Power Delivery Vulnerability

Power Delivery Vulnerability

The Biggest New Source of Clean Energy Local Recycled Energy and the Technologies to use it. Tina Kaarsberg, PhD House Science Committee, Energy Subcommittee [email protected] For Producing Energy: The Emerging Technologies Organized by theNanoscience Exchange November 11, 2004 Local enables more use of all fuels 70 (Losses Separate Heat & Power Power station fuel 100 including T&D) a nd m e kD Pea industrial onsite efficiency) GRID Electricity

30 183 Boiler fuel 83 Combined Heat and Power (Typical Capacity BOILER Heat 55 28 (Losses) CHP Electricity CHP fuel 100 Heat 48 (Losses) Transmission Capacity vs. Demand

Miles/GW Demand 300 280 260 a nd m e kD Pea Use of Local energy reduces the need for more transmission infrastructure Capacity 240 220 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 We already recycle energy in many ways. US Operating Recycled Energy Capacity 2002 by Source of Waste Energy --Total 9,328 MW Wood Waste Liquids, 35 MW, 0% Waste Oil Other Biomass Gases 111 MW, 1% 74 MW, 1% Other Biomass Solid, 25 MW, 0% Landfield Gas, 877 MW, 9% Blast Furnace

Gas, 926 MW, 10% Black Liquor, 3577 MW, 39% Other Gases, 1258 MW, 13% Wood Waste Solids, 2447 MW, 27% 0 Wyoming South Dacota Missouri Dist. Of Columbia Colorado Arkansas New Mexico New York Ohio Montana Illinois Tennessee

Florida Pennsylvania Michigan California Maryland Oklahoma Washington South Carolina Hawaii Arizona Mississippi Indiana Alabama Maine Capacity (MW) We already recycle energy in many states! --Total 9,328 MW Installed Recycled Energy Capacity per capita (millions) 500

450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 We could easily recycle a lot more energy Gasturbine Process Heater Residue Gasification - Petroleum Refining EPSI - VOC Control Black Liquor Gasification a nd m e kD Pea Natural Gas Pressure Recovery Turbines Back-Pressure Turbine - Industry Steam Injected Gasturbine (Cheng Cycle Gas Turbine - Drying

Landfill Gas Recovery Residue Gasification - Other Industries Municipal Wastewater - Anaerobic Digestion 100 GW Potential NOW Organic Rankine Cycle Fuels Cells in the ChlorineAlkaline Industry Advanced Capacity Cogeneration - Iron & Steel Back-Pressure Turbine - District Heating Flare Gas Recovery Pressure Power recovery Agriculture - Anaerobic Digestion Industrial Wastewater - Anaerobic Digestion Policy Options to Promote Local Recycled Energy Use The Bully Pulpit Expand Systems R&D on heat recovery technologies (incl. nano) and fuel clean up and use (including nano) Add Recycled Energy to a Renewable Portfolio Standard Train & Develop Energy Services Workforce.

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