead partners RWTH, TU/e, Fraunhofer Smart Materials & Sustainable Manufacturing Pilot & Scale-up; BIF

Maastricht Science programme; CHILL AMIBM, InSciTe, BMC AMIBM UM Institute - Biobased Materials & sustainability Collaboration with RWTH - Aachen Maastricht Institute Biobased Materials Located at Chemelot Campus

- New office, lab and teaching spaces Booster fund to start off - Province and UM Successful in creating new collaborations - Business & Knowledge partners - Fraunhofer Campus environment InSciTe Collaboration in a Foundation -

Province via campus organisation DSM = Industrial partner Technical University Eindhoven Maastricht University & Academic Hospital Two research programs - Biomedical Materials & Biobased Materials Sustainability challenges - Construct: expensive and limited commitment - Campus objective: new facilities disproportional to programs

Industry objective: second personnel Foundation: control and authority University: research opportunities & results - Temporary agreements Brightlands Smart Services Campus Province, UM, APG Lead partners Accenture & Conclusion Data Science & Smart Services Co-creation & Innovation Student projects

Research institute BISS 27 Brightlands Smart Services Campus Heerlen 3 pillars: Housing Campus Org Knowledge Institute 28 BISS Consortium three KI -> reforming to three complementary knowledge providers -> UM Institute

- Multi disciplinary: PI from each of 6 faculties Translational research facilitated by multi-disciplinary teams Activities - Co-creation: joint explorations via ideation-experiment-pilot Valorise research output: apply data-intensive research & methods in systems & society Consultancy: address specific issues Professional Training: train for new digital challenges & solutions Close connection to business & society/ ecosystem

Challenges: - Collaboration campus organisation: - - Content vs facilitating; crossing boarders Facilities Speeding up & focus Brightlands Campus Greenport

Venlo Province, UM, Local SMEs Food & Nutrition Research & Testing University College Venlo MSc Global Supply Chain Mgm and Change; MSc Health Food Innovation Mgm HEFI (Healthy Eating & Food Innovation) Activities starting up Location: Villa Flora

- Real Estate owner not in 3-Helix; limited campus role - Laboratories; shared facilities - Office & meeting spaces Education - Bachelor & masters (inner city) Research - UM research lines - Centers of Expertise Businesses

- Many SMEs Research @ BCGV @BCGV: - Centre for Healthy Eating and Food Innovation (HEFI) - UM research line based in FHML Co-funded by PL Research primarily targets the general public - -

the food itself; the individual consumer; the environment of individuals closely working with entrepreneurs and businesses Inner City - Food Claims Centre Venlo (FCCV) - Centre for Logistical Optimisation (CfLO) Brightlands Next Step Strengthen the impact of the triple helix in Limburg by intensifying cross boarder collaboration with a transdisciplinary approach of societal challenges Three over arching themes as crossovers:

Life science technology for health Digitization of society - applied digital innovation Circular engineering and sustainability Themes are on one hand based on qualities already present in the (eu)region and on the other hand focus on the options for collaboration (Co-creation) between campuses and campus partners. Evaluation Gains - Boosting economy / valorization / awareness - New opportunities in research & education - Visibility, attractiveness, shared infra

Challenges - Sustainability/ funding - UM Strategy vs regional interest - Focus on university or regional economy IP exploitation: best offer world wide or regional trial - R&D campus = combination of players - Clear roles and responsibilities University <> campus engine

- SME involvement and innovation - Mutual interests vs individual wishes

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