Powerpoint Jeopardy

Powerpoint Jeopardy

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50 A woman of the late 1700s who lived past the Civil War. She fought for the rights of slaves and

women in her time. Who was Sojourner Truth? An educator of the late 1800s

known as a public speaker and advisor for Americas presidents. During his lifetime he was the dominant leader of the African American community.

Who was Booker T. Washington? This former slave was an important abolitionist who spoke

out against the evils of slavery during the 1800s. Who was Frederick Douglass?

This woman was responsible for freeing over 300 slaves, returning to the south, risking her life and welfare, 17 times. She continued her endless sacrifice during the Civil War,

freeing hundreds more. Who was Harriet Tubman? This former preacher was best known for his nonviolent advancement of

Civil Rights. He was an important influence on Nelson Mandela. Who was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

This working class woman had enough of being told where to sit, if at all, by refusing to give up her seat on a bus.

Who was Rosa Parks? At first, they were mostly young white college students, who traveled south to support equal rights, but

eventually grew to be young/ old, black/white and from the north/south. Who were the Freedom Riders?

These men were famous for their brave heroics in World War II. Who were the Tuskegee

Airmen? This was the Supreme Court decision that declared segregation or separation of races in schools and businesses to

be unconstitutional. What was Brown Vs. Board of Education? This former leader of the

Nation of Islam began his career in jail when he realized the importance of education. He was an important leader of his day.

Who was Malcom X This woman was in Congress from 1969 through the mid 80s. She was the first

woman to run for president in 1972. Who was Shirley Chisholm? Completing the work of President Kenedy,

this bill was signed into law by President Johnson in 1965. What was the Equal Rights Amendment?

He was the 16 President of the United States, authored the Emancipation th Proclamation and the 13 amendment to the Constitution.

th Who was Abraham Lincoln? 2008 will be remembered for this landmark event in

African American history. What was the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States? This man was famous

for his life saving lives for his work with blood transfusions and setting up blood banks. Who was Dr. Charles Drew?

This famous scientist, inventor, botanist and educator lived from the mid 1800s the 1940s.

Who was George Washington Carver? Where there is no vision, there is no hope. George Washington Carver This free black man of the mid

1700s is remembered as an author, scientist, mathematician, astronomer, publisher and urban planner. As an urban planner he assisted Andrew Ellicott in surveying the Potomac River, for what would become Washington DC.

Who was Benjamin Banneker? He was called the Black Edison and created many inventions which helped with telephones, railway telegraphs, furnaces,

amusement parks, and other many other important inventions. Who was Granville T. Woods?

This African American inventor greatly helped improve the use of electric light along with many important

inventions. Who was Lewis Latimer? He was considered among the

greatest heavyweights in history but is remembered more for the values he displayed outside the ring, as he stood his ground for religious freedom, racial justice and doing what was right over what was the easy way out.

Who was Muhammad Ali? He was famous for over 50 years in the 1900s as composer, musician and

orchestra leader. His work and effort helped make jazz Americas classical music. Who was Duke Ellington?

This self-made entrepreneur, celebrity, and philanthropist supports many charities but favors education as a top concern.

Who is Oprah Winfrey? She wore a brace on her left leg and foot until she was nine, but was known as the fastest woman of

the world after winning 3 gold medals at one single Olympic game. Who was Wilma Rudolph?

One of two actors of the mid 1900s who refused the degrading stereotypical roles offered blacks in the movies and later TV.

Who are Sidney Poitier (movies) and Bill Cosby (TV)? This great athlete proved Hitlers theories on superior race to be false, as he won 4 gold medal in

4 Olympic events. Who was Jessie Owens?

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