PowerPoint-Präsentation - IRU

PowerPoint-Präsentation - IRU

PROJECT "eTAXI VIENNA" Participating in live operation Taxi 40100 and project team information event 05 February 2016 Smart City Wien Website: www.smartcity.wien.gv.at 2 Smart City Wien Objectives for resource-saving mobility Strengthening CO2-free modes of transport (walking, cycling) Reducing motorised, private transport (MPT) in local traffic to: Baseline Modal Split MPT 2014:

28% Electric mobility by 2030: Displacing MPT on new drive technologies by 2050: Inner-city MPT without conventional drive technologies Implementation: Fachkonzept Mobilitt https://www.wien.gv.at/stadtentwicklung/studien/pdf/b008379a.pdf 3 Project information PROJECT "ETAXI VIENNA" Success factors for eTaxi Vienna Charging

infrastructure Area covering quick charge stations Availability 7x24 Station status display Reservability eTaxis Customer demand Ideal vehicles for business Sufficient number of eTaxis eTaxi driver preparedness Efficiency for

entrepreneurs Order feature "eTaxi" CO2-neutral mobility eTaxi locations Many corporate customers Participants in a successful implementation Project management/coordination Charging infrastructure &

power supply Taxi industry/dispatch center Vehicle leasing /acquisition Vehicles Scientific sub-partners Consortium partner Cooperating partners Vehicles Vienna taxi companies

Insurance eTaxis as a contribution to Smart City Vienna Location partners Project phases - taxi operations 2015 2016 2017 2018 Promotion project end

D e m o n s t r a ti o n p r o j e c t Operating Phase preparations 1: up to 120 and 10 approx. 1-2% of eTaxis all taxis charging stations Phase 2: up to 250 and 20

7 2019 eTaxis charging stations Market maturity approx. 5% of all taxis Charging infrastructure Regular charging Sped up charging

Fast charging 3.6 11 kW AC 11 22 kW AC >22 kW DC/AC 6-8 hours 1-3 hours 20 60 min. Plug Electrical strength

Duration (from 25% to 75% in 20 min) Cost 8 Info: No on-site charging, only at charging stations at specific eTaxi locations! Vienna energy service package Consulting & implementation & "home" charging (on-site) as well as at existing, public charging stations

Specific fast-charging stations for eTaxis 10 new eTaxi-charging locations in Vienna + 1 at the airport till march 2016 especially for eTaxis independent from eTaxi stands Range: 1 to 2 x charging/taxi-shift O > breaks 20 minutes well-distributed and accessible locations Starter-package: 1 year TANKE-power for free at the eTaxi fast-charging stations Afterwards: Attractive prices for charging : ~30c/kWh home-charging (company ground): 11-20c/kWh

Operation costs -> max. 6/100 km 9 Special Taxi fast charge infrastructure Reservation 10 Activation eTaxi Vehicles Types: all e-vehicles with taxi license Vehicles: 11

Best suited With reservations Nissan Leaf Nissan e-NV200 VW e-Golf Tesla Model S BMW i3 No fast charge option Mercedes B class Ford Focus Renault Kangoo

eTaxi: vehicles (middle-class) models car brand costs range/charging Leaf Acenta Battery: 30 kW Leasing rate (incl. funding): 500,01/ month incl. VAT * Purchase price (w/o funding) : 33.447, 36 incl. VAT.

~140-160 km E-NV200 Evalia Tekna Battery: 24 kW Leasing rate (incl. funding): 573,67/ month incl. VAT * Purchase price (w/o funding): 39.569, 40 incl. VAT ~100-120 km extended battery warranty 200.000 km residual value guarantee + buy back by Nissan (in case of leasing) * 48 months, 50.000 annual mileage, without deposit

12 fast charging: 30min fast charging: 30min Vehicle comparison (medium class): Cost/km e-vehicle: 0.206 0.342 /km 13 Fossil fuel vehicle

0.279 0.476 /km Operating cost advantage for taxi businesses with the Promotion as well as attractive charging price Operation Now 8,000 Euros offer & free electricity when buying or leasing Vehicle conditions that meet taxi operation needs (high mileage

performance) eTaxis are 100 % CO2-neutral Less operational costs than with vehicles run on fossil fuels or hybrids Free electricity at eTaxi fast charge stations, exclusively for the first 120 eTaxis in the first year of operations. 14 Are you looking for qualified eTaxi drivers? Collaboration mit waff and AMS "Job market" - Merging offer and inquiry: AMS-Sign up for registered taxi drivers in search of work AMS Employment program 50plus: Absorbtion of loan costs waff qualifications program: Training costs 50% covered (50%

cost recovery through businesses) Your advantage? waff handles the application process! Currently 26 people trained for 7 businesses Contact us! 15 Customer demand Increased customer demand possible thanks to project: Direct order of eTaxi for customers Incentive use of image: Businesses as (new) customers Eco-friendly & CO2-free Higher visibility for customers: new, special eTaxi locations

in collaboration with the City of Vienna (planned) Comprehensive Communication with eTaxi 16 Information on our procurement offer TAXI 40100 Support of radio-taxi 40100 Dispatched with ordering code eTaxi eTaxi-drivers achieve more points per direct eTaxiorder which can be used for order prioritisation to compensate charging times Cooperation with radio-taxi 31300 is considered for compensating busy eTaxi capacities Supporting the communication and marketing activities of the eTaxi-project

18 Pros and cons of e-taxis 19 Pros Cons Less expensive fuel High initial costs Coolness factor Limited range Low service costs

Long charge time Environmental responsibility Major urban planning changes necessary 40100 design proposal 20 40100 design proposal Summary PROJECT "ETAXI VIENNA"

Further steps toward the eTaxi RT A ST Offer Production/delivery/ marking Order Financing Registration Mount

E tank Advertizing package xi a T e- rt sta 23 Training We are looking for more Vienena eTaxi pioneers Currently participating in the project: Several Vienna taxi businesses with a total of 50 vehicles

Many other taxi businesses have shown interest We offer support in decision making via info events individual consultations regarding use of eTaxis in respective businesses (vehicle use and charging concept) Vehicle tests: Nissan Leaf and e-NV200 by NeuMo [location: Erdberg, TownTown] Nissan e-NV200 by Taxi 31300 [location: Zetschegasse 15 Leihtaxi (lease taxi)] One Stop eTaxi, 05/11/15: all participants in one place Difficult times require new solutions 24 Advantages for taxi drivers and businesses An attractive package for Vienna eTaxi pioneers: EUR 8.000,- promotion Low operating costs: low energy needs & affordable energy prices

Special eTaxi fast charge stations 1 year free electricity at the Vienna Energy eTaxi fast charge station Future-oriented: The most environmentally friendly taxi in the world Increased revenue thanks to an increasing number of environmentally conscientious customers 1 year taxi advertising with certain proceeds for eTaxi partners Sufficient battery guarantee for eTaxi operations 25 eTaxi Vienna Start in March 2016 Website: www.etaxi-wien.at Information: [email protected] 26

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