Powerpoint - Bibliothèque Reynolds Library

Powerpoint - Bibliothèque Reynolds Library

Powerpoint Effective and Efficient Simple and Clear This presentation will help you with some of the tools of PowerPoint as well as some design/planning strategies.

2 PowerPoint as an ORGANIZATIONAL TOOL PowerPoint vs Google Slides Slides does not have a similar organizational

structure Slides does not have the same presentation tools Slides does have a research tool that opens on the right and enables you to search with Google and create citations. 4

Outline View A great place to start making notes on your project. 5 Three ways to sort your notes 1. Drag and drop in Outline view No distractions of graphics or formatting

2. Drag and drop in Slide view Right click to add a section heading this will help organize your thoughts 3. Under View choose Slide Sorter Advantage is that you can see all of your slides, not just the 4 or 5 that show in the list.

Use Outline view to create your slide show Press return and then tab after typing the title to stay on the same slide. Right click to create a new slide Use the tab key to indent and make subheadings Right click to change the position of text

and to promote or demote text. (Promoting text will make it a new slide). 7 Smart art - list 8

Smart art - cycle 9 Smart art - Process

10 Smart art - hierarchy 11 Smart art - pyramid

12 Smart art - relationship 13 Lucidchart Is a great tool for planning

14 Printing options You can choose to print the notes, if you are printing each slide. If you are working with a partner, its a good idea to print a text outline of your slide show.

15 From Powerpoint to Word Turn your PowerPoint into a Word document 1. Save your PowerPoint with a relevant name as (.pptx) file. 2. Under File to Save As

3. Type a different name for the file 4. Save as Type choose Outline/RTF (*.rtf) a 5. Open Word 6. Under File to open 7. Choose the file from step #4

8. Edit font/formatting as necessary 16 From word to powerpoint Launch PowerPoint Under File menu choose Open Change the file type from .pptx to All Files (*.*)

17 Formatting Putting a slide number on each slide will help your audience if they want to discuss something with you. From the Insert menu choose Header and

Footer to have options for automatically numbering each slide. 18 Tips and tricks Type the letter B during your presentation to black out the screen, type it again to

turn the screen back on. Right click on a slide during your presentation to get Pointer Options. This allows you to use a highlighter or pen during your presentation. Press E to erase what you have done. 19

THOUGHTFUL DESIGN Principals of Design Only 5/6 lines per slide Short sentences Be careful how you use the design tools sometimes less is more!

21 Reading online Current research indicates that most people scan the page in an F pattern Is this true for you? "Understanding the F-Layout in Web Design - Tuts Web Design Article. "Web Design Tuts. Web. 27

Oct. 2015. 22 Reading Readers start at the top left of the page. Then they scan the top of the site (navigation, subscription, search, etc.)

Next they move down, reading the next full row of content... all the way to the sidebar. Last, surfers enter a "scanning pattern" once they hit the bulk of the site content. 23 How the eyes track

"Understanding the F-Layout in Web Design - Tuts Web Design Article. Web Design Tuts. Web. 27 Oct. 2015. 24 Reading online contd We still read right to left, top to bottom just as if we were reading a book, however our

attention drops off as we near the bottom of the page. Plan your design accordingly! 25 Implications for design Key point at the top of the page!

The rest of the page should be supporting points or the information can be in your notes. 26 Common slide In early summer of 1789, bread and other foods were scarce all over Paris.

Talk of revolution filled the air. At Versailles, representatives of all classes had been meeting since May to find solutions to the economic problems that troubled France. But in Paris, many poor citizens focused their anger toward the government on the Bastille, where they believed hundreds of French citizens had been unjustly imprisoned. To the common people of Paris, the Bastille symbolized the tyranny of the Absolute Monarchy in France. The Bastille was a huge prison fortress in Paris. Armed with axes, the crowd ran to the prison cells and freed the astonished inmates. The mob found only

seven prisoners in the entire fortress. July 14, 1789 marks the date of the storming of the Bastille and the beginning of the French Revolution. Great reading, you must have very good tracking skills. 27 Bread is scarce Revolution is the

solution Less talk more action! 28 JULY 14, 1789

29 Design tips 1. Create a Focal Point that leads the viewers eyes to the critical information. Pictures or graphics should lead to the text, not detract from it.

2. Use unified design elements for a professional look. Repeat colours and shapes, but use them sparingly 30 Fonts 1. Choose fonts appropriate for the details of

your presentation. 2. Fonts with lines at the end of the letters (Serif Fonts) are easier to read in a printed format than on a screen. (Like this) 3. Just because you like it, doesnt mean it will work for everyone. 31

Why you shouldnt.. Underline text. Its harder to read Wheres the hyperlink? Use all caps. Is it a title or are you yelling?

Overdue italics and bold. Whats really important? 32 33 34

Dont . Leave a sentence with just one word on the next line. Leave 2 spaces after punctuation, the extra space is distracting to the reader. Use a small font, size 24 is probably the smallest that can be easily read. 35

Transitions and Animations Transitions are from slide to slide Animations are within each slide Dont overdo them! Practice Colour

These slides have a theme that was downloaded from an external site Make sure there is sufficient contrast between the background colour and the text colour. Great advice on colour combinations can be found at this site

Examples Of the Good, the Bad and the http://visage.co/11-design-tips-beautiful-pr esentations / 38

WHERE TO GO FROM HERE ALTERNATIVE PRESENTATION TOOLS 39 What is the focus of your presentation? Consider a presentation to be the multimedia version of your essay.

Knowing your thesis statement (purpose) will help you decide which tool is the most appropriate. 40 The Importance of Visuals You also need to have some idea of the proportions of your presentation that will

be visual (image or video) text, and/or audio as this will impact your decision. Haiku deck visual with some text Word text with some visual Serious or Not? The technology you use will contribute to the tone of your presentation. Make sure

its the appropriate contribution. Serious - PowerPoint Lighthearted - Powtoon Who is the Audience? A presentation for your peers might include different graphics or audio than one for your teachers.

Introduction and Conclusion The technology you choose should allow you up to 30 seconds for an introduction as well as up to 30 seconds for a conclusion. Presentation vs Publication

A presentation is designed to be shared with an audience one slide/screen/cartoon/ visual at a time. You control the flow of information. A publication is a single page/poster that gives the viewer all the information at the same time. The viewer controls the flow of information.

Sites for finding Presentation Tools http:// cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/Prese ntation+Tools Edtechteacher http://blog.crazyegg.com/2013/05/28/onlin

e-presentation-tools / Tools that enhance your presentation! Use quality photos http://www.everystockphoto.com/ http://www.freeimages.com/

(this page explains how to give credit) iPad Options Adobe Slate Adobe Voice Explain Everything Other tools

Blogger Haiku Deck Weebly Bubbl.us

Padlet Strut And now for something completely different. Fakebook http://www.classtools.net/FB/home-page

Canva - https://www.canva.com/ Google Apps and Extensions

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